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May 02, 2007


I watched the picture of the police crowd control techniques...I know it is hard to be a cop and I am sure there are 2 sides to this story, but I also know that the police seem to lose their professionalism during this demonstration. What I saw maybe explained blow by blow like the Rodney King beating but this certainly appeared as brutality without restraint. How are these officers being trained? What violations were being committed that could not be dealt with differently? Where does this anger come from? Times are pretty rough these days. I fear that we will be more polarized than in the 60's if we do not figure out how to let people address their government peacefully. These scenes just make people on both sides so angry and bitter.
Thank you for listening.

What is wrong with your department and this park/police brutality issue? It looked like a foriegn country!!! As a LA native living in Denver now I am angry and embarrased. How many issues like this will the department allow to happen? It is starting to look like brutality is LAPD policy!

Nothing New. Ignorant bigots have and always will run the police forces in this country. Idealist locution of politicians and bourgeois lawmakers have no correlation to the material reality of our sad situation.

L.A.'s finest is better than this moment reflects. My one question (and criticism) is why does the LAPD continue, in the heat of the moment, to abuse people holding or manning cameras? It never works. Going back to the Brown Power/Chicano movement of the 1960's, the LAPD has been bashing in the skulls of both media and those protesters/participants in events who had no chance to disperse. I really thought that the LAPD had matured past this point, even going to the extreme of being non-confrontational in instances where somebody's skull really should have been whacked with a police baton!

HERE WE GO AGAIN!! You can't beat a reporter and throw his camera down while cameras are rolling and think you can get away with it. Stupid, Stupid. I am anxious to hear this excuse. I wonder how much this will cost the taxpayer???

I absolutely support the LAPD men and women who were out there, on the front lines - especially
considering the obscene and disruptive nature of the rally, and its ungrateful participants. The over-zealous "media" was inciteful and prohibitive.

The dept. heads need to send the message that peacekeepers are to be respected for their position - to message by example a show of support.

The irony is incredible!
Law breakers demanding their rights by breaking the law - LAW KEEPERS being made the criminals!

What a shame....

We deserve answers sooner than thirty days from now.
The evidence is out there for all to see.
Give us answers and enact consequences now, not in a month's time.
Show us accountability or the Chief should not expect to 'win' our approval for another five years. For that matter, neither should our mayor.
Today, Fabian Nuñez is the only voice speaking for us. I need not repeat what he has asked for!
Can we not trust the LAPD to preserve our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS?
... if there is another rally tomorrow, next week, whenever? Are we to be silenced by FEAR?

We should not be asked to wait thirty days.
This is inexcusable.


I cannot believe that you are allowed to continue to be a chief, after the clearly violations of freedom of speech. You should be fired and take responsibility for your police officers true abuse of power. If they were black, you would have been fired immediately, but because they were Latinos nothing ever happens. I hope you take responsibility for your police department, racist and zionistic abuse of force and power. We the people, that is who you are getting paid to protect.

You know, this type of thing happens within every police force everyday. I understand that when my brother seeks protection, than I will protect my brother. In the police force, one office sees the other officer as a brother/sister and will protect them in this same fashion, but the police officer must also use caution when thinking this way. Is the police officer obeying the law? The large majority of the police officer's mentality feel that they don't obey anything especially "the law" because they ARE the law! Power is like money in that it is often abused. I no longer trust any cop, no matter what. My children see these things and either grow up fearing or hating the cop or seeing it as an opportunity to obtain power to seize control of certain goals in life. This is no good.

I don't see that the LAPD will do anything to these 'fascists', because every officer in a uniform is a brother/sister and they will do whatever it takes to protect the other even when they are in the wrong.

I am grateful that the Chief has deployed so many resources to investigate the events that occurred during the immigration demonstration. While conducting the investigation utilizing many man hours and overtime let us not forget that the police officers were outnumbered by those refusing to clear the area. We should also not forget that had there been a strong police presence at the civil unrest many of the events that occurred might not have. I believe the officers used the training they received and continue to receive when they have to deal with large crowds. In trying to disperse an unruly crowd incidents may occur that are not nice. As I looked at the news coverage of the events taking place live at MacArthur Park the first thing I thought was "Why are they (the media) between the police line and the demonstrators?" I saw what could happen. Why didn’t they? I knew the officers would have to take action in order to disperse the crowd. The media at that time became demonstrators interfering with police activity. It is unfortunate that members of the public and media were injured it is further unfortunate that the men/women who protect and serve were injured also. Maybe the media and police can sit down and figure out what went wrong.

