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March 26, 2008


I'm glad the Officers are doing fine.

"Dis and Dat," I been a situation where the suspect all of the sudden pulls a knife, at close quarters, my partner shoots, and it was over in less than 3 secs. Even if I was in a low ready, BALKS was in play, and my Partner was thankful that the other Officers and I didn't shoot at the susp because "friendly fire" is not so friendly. Since Cruz was stabbed/cut, it appears a close quarters situation, and I bet it was over in seconds before Cruz's Partner was able to get on target.

Once again, another lost soul in the City of Angels brings a knife to a gun fight.

Way to go Ofcr Cruz. Hope your injury heals fast and way to go home at night. Some people will never learn, when you have the capability to cause sbi/death, we will defend ourselves to the maximum level. It was the deceased who chose to take it to that level, not Ofcr Cruz. For every action, there will be an equal reaction(simple physics/life lesson).

How long before the weeping parents, the wife, the pregnant girlfriend, organize a TV press conference with bawling toddlers in their arms, screaming for Daddy and demanding justice against the injustice.

Well, Anne, considering this was a mentally ill homeless person, don't expect anyone to give a darn. You and the others are probably making life hell for the one who does care. I am sure Ofcr Cruz wishes this had turned out some other way, and that he feels bad he had to kill someone in self defense. If you think this heartless banter is helping him, think again. Ofcr Cruz, I am glad you are going to be all right. I will pray for your heart and hand to mend quickly. When you are troubled, please remember your life matters to me. Yr friend,

Another police fighter off the streets. Great job officer.
Chicago P.O.

The comments on here are unreal. And they are moderated!? I don't know why the police department would condone, on its official blog, someone gloating over a death. I wonder if this comment will be published.

Whether the shooting was necessary is a matter of opinion, but both cops and their critics should be in universal agreement that a fatal shooting is never good news. To say things like "good job!" and "way to go!" as if the officer had just hit a home run in a softball game is just ghoulishly callous.

Cops have a responsibility to safeguard all of the city's residents -- which actually *includes* individuals such as the deceased. Whether or not the shooting will stand up as valid after an investigation (and I'm sure it will) is tangential to the larger moral and civic issue -- that is, police feeling that persons such as the deceased are their adversary. Even if the guy did stab the cop and the cop was within protocol to shoot him, I imagine this incident could have still ended otherwise.

It seems like the LAPD just waits for the moment they become allowed to shoot, and then they immediately do so. And, sadly, it seems they can't wait for that moment to arrive.

Of course, I don't really expect much more from the LAPD community or, more generally, the kinds of people who are, unfortunately, those most often attracted to law enforcement.

I'm almost positive that the Officer is not proud of having to shoot someone,let alone kill him.

you see...contrary to popular belief, a police Officer does not get out of bed and say to himself," I wonder who I get to shoot today." We do not put on the uniform everyday, and go out looking or waiting for someone to shoot.

However we are trained to be mentally and physically ready for a deadly confrontation at any moment in our shift. Even to the point of rehearsing(spelling?)or visualizing a situation,and how we would react to it, in our minds.We do this so that when we are confronted with a situation that requires a split second, and sometimes life altering decision,we don't have to think about it, cause we've already been there. We just react, and trust in our training and experience to keep us alive.

All that being said, I don't think we are saying good job for shooting that guy, or good job for killing someone. They mean,good job for staying calm in a deadly situation, good job for remebering and sticking to your training, good job for going home to your family, and keep your head up brother we have your back.

Walk a mile in our boots,see and do the things that we have to see and do,then maybe you can talk.

Kudos to the officer for his quick reaction and avoid further injuries or even his own life. Yes... taking someone's life is no funny or a matter or joke, but in this situation anyone in his shoes would have done the same thing.

I wish the officer a fast recovery...

No police officer wants to kill anyone. You would not believe the anguish and emotional turmoil an officer goes through when he/she uses deadly force. Take that from someone who has interviewed and investigated numerous officer-involved shootings.

The "unreal" comments are just cop humor! Like it or not.

By the way whether a shooting is "necessary" is NOT a matter of opinion! There are guidelines (and laws) that are either followed or they are not! I also agree that this incident could have ended otherwise. We could have been preparing for another police officer's funeral.

People make choices in life and Mr. Chaudry chose the day that he wanted to test fate!

Well, L.A. Resident (as am I), here is a little reality check for you.

Police Officers don't make the decision to shoot suspects. Suspects make the decision to be shot.

Simple, isn't it? Remember that next time you read about a police shooting.

Bad decisions have a price that must be paid. And no credit cards are accepted.

Wow LA Resident you are an amazing human being. I'm just curious would I be doing my job if I politely stood over the person who would be attacking you and said "Please sir don't hurt that person" or would you rather I use force to stop someone from trying to end your life?

No one made this man try to stab that officer. He made that choice himself. By the way a knife attack can be deadly hence the use of deadly force. I had to explain that since you appear to be a little on the slow side. It amazes me that people like you exist. I guess it's better if the cop dies right? No innocent criminal would be hurt then. And as for your snide comment about the people that are attracted to law enforcement well they aren't like you. They abide by the law and respect all human life. I can only imagine your hostility comes from the fact that you most likely have a rap sheet attached to your attitude torwards law enforcement.

To be fair to LA Resident, though, his/her concern was not so much that the officer shot this person but that the blog got populated with comments that seemed to be extending high fives to the officer for taking a life.

To those of us not in law enforcement, the tone of those kind of comments does appear unseemly. So I give LA Resident credit for raising worthwhile questions: Is it appropriate for officers, public servants as they are, to congratulate another officer on a lethal use of force, and is appropriate for the LAPD to provide a forum for that sort of anonymous comment?

The comments in this case weren't that bad, although you must admit that commenters on this blog frequently do mock or ridicule the deceased persons who made the mistake of raising a gun or a knife at an officer. Those sorts of comments are, I think, improper, as they demean and trivialize the incident as well as any anguish the officer might be enduring. On the other hand, I understand that it's "cop humor," even if it may be bad humor. Never having had to confront Samurai sword-wielding nut cases on freeway overpasses (remember that one recently?), I'm willing to cut you folks some slack when it comes to humor. LA Resident, I don't think it's indicative of much more than a coping mechanism for a seriously stressful job in which folks worry about not going home at night. So I dislike these kinds of comments but don't see any real harm from them.

The second question is maybe a little easier. There will always be some provocative comment, even on moderated boards like this one. Naturally I don't know what gets edited out, but the overall content indicates that the moderators of this blog do a good job of not being heavy-handed and allowing it to be an open forum. As readers, we benefit from this approach, which ought not to be changed.

The "high fives" are not for life taking, they are for life saving...the lives of the officers were spared and they went home to their families. The life of the suspect was ended...the result of a decission HE MADE by his actions. Also, it is moral support for our fellow officers, needed to counteract the monday morning quarterbacks with thier <"Could'a, should'a, would'a" comments.

To LA resident,
Next time you are a victim of crime and or you wake up in the middle of the night with some knife holding man standing over your bed...please don't call the police. Talk him down, show him the error of his ways. Be kind put your arms around him and tell him that he's is going to be OK that he is in safe place. Whatever you and Loves LA LEO's do the last thing should be to reach for the phone to call the police. May be your love for your fellow man will keep him from using the knife and may be your understanding of the mentally ill will keep you alive. Leave the cop car available for some other resident who wants the cops there to stop the dummy with a knife.

La resident wasn't even blasting any officers only the over all non chalant attitude of what the others were saying.Then we go into a few full on monologes defending the officer. NOTHