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November 09, 2006


It is fashionable and trendy to hold onto a mobile phone. I wonder how many school going kids would want to leave their mobile phones behind.

Chief Bratton,

I have a question. A day never goes by without hearing of robberies in which cellphone and other gadgets were stolen from a person. With today's technology, can we work on a program where once police are made aware of a robbery and a cellphone is stolen we can track and locate the robber? I am sure if the LAPD gets with every cellphone provider and aks their clients to sign a waiver that will give the police the right to track the cellphone after being stolen, you will be making plenty of arrests. It will be like LOJAK, the robber never know what hit them. There are plenty of excuses why it wont work..Privacy rights, cant track if the phone is off, bad reception, some are not GPS equipped so on....You can even pick and choose which ones you choose to track..Like if the crime does sound credible, several robberies in the area just occurred by the same described suspects, that way you don't have to chase down kids whos parents are just trying to locate them.. It can be made tamper proof. So if the city is serious in lowering crimes and make arrests of the repeat offenders in the city, you can make plenty of arrests which will put them away before they rob the 10 innocent persons. Assigning one liason officer to work with these companies will be off tremendously with the amout of arrest it will produce. It wont hurt trying it out.. I look forward in a response to this idea by the LAPD . Thank you for your time.


Your idea certainly has merit and will be researched. Perhaps you have come up with a solution to this growning problem

Samantha/LT: This is already being done in high-profile crimes, i.e. kidnappings, commercial robberies, etc.

The problem lies with the cell phone carrier, not the Victim. The carriers create such a bureaucratic red-tape nightmare, that search warrant must be done in order to accomplish this task (even if the Victim consents to it).

Happy Cop,
Thank you for the information on Cell Phones, I'll pass all of the information on to someone to research.

This is really the kind of police department I want to work for.

How can this be?? The website says that crime is down??

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