The police officers at the scene are not totally to blame for the incident; the media must assume some responsibility when they put themselves in unpredictable situations. Reporting the news should not make one above the law. Reporting the news responsibly and not getting in the way of police activity has to be lessons learned here. As a citizen of Los Angeles I do not want my police officers to be afraid of taking action when necessary. The event organizers should be ashamed of themselves for putting everyone in danger and should have to answer to someone. Chief let's not be quick to judge and or make comments detrimental to the outcome of the investigation.

sir, i under stand that some officers may have to be disciplened for striking reporters. however i wonder if the LA POLICE COMISSION WILL FIND IT SELF AT FAULT FOR NOT HEEDING IT'S EXPERT ON CROWD CONTROL . CAPT MACARTHEY. HE HAD MISGIVINGS ABOUT ADIQUATE RESPONSE The panel issued a parade permit any way. i saw the meeting on ch 35. communnists can't be trusted

I believe the illegal Mexican immigrants showed exactly what is the fiber of their character. They would not follow police officer instructions and at times they boldly challenged the officers. Mexicans do not have to be members of gangs in order to disobey rules, regulations, and laws. This country is making a big mistake by letting them live, work and protest while they have already broken the law by being here. They claim that they are working jobs that U.S. citizens do not want. But, in reality, these companies are not hiring U.S. citizens in order to pay the Mexicans at a lower rate and avoid paying city, state, and federal taxes and benefits. Also, when these companies put a Mexican in charge, they refuse employment or fire U.S citizens in order to hire a Mexican. They discriminate against citizens who want to work. And they have the nerve to cry racism and discrimination. They also cry immigration reform. They only see themselves as immigrants and think they can saturate this country with themselves. Why does this country think that citizens can be denied rights but the illegal immigrants have rights that are not extended to citizens?

I have an equation that could solve the demonstrator's problems:

Not dispersing when ordered to do so + throwing rocks and bottles at police = possibly getting smacked with a baton.

This should answer all questions and concerns. If you find yourself nursing bumps and bruises from any demonstrations, please reflect back upon your actions and decide whether you failed to leave the area or chose to throw objects at police.

If you did either of these things... shut your mouth and take some tylenol.

Thank you

No matter how thorough the investigation will be, how many years it will take to arrive at a conclusion, it will only portrait and reflect how sick the LAPD force has been and still is.

Looks like the LAPD is out of control again with the May Day Melee. Its good to know that the great American police state continues to beat down the peaceful public. No wonder co-operation with the police is on the decline. No one likes to help criminals.

The South East Asian region has her share of illegal immigrants. Most of them are Indonesians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Burmese, Chinese from China and others. They come here in search of a better life but of course, it is not a better life for them. Some of them are willing to do anything illegal for a sum of money and for staying here. They are paid very little and because there are very few complaints, these illegal immigrants could stay put for surprisingly many years. Their
" bosses " do not mind paying the meager salaries because it would mean them keeping more money for themselves. If the authorities deport them, they will somehow find their way back again. To be a citizen here will require a certain number of years of staying in this country, having the relevant documents, having the relevant referrals and all the bureaucratic stuff that they have to go through. Until today Chineses from China are not allowed to be citizens of Malaysia, even though Malaysia has her own flesh and blood Chineses. Unless the citizens themselves do not mind the meager salaries, they can do the jobs that are done by legal and illegal immigrants. This illegal immigrant issue is not a new one. About 100 years ago, some Chinese went to USA and were labourers working in mine fields, building railway tracks and all that. They did not think of becoming American citizens. All they wanted was the money, go back to China and be known as rich men of status. But somehow they stayed on and their descendants are the first, second even third generation of immigrants in US. They are hardworking people. Some have even helped in the American society. Who would you consider as a genuine American ? It should be the Red Indians. But we hardly see a Red Indian holding an important post. So these are just some of my thoughts on the issue of illegal immigrants.

Shame on you!!!!!! As reciprocity is the base of any relationship, we will grant full reciprocity to your citizens, we will treat them with the same brutality you treat our brothers. You do not want “latinos” in USA and I fully agree with you, but also I understand you “Gringos” have no business in Latin America either. Your degenerate citizens, who travel to our countries to sexually abuse of our teens, will get what they disserve.

what happen on the 2nd was sickening to watch, reminds me of the 1930-40s when LAPD did this almost daliy to Mexican/Americans.

Are we forgetting that most of the people in this "demonstration" are in this country illegally and therefore already criminals? Instead of playing the touchy feely political game, let's support the brave men and women who protect us every day!

I don't know if you can post this but Cmdr. Tatreau was a great man.

Jim Tatreau, 58; pushed to create LAPD cold case unit
By Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer

Cmdr. Jim Tatreau, a driving force behind the creation of the LAPD cold case homicide unit, has died. He was 58.

Tatreau died Sunday afternoon surrounded by his family at his Los Angeles County home two years after being diagnosed with brain cancer, his son Jim Jr. said. Los Angeles Police Department detectives said they had tried to create a centralized unit in 2001 that would use DNA and fingerprint database technology to reexamine thousands of forgotten murder cases.

It was Tatreau, as captain of the department's Robbery-Homicide Division, who cut through bureaucratic obstacles and made the case to department brass. "He thought it was negligent to not make use of technological advances to solve cases, many of which had been gathering dust for decades," said Det. Rick Jackson, a member of the original cold case homicide unit. "That's why he fought so hard for our unit's creation, when it looked like it might not get off the ground."

Since its inception, the unit has solved nearly 50 homicide cases dating back half a century. Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley on Monday called Tatreau a "true believer who was ahead of the curve" to the possibilities of DNA technology.

Easygoing with a quick wit, Tatreau was known as a fierce advocate for his officers and detectives. Robbery-Homicide Det. Ronald Y. Ito, lead investigator on the Robert Blake murder case, recalled how despite pressures of a high-profile, high-stakes celebrity investigation, Tatreau allowed him to conduct a broad-ranging inquiry with minimal political interference.

Blake eventually was acquitted in criminal court of his wife's slaying but found liable in a civil trial. Tatreau "instinctively understood what detectives needed and wanted," Ito said. "He supported our theories of a case, but he also wanted us to check out every aspect of it."

Tatreau, who sat on hundreds of LAPD boards of rights, which deal with disciplinary issues, did not shy away from controversy. A believer in second chances, he often sided with those officers who had fallen out of favor.

"Jim had a soft spot for the underdog, for the 'strays' as he called them,' " said his sister, Terri Tatreau, a retired LAPD sergeant. "If you were being run out of town, Jim would step out in front and turn it into your parade." Born in Long Beach in 1948, James Tatreau was the sixth of eight children.

As a youngster, he played basketball and performed odd jobs — delivering newspapers and shining shoes. He also worked at his family's neighborhood restaurant washing dishes, peeling potatoes and preparing hamburger patties. On his way to Catholic school at 11, Tatreau would stop off at the courthouse in Long Beach to watch cases, sometimes missing class. But it wasn't until high school that he began to consider a career in law enforcement. While attending Long Beach City College, Tatreau became a student worker with the Los Angeles Police Department, joined the academy and graduated in 1970.

He rotated through assignments in patrol, traffic, vice, gang enforcement and Internal Affairs before being named captain of the Newton Division in 1990. Between 1998 and 2003, he served as head of the Robbery-Homicide Division before being promoted to commander.

He is survived by his wife, Tammy; sons Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lt. Jim Tatreau Jr. and Officer Scott Tatreau of the Mesa, Ariz., Police Department; and daughters Tiffany and Tatum. Funeral services will be at 9:30 a.m. next Tuesday at St. Pius V Catholic Church in Buena Park. The LAPD will hold a memorial service May 9 at the Police Academy.

The family asks that any donations be made to City of Hope for brain cancer research.

May 1st demonstration: The officers did a great job. How dare anyone demonstrate in the street. The officers protected the laws and dispersed the people correctly. Chief Bratton, I stand by you while you stand by the officers. They did the right thing. Please keep protecting me and my fellow Americans. Protesters must obey the laws and remain in the areas where the demonstration is authorized. I hope more Americans share their support!

Hey Metro, Good Job...If they dont like it...then bang in sick for the next demo....Let the Chief and Staff stand on the line.. Chaleff, Birotte and Mack can be the linebackers...

Why is it that when minorities gather, the police use violence as their first course of action? I saw no bottles thrown, nor would I be afraid of a water bottle if I were in full riot gear. The reports say that anarchists were throwing things. Please remember officers. You are living in the filthiest city in the U.S. and many people cover their faces to block dust, especially in places as dusty as MacArthur Park. It is unfortunate that the LAPD has more bad publicity because we need more officers to keep the streets safe. Please work on removing discrimination from your police force. Thank you.

I do not approve of the L.A.P.D. beating reporters. Metro did not do a good job. It was just plain stupid to knock a reporter down and toss his camera for the whole world to see. Is that ok with you boomer and Megan ? huh? huh?
The chief is not happy with the way they things were carried out nor are the city leaders. The way metro acted was just plain wrong and now its going to cost the city a lot of money. Watch the news and listen you might learn something.

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