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May 02, 2007


Only in America are illegal imigrants granted the right to protest act like jack asses and then be commended or defended when they get the hammer! In other countries we would be jailed and then you would never hear about it, but not here. Things are so messed up ! At least the LAPD is doing something to squash this behavior that is just unbeleivable. I think we should treat people from other countries as those countries treat Americans. Try finding work in Mexico or Canada or Australia being from another country. Yet immigrants come here and "demand" and "protest", commit crimes against the people who "belong" and they are granted more than those of us who rightfully call this country home. I say you go LAPD, at least you are saying and doing something about the rampant behavior...and Chief Bratton, Your men did the right thing, stand by your men for they stand by YOU !

If you act like a bunch of animals chances are that you will be treated like a bunch of animals.

If I were a betting man I would say that, as usual, it is the vocal minority that gets all of the press. If you were to poll the nation as a whole, I am certain that the overwhelming majority of Americans would give the LAPD a big thumbs up for not putting up with the non-sense of a bunch of low-class, primarily uneducated and unethical group of fools that lack any sense of integrity.

Also, keep this in mind for your next rally; when the police (policia) say that your party and excuse to not go to work is over and that you must leave, take heed and do so. Quickly finish your Tecate, gather up your mess, dispose of it in the nearest trash receptacle, and take all of your mijos and mijas by the hand and head back to your pink and green, 700 sq ft homes that you share with your 15 other family members. If you fail to do so you now know what is coming for you...bad things!

Looking forward to your replies but please use the Spell and Grammar checks to assist with the broken English so that I can somewhat understand to reply back.

Listen UP!!!!!I am an a American and in this Country, I will give you an example for those like Bratton that have been smoking too Much Dope!!! If I am driving without a Drivers License and I hit someone that has been drinking and driving, and I kill them. Then it is MY Fault!!! I would say that they should not have been driving while drunk, but I was breaking the law by driving without license. I said that to say this, the Illegal Immigrants (key word "Illegal") should not be here, they are breaking the law, Bratton should have supported those that got spit on, were cussed at, mocked, and resisted, the illegals knew they were told Not to go down that route, but they did it anyway. Any American would have been arrested, but Bratton wants to have his 15 seconds of shame, The LAPD should call for his Resignation. He isn't a very good leader, nor would he protect those that are under him. I would have all of the Illegals that were breaking the law arrested and deported!!! You have to smoke alot of dope to make a statement and stab your people in the back in the publics eye like Bratton did. Bratton sits behind his desk smoking his peace pipe and decides that he is going to investigate how the men and women that put themselves in harms way everyday for people in your community, when you call 911 who comes to your rescue or help?? Bratton?? No!!! He is too busy listening to Led Zeppelin and hitt'in it!!! Party on Bratton!!!! I would ask those fine men and women of the police force to have a walk out day, and pick out what ever crime you want to commit per Bratton it is ok. Bratton gives a free pass to intimidate, break the law, and basically publically embarass your Finest all over the Country. I support all the men and women that are put in harms way every minute of everyday that they work. You better take care of the ones that take care of you. I would have shot real bullets, they were not peaceful, they took a route that was forbiddin. The news all ways shows and portrays the police to be the bad guys. The mexicans are here Illegal, if they were not here they would not have been protesting our law and order of our society, they are use to have no law nor order, shoot'em up in the streets, aree ba, aree ba. This is a joke!!! Get ready America, the crimes are on the rise more than ever, and the appeals too. If you let one group openly break the law with no consequences, then you can't expect others to bide by laws of the land. Bratton do your job and take care of the first couple of crimes first, first arrest and deport the illegals, second charge the illegals with tresspassing for taking the route they were not suppose to take anyway. Then you would not have to look into why the men and women were doing thier job. Leave or do your job. Bratton Resign Please!!!!!!!!!Go South!!!!!Make a run for the border!!! We should investigate Bratton, none of this makes sense. Why would Bratton do this????Do the department a favor and just leave, shows us how to walk out!!!!Posted by a FED UP American!!!!!

"Never Give up
No matter what is going on
Never Give up
Develop the Heart
Too much energy in your country
is spent developing the mind
instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
but to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
in your heart and in the world
Work for peace
and I say again
Never Give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up."

