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September 07, 2007


Deon - thank you for speaking up; refreshing honesty. I don't know you, but having had the privilege and honor to be part of the skid row community for over 2 years now, we need community members like yourself with the heart and sensitivity, integrity and service-minded efforts toward excellence for the common good. More people ready to build authentic community and unity. Amidst the brokenness, you recognize your own brokenness - thank you. Like many trying to get back on their feet and not lose hope, you do not despair or cynicism, instead you walk towards health, wholeness, well-being, and hope - all while believing this for our neighbors. Continue to spread the compassion.

May you and all of us always believe that we are never better than our neighbors. May we always believe the best in each other and hope for each other. May we always acknowledge the potential good and inspiration the other may bring today. May poverty never become a business that is unwilling to go out of business, donor addiction become too great that the cause and mission is never revisted for relevancy, and personal interest override the betterment of all society members.

I don't know the facts of the matter, but your commitment and dedication comes through loud and clear. LAPD is lucky to have you on board, and we are lucky to have you at LAPD.

You've got one heck of a tough, thankless job. I pray that when you finish your shift you are able to go home, love your family and separate yourself from the tragedy and misery that you see every day. We are no good to anyone if we let that misery consume us.

For the good you have done, for the good you have yet to do, I thank you. You are the change we needed; you make a difference just by being Deon Joseph. I'm glad you are in my world. Your life matters to me. When my grandsons struggle with issues related to being black men in America, they can take heart by the example you set. When they want to know the quintessential meaning of the words "adult" and "hero"they can look to hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers in Los Angeles County; real men and women of all races working hand in glove for the betterment of the world. Anyone reading this, please pray for the officers in Hawthorne who are being vilified by fools like the ones Officer Joseph describes. They will have the physical and emotional scars of a terribly traumatic incident with them for a lifetime. They should not have to deal with race baiters and police haters, too, but unfortunately that is the focus the media promotes by giving air time to jackals taking advantage of a mother's grief and pain. In time I am sure that mom will be grateful that the officers were able to save her grandchild. Stay safe, Officer Joseph.

I'll second Bill. And thank you, Ofcr Joseph, for doing your job with this kind of passion and for taking the extra step to communicate so effectively with the public.

All of the homeless that left L.A. have come to Santa Monica. You can't go into a store or fast food place without having someone ask you for change. When you read to SMDP (NEWSPAPER) on Friday's they have a crime watch section that gives a description of crimes that people were arrested for 95% of the crime are by homeless.

Im sorry to say but the department is asking for this type of thing, for its unfair complaint system. They just dont understand. The leaders on the department are in denial as to what the cops out there have to put up with. This complaint system is reflective of that. They want cops to be gentle, caring and helpful to people, and that is fine and the way it should be. But i don't understand this complaint system where anythings goes even if there is no misconduct. These leaders are in denial. They should investigate real misconduct but at the same time good cops are getting false complaints that countless man hours are wasted being investgated. They are in denial. They are not encouraging citizens to come forward to complain about real misconduct, they are encouraging criminals to come forward to make false complaints against good hard working cops. This is demoralizing and a morale flusher to cops. Sure they will overcome it and go back out on the street to do their job. But i have seen numerous street cops who have been hard working men and women get benched by this department soley because they had to many unfounded complaints.
The so-called leaders need to wake up, get out of denial as to what real cops face everyday and support their men and woman out their. How quickly they forget what it is like, and just to support the citizen out there they say any complaint goes. Well support your cops, be a leader and do the fair thing. Investigate real misconduct and trash the "lets get back at the cops complaints". Be a leader!!

nice job we post something and then u take it of the first pade of the blog site!!

Hey LT why dont u email me so we can discuss why oure(us officers)blogs are not being posting or are put on the back burner. This is rediculous.. Other blogs take about 20 secs to post or almost immediately. I know u might have to review the blogs but if u were truely a post all blog it would not take days to post. Get some help and post our blogs. Email me if care to talk..but i dont think u will..

Happy Birthday Officer Joseph!!!!!!!!!!!

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