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November 02, 2006


I have a question. Why do I see officers using personal cell phones to communicate when responding to calls ? Is this glaring gap in communication needs being addressed ?

This is and officer safety issue. It is now time for the Department to look at LASER sights for those superior Glocks. I have excellent distance vision. But, starting at about age 40, the ability of my eyes to focus on close objects, i.e., reading small print and seeing the front sight blade of my pistol, has deteriorated. I need reading glasses to read and to see a "sight picture" when I qualify. It is unrealistic to think that, should I find myself in a combat situation, unless seated "in the library," that I would have time to whip on my reading glasses to sight my Glock.

I know there is some resistance within the ranks of the shooting elites on the Department to adopt LASER sights, and they have some valid concerns. But, everyone's ability to focus on near objects, and in dim lighting, diminishes with time. What I am saying is, we need LASER sights to compensate for our decreasing ability to focus close-up. Also, that small red dot playing on the chest of our intended bad-boy target may, just maybe, persuade him to peacefully surrender.

Any comments from those that have experience using LASER sights?

To Sk:
The reason we use cell phones when responding to calls is because the person reporting the crimes, many times, does not want to be identified in person out of fear of being retaliated against. Which in many cases could mean being targeted by a gang for death. So they reporting party will often ask to be contacted by phone. Now this means that if we are to get the most current real time intelligence on the suspects and weather or not they are armed and their direction of travel, etc., it is crucial that we speak to them on the phone. I know to the outside eye it does not look that great, but we are using everything we can to try and make you safer. I can't speak for every Officer on the phone, but I can only speak to the question you asked. The radios that we have were supposed to be able to be used as phones, but they are not authorized to be used as such. I hope this answered your question.
Also these new Dell computers that we have in the patrol cars are horrible. They don't even work 75% of the time! I have a Dell at home and love it, but it is not made to take the abuse of LA roads and the rigors of Law Enforcement nor the elements of everyday use in a patrol car. Big failure on the part of the City in paying for these things without the proper research.
Some of the technology that the Chief described is going to help us in the field greatly, but what we really NEED is the less high tech tools to do the job with. We on the LAPD do not need a Stealth bomber, we need M16A4's (for every field Officer) and more slug shotguns! Most Officers will pay for them with their own money, at a huge savings to the city! I keep hearing that the training Division has done the research and written up the paper work, but that the paper work is SITTING ON THE CHIEFS DESK?!?!?!? Waiting to be signed?!? Also MORE REALITY BASED TRAINING and less computer elearning.

To All my fellow Warrior coppers, Stay Safe!

Ed O'Shea


I was pleased to read in todays L.A. Times that the Chief and the department are looking into "providing officers with reflective vests to wear when investigating traffic incidents at night."

Please see also my comments here on 22 Oct 2006.

However, please don't waste time and money on a study...this is a no-brainer...even the local supermarket requires employees to wear a reflective vest when gathering carts.

Buy the vests...tell people to wear them.

All that new equipment sounds cool, but why don't you just hire more officers or send some of the people hiding in all those admin jobs back to patrol. You might want to start hiring now because when the DROP officers leave...well I don't have to tell you whats going to happen. We don't need all this fancy equipment, we need more PATROL officers. And seriously, I highly doubt we patrol coppers are ever going to be allowed to have any type of projectile shooting from our car, let's get real. Every night I have to go to the kitroom before roll call just so I can find a black and white with an old MDT because the new ones suck!
Spend the money on officers, not equpiment that won't work.

"Ed O'Shea" just a suggestion; please provide contact information in your post, so that Dell can respond to your issues. Respectful regards,

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