H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama

I believe it is my job as an adult to take care of me. I've lived in LA for 49 years, and whenever I am in a large group of people, and have the slightest sense things are going to get unruly, I say, "Feet don't fail me now," and I make haste to go the other way. I left in the middle of a James Brown concert at the Coliseum many years ago because the Crips started agitating, just like over three groups of anarchists did at MacArthur Park. The authorities did not have to tell me to go. I don't think this is particular to Los Angeles. You hear about people getting trampled at soccer games all over the world. One thing I wonder is if the officers at MacArthur park included those familiar with the area. This is a part of Los Angeles that has throngs of people milling about every day. We hardly needed people coming from Berkeley to add more bodies in that congested area. The permit should have been denied. Not saying the people who got the permit were the problem; but there are always agitators trying to get world court press. If we have an understaffed police department, we have no business hosting this sort of event unless they bring their own security force. If our city doesn't want to fund a fully staffed police department, we shouldn't expect the Olympics or another football team or anything else in Los Angeles. At least the Superintendent of Schools kept the kids off the streets. I just wish people would stop blaming the officers and the immigrants in this blog. They have hate groups for you people elsewhere on the internet.

Chief you ought to be ashamed of yourself for your obtuse statements and shameless pandering! You, sir are putting us on the front line, not you in your lush corner office, in harms way! You have certainly solidified your position for the next five years! But, then a one eyed monkey, with half a brain could see you posturing for Tony Villa, like a lap dog! We have not had a real Chief in this city since Chief Gates! All since have been political hacks! Though only Willie was keen enough to see that he was not really in charge at all. This city is in deep trouble and a downward spiral until the Chief of Police is given back civil service protection. We need to get real Law Enforcement professionalism in the Chiefs officer instead of the current LA status quo. A wet political finger in the air, and a knee jerk reaction might be what our PATHETIC 1 term Mayor might like. SHOCKING! But the rest of the country is looking at the Los Angeles Police Departments response on May 1st as a Lawful stand against a group of opportunistic criminals that are incapable of living by our laws! Most of the people were able to express themselves like civilized human beings, as for the ones that got dealt with! Let that be a lesson to you! Any force by you against the citizens of Los Angeles or the LAPD will be met with overwhelming force!
15 of my fellow Warriors were injured during these animals inability to behave, I hope you'll all be ok, and job well done in holding the line. This city owes you greatly for not allowing the thugs to get out of hand!

Stay Safe,
Ed O'Shea

I'm sorry LAPD officers were put in this fray. If we had a POTUS this assault by foreign national invaders and advocates for anarchy would be met with U.S troops. That would have been proper.

If the department wants to win back the respect of the public, don't push this down on to a handful of low-level officers who might have done something wrong. Ultimately, the chain of command lost control of their officers. People at lieutenant grade or higher need to join the ranks of the unemployed over this...

I support the LAPD, and think everyone should wait until all are heard.

I understood that they were told to dispurse in English, and probably did not understand, which again points out why English is our language, not spanish.

I do not understand why tax payers are paying out all this money to protect people who are not citizens and really think we owe them something.

Kyle, your an idiot. The media is showing you what they want you to see. The demonstration did not last the 30 seconds the media is showing you. The demonstration lasted hours. Of course they are not going to show the officers taking on rocks and bottles. That would justify the Officers actions and would not make for a great tv ratings. Think before you write something stupid. I live and work in L.A. and I am MEXICAN! I would like to see more police officers on the streets kicking ass. All that break the law should recieve what they deserve. The Police here are proffessionals. If you would like to know just how much, visit Mexico. See how you would like some Federalee point an AR-15 in your face just to ask you for I.D. or take your money just because. Did these people forget how the police are in thier countries? I support the LAPD! If you don't like it, the Mexican border is 2 hours away. Start walking!!!

Those cops should be arrested and put on trial for criminal assault.

But that will never happen in LA.

I'm curious Ron why it is that all your posts on these blogs have been so hostile to the police? It seems to be coming from a very biased place as well with all the other individuals who have shown anger towards the situation.

By the way for all of those people who stated that no rocks have been thrown I will clarify what the news coveniently left out. A motorcycle officer who was not actively engaging in the skirmish line was attacked by protestors and knocked off his bike. Approximately 15 officers were injured and treated at area hospitals for there injuries. I will agree that police brutality is no way to deal with a volatile situation. There were instances that the officers appeared to become over zealous, but no one was beaten senseless as in the Rodney King situation.

Media should also realize that they are not above the law either. When a order to disperse as given they are also included because they can't be walking behind officers or they would've compromised the integrity of the skirmish line.

Folks this is the reality. The USA was established by poor immigrants who sailed over to find freedom. I can sympathize with immigrants that are trying to make a life for themselves. My parents came here after many years of struggle to obtain proper documentation to enter this country and I am grateful for that. But a the times we are experiencing with terrorists trying to subvert our society the least you can asks those attempting to enter this country is to sign the guset book on the way in. Unless all of you Angelinos would prefer to watch the city and the county burn with all of us in it. It would not require much for a terrorist to destroy this city.

Again, I hope you see that hatred towards those that would step in front of a bullet for you is not the answer. If you don't believe in the LAPD's nobility than I suggest you review the North Hollywood shoot out footage. Not one officer cower when they new the odds were completely against them. There are bad apples and I say they should rot for the harm they've done. But I can asure you they are few and far between.

And by the way Ron I do watch the news both written, internet and televised. If past media behavior serves for their "honesty" then I can assume that May sweeps had something to do with the creative editing and lack of pertinent information that would have shown both sides. Remember there is three sides to a story. The protestors, ths cops and then finally ther is the TRUTH.

God bless you all. We have shown here true democracy by given opinions that will not be muffled.....

Perhaps this version of the media, will encourage the LAPD. Because I've been there, done that.

We support the LAPD troops in this incident.

HI-CALIBER Investigations

Shame on the LAPD for attacking innocent, passive citizens exercising the first amendment right to assembly and free speech. They should be ashamed for putting the safety of children at risk with the overzealous attempt to "maintain the peace." As a supporter of police officers I am disappointed in the actions of SOME LAPD officers at the rally.

There was a mention on the news that the chief wants to stencil identifying numbers on the officers' helmets for easy identification. The media should wear identifying vests with their station logo on it , along with wearing the police issued credentials, this will tell the officers they are legitimate media.I feel the officers did what they were trained to do during the dispersal of an unruly crowd. They did a good job, if you stand in the way or refuse to move, you will be pushed or knocked down to the ground. If the media wants to get a good shot at what's going on, they should station themselves at a location with a vantage point, like channel 7 did. They saw everything that happened and did not get in the way of the officers.

All I can say is "wow". Only in the LAPD can a situation be made worse. I cannot believe the state of mind of the officers in charge to go ahead with the orders given to break up a march. Must be a rehearsal for a police state.

Glad to see that there is plenty of media footage and private footage to show all the wrong doing and corruption of your fine LAPD finest. to protect and serve...I wouldnt count on it. Thanks for shining so bright, now the rest of America can see the brutality that Angelinos have to go through while a being a minority.

Case in point, the Death of Maurcio Cornejo while in custody of Hollenbeck Police officers at the station. Citizens of LA beware!

As I understand what happened at MacArthur Park, a group of about 100 agitators were organized in a three pronged assault. First was the front line, who were at the front verbally attacking the police. Then there were the agitators "media" there seeking to give the police bad publicity. Third, there were the violent group who threw rocks and bottles at the police but were not caught on the video.
This demonstrates the need for the police department to have its own video media unit to be positioned at large rallies like the one on May 1st so that a more fair and objective view of what really took place can be recorded.
P.S. I want to thank the LAPD for how they have been bringing crime down in our city.


Lowell Mitchem
Bethune Middle School Teacher

The incident at MacArthur park is disturbing. I however back the police department in their choice to disperse the crowd and even the use of the 40cal. rubber projectiles.

I would like to comment about "Truman's" comments. There is no issue with LAPD bothering your 2nd amendment. Maybe you meant to refer to your first amendment. - If you are going to quote something, know what you are talking about -

Now, the one problem I do have with how things were handled. When someone is backing up or stumbling there is no need to think "resistance." We do need to train our officer to think outside the box sometimes.

However when it comes to the media. The media thinks they get free rain because they are allowed in "crime scene." However when the dispersal order comes, yes you too media are required to leave unless you are herded to a special area where you not only can be protected but identified as non-combatants.

Has anyone considered smaller batons made of a material that isn't so painful to those of us that protest? Maybe the company that designed the flashlights can design a politically correct baton.

Jess, I like your suggestion and I will certainly pass it on

The issue in this case is not illegal immigrants! The problem here is the fact that members of the LAPD assaulted reporters and their camera operators. Let's assume that every single private citizen who was beaten in MacArthur Park was disobeying the police order to disperse. In that case, they got what they deserved. Go LAPD.

But there was no reason for assaults against members of the media, most of whom were clearly visible with their oversized TV cameras. This was the problem. Not the illegal aliens. Any police attempt to suppress the legitimate media cannot be tolerated in a free society!

Illegal immigration is another issue entirely and should be debated in a different forum. Yes, Chief Bratton, your public love of Special Order 40 is a disgrace, and you should be ashamed of the way you've allowed the LAPD to protect and coddle illegal aliens. But that is an issue completely separate from the incidents of May 2nd, 2007.

My comment is specifically directed towards Chief Bratton. The job that police officers face today is hard enough without the support of your superiors. By your comments in the media it doesn't sound like your behind your officers. To me, it looked like they took the necessary actions when faced with people refusing to comply with commands.

I saw the first film clips of this on CNN -- before the media 'edited' them. I saw a glass full of liquid being throw at a cop, shattering at his feet. I saw one thugs turning and walking backwards as the police moved forward so that thug could continue to yell at the police as he pointed his finger in their face.

Ms. Gonzalez, some media woman who says she is married to a retired LAPD was told to 'get back inside her van' and she said "no, she wanted to make sure she would be there to photograph everything" so ignored the cop's order for her to get back in her van for safety and then spent every minute since bitching about getting tossed around in the crowd. And she is a the wife of a retired cop??? My opinion: Ms. Gonzalez should have been arrested on the spot. The info in this paragraph was written in Steve Lopez' column in the L.A. Times (California section) today.

Bratton stinks for throwing his men under the bus right off the bat without any investigation yet or conclusion on the findings into what happened. We know Bratton answers to his boss -- Mayor "Reconquista" Villariagosa -- but still, have some pride, Chief Bratton and quit selling out your men and women before you get the facts. Now tonight the news announded that the FBI is going to investigate this incident to see if any of these illegal alien thugs (with their faces covered from the bottom with kerchiefs like some terrorists) "have had their civil rights infringed upon." GIVE ME A BREAK. Where about our cops' rights not to have their heads smashed in with rocks by a bunch of illegal gangbangers and assorted illegal alien anarchists who aren't even suppose to be in this country. This is how protests go in Mexico and El Salvador. These illegals are turning my state into the craphole type of countries they left south of the border.

As for L.A. Mayor Antonio "No one is illegal" Villaraigosa, he was on tv tonight chomping at the bit to get back to L.A. so he's cutting his trip short a few days. Nothing like a chance to defend "his people" -- illegal alien gangbangers and anarchists -- to get Mayor "Mecha" Villariagosas' blood pumping.

TO THE LAPD: Channel 5 news tonight at 10:00 p.m. showed the results of the poll they had last night which asked the question "Do you think the LAPD was right in the way they handled the situation at MacArthur Park" (or wording to that effect) and the results were 80% said "YES" -- the police were correct. So hang in there LAPD -- way more citizens of this City (and surrounding cities and suburbs) who are behind you than you realize which is more than I can say for Chief Bratton.

These illegals -- not all but enough of them -- bring their country's violence culture and their distain and hatred for all law enforcement with them over the border. Time for these anarchist and illegal thugs to head back south -- and stay there.


How about actually going after the anarchists or whoever who were throwing the rocks and bottles and not shooting women holding babies with 40mm less lethal rounds? That might actually be some professionalism.
You just gave the agitators exactly what they wanted. Congratulations.

Hey LT here is a colum from the man himself, Jack Dunphy! I know all will enjoy this piece, esspecially Ron & COPWATCH!

May 03, 2007

May Day Madness
Police work meets politics on the streets of L.A.

By Jack Dunphy

Yes, it was ugly. But before exploring the details of what made it so, let’s dispense with the hyperbolic claims that LAPD officers were themselves “rioting” or “out of control” when they dispersed the crowd at L.A.’s MacArthur Park Tuesday evening. This was not Bloody Sunday at the Edmund Pettus Bridge and it was not the summer of ‘68 in Chicago. It was a deliberate exercise in crowd control, one that saw displays of police restraint as well as the application of force. It is the force, naturally, that will be remembered and discussed.

By now you’ve surely seen the video and still images taken at around 6 P.M. Tuesday, when a phalanx of officers in riot gear swept through the park at the end of what had been a peaceful day of marches and demonstrations. Some people, including a few reporters and news cameramen, were knocked down, roughed up, or otherwise manhandled in the process. I was part of a reserve force and nowhere near the park when this occurred, but I’ve spoken with people who were directly involved and I’ve pieced together what I’m confident is an accurate if incomplete description of the events.

There were two separate marches on Tuesday in Los Angeles, one in the morning in the civic-center area, the second in the afternoon at MacArthur Park, just west of downtown. The first was uneventful, as indeed was the second until the very end, when a relatively small group of demonstrators provoked police officers by blocking the street when the terms of their march permit expressly prohibited it. Several times marchers came out into the street but were turned back by ranks of police officers, some on foot, others on bicycles and motorcycles. These demonstrators, their faces hidden behind bandanas, became bolder with each successive foray into the street, taunting officers with the customary “F*** the police” chants and a litany of similar verbal provocations.

