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February 19, 2008


A suggestion for the future -- don't post stories all in caps. It's nearly impossible for many people to read.

They left out the part when former Chief Gates received a one minute standing ovation.

Bratton stood on the stage like he was a man without a country, a stranger in a strange land.

The audience sent a resounding message to Bratton that he'll never be "one of the boys," nor will he ever be cherished like Gates was.

I think it was a matter of, "right message-wrong venue."

The ovation should have been saved for Veenstra or the Simmons family.

Rest easy Randy, your job here is done.

Nicely played boyo.....

Here's a better suggestion:

Hey, chief, at next year's SWAT dinner, maybe you ought to hang around and get to know the guys. You had one last chance to talk to Randy Simmons, but you walked out instead, didn't you?

In fact, here's an idea: Those passenger seats in South East patrol cars aren't just for P-1s. Your backside will fit in one, too. Yeah, I know, that would be sorta like real police work, and probably kinda scary, too. Heck, you might even have to get your uniform shirt re-sized for a vest! WOW! That's just like being a cop again! You know, a cop. The guys who "count" and who make arrests with those handcuff thingys. The ones without working computers or radios and who rarely get papercuts.

Maybe you could bring your buddy John Mack along. He might benefit from seeing what the other side is like. I mean, he's only been on the Police Commission for 3 years now.

No surprise that he walked out of the SWAT dinner...there probably wasn't enough (or any) media there to make it worth his while to stay. Some of us have seen this on a recurring basis. It could be for a very worthwhile cause (like the Department's own Memorial Foundation), but unless there are dignitaries or media, there is usually only a token (if any) appearance...

Hey TruthSayer, if you want to see Mr. Bratton, I suggest you tune in the Oscars on your TV this weekend. He's always at those glitzy Hollywood events and openings. The man has never met a camera he didn't like. In every issue of Los Angeles magazine, he's on the society page, pictured at this important cocktail party and that critical opening. Maybe now that Johnny Grant has passed away, Mr. Bratton could assume some of his important responsibilities, like unveiling new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has lots of experience with that sort of thing.

Chief, as to your comment about the "the fabled SWAT unit", there is no "Fables" concerning is a known FACT they are the best at what they do for us and the public.

As for our "most well known and recognized badge in the world"...most of use earned it vs. being presented one. Also, why all the hash marks? Officers who came here from other departments don't wear cumulative stripes to commemorate their total years in law enforcement.

Finally, thank you Randy for giving us pride and for being an excellent example to all police officers as to how to live a faithfull life and love your family. You are one of my heros.

I think in all fairness the Chief should be cut some slack. It is never easy to stand in front of a large group knowing every single word will be disected.

The Chief may not make everyone happy and may not be a "Gates" but he did a fair job at a difficult time.

His speech was respectable and appropriate.

We each have our own opinion but in this case the Chief did a decent job and deserves credit where credit is due. All of us, including the Chief attended Randy's funeral to remember a wonderful man and a great officer. Lets keep it that way.


Regarding the service stripes, when Bratton came here and first appeared in a LAPD uniform, he had numerous service stripes denoting his years of service in law enforcement.

Somebody took him aside and said, "Chief, there is one thing that the men and women of the LAPD cherish and that is their uniform. Service stripes denote years of law enforcement service in California so technically you are out of uniform compliance."

I don't know what the Chief's reply was but about a month later the LAPD manual was changed and now reads that any prior law enforcement experience entitles one to wear the service stripes on the LAPD uniform.

This is known as the Golden Rule. The one with the most gold makes the rules!

Thanks El Tecolote...didn't know that! I could go buy three more stripes now! But, I won't, my current 4 is enough and I don't have to explain why my serial number is at about 20 yrs on but I'm sportin' 35 years of stripes.

Dear Mr. Davis,
I am not an officer with LAPD however, I do not agree with your statement. Mr. Bratton had his career with LAPD handed to him. Bratton if rumor is true had items changed in order to better suit him with in the department. I am a little to young to "know" what exactly Gates added to LAPD but, from everything I have heard he was a great asset to this department. Mr. Bratton knew or should have known that his words would be dissected and that is why he had someone who "knew" Officer Simmons write that speech. The words didn't come from him but from some speech writer, now as to his delivery well given his long line of experience of talking in front of an audience it would be a shame if he could not stand in front of those people and deliver words that were written for him in a manner reflective of Officer Simmons life. I am a wife of an LAPD officer, we have spoken about the what ifs…and he has made it perfectly clear to me that IF something should happen to him Bratton is not to give the eulogy at his services, now he has his own reasons for this but I respect him will abide by his wishes should something happen. I thank god everyday for allowing my husband to come home to me every night. My heart goes out to Mrs. Simmons I do not know her but, if I should ever have to cross the path that she just crossed I can only hope and pray that I do so with the dignity and grace that she did. What my husband does for a living is a thankless job.

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