The cops on the line remained impassive to these insults, but when the crowd began pelting them with bottles (some filled with urine), cans, batteries, and almost anything else that can be picked up and thrown, police commanders declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and gave an order to disperse. Some news reports have made the claim that no such order was given, but it was broadcast from a police helicopter circling the park, from police cars, and from hand-held bullhorns as the police moved in. These warnings can be heard on some of the videos of the incident now circulating on the Internet.

The officers who entered the park in riot gear were from Metropolitan Division, an elite group specially trained and equipped to control and disperse large crowds with minimal force. They formed a skirmish line of officers with batons, backed up by others armed with “less lethal munitions,” i.e. weapons that fire small beanbags or rubber projectiles about the size of a votive candle. Yes, they hurt, and yes, they leave a welt. They’re supposed to, with the objective of getting recalcitrant individuals within a crowd to get up and scram.

The skirmish line advanced slowly, about 50 feet at a time, allowing those complying with the dispersal order to retreat unmolested. Those who stood their ground were met with batons and rubber bullets. Los Angeles Times reporter Jill Leovy wrote a firsthand account of the incident, including this description of a confrontation between police and a group that refused to disperse:

The lingerers were a mix of protesters and reporters. Some were reporters from established news organizations watching or recording what police were doing, and some were self-styled grassroots reporters — protesters with cameras — some of whom were both filming officers closely and yelling challenges at them. At least three men in this mixed group lingered long enough to be caught by the advancing line of officers and they were batoned. They received one or two baton strokes each.

Sections 407 through 409 of the California penal code read as follows:

407. Whenever two or more persons assemble together to do an unlawful act, or do a lawful act in a violent, boisterous, or tumultuous manner, such assembly is an unlawful assembly.

408. Every person who participates in any rout or unlawful assembly is guilty of a misdemeanor.

409. Every person remaining present at the place of any riot, rout, or unlawful assembly, after the same has been lawfully warned to disperse, except public officers and persons assisting them in attempting to disperse the same, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Note that the law makes no exceptions for reporters, cameramen, lawyers, or anyone else who might see himself as immune from the consequences of remaining in an area after being lawfully ordered to leave. It’s possible that in the noise and confusion some people did not hear the dispersal order when it was first given from the helicopter and police cars, but as the officers advanced slowly through the park the command was given time and again by supervisors trailing the skirmish line. Any fool could have seen it was time to go, and some of those who didn’t were roughly treated.

Some reporters, reveling in the role of victim, have tried to turn the fracas into some kind of anti-press Kristallnacht, as though the involved cops were motivated by some long-repressed hatred for the fourth estate. “I was dumbfounded,” radio reporter Patricia Nazario told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “I’ve covered riots. I’ve covered chaos. I was never hit or struck or humiliated the way the LAPD violated me yesterday.”

Predictably, LAPD chief William Bratton was critical of his officers, calling some of their actions “inappropriate.” “Quite frankly,” Bratton told an interviewer on a local radio station, “I was disturbed at what I saw.”

There is nothing in all of God’s creation that preoccupies Bratton more than the way he is covered in the media, so I have no doubt the he was good and disturbed at the sight of his friends in the press being jostled about and herded like goats across the park. As has become the rule, tactical decisions made in the heat of the moment will now be viewed through a political lens and judged on how they impact Bratton’s and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s reputations. The politicians will howl, but the cops on the ground will be the ones who suffer.

Bratton held a news conference Wednesday afternoon and promised a thorough and transparent investigation, which can be translated as meaning he’s looking for some scalps to pin on his wall over this. As he faced reporters he was flanked by grim-faced deputy chiefs and commanders, not a single one of whom was in any danger of being hit with a full soda can or urine-filled water bottle Tuesday evening, and not a single one of whom will share any blame for what happened. Look for a handful of cops, and maybe a sergeant or lieutenant or two, to take the fall. And look for the city to get out the checkbook and start throwing settlements at anyone who even threatens to sue.

As you’re bombarded with the many videos of the melee over the next several days, note that there are no broken bones or bleeding head gashes among the injuries, suggesting that the police might have been more retrained in their tactics than their critics are alleging. And also note how little mention is made of the 15 police officers who themselves were injured that night. Police work can be a dirty, dangerous business, but its got nothing on politics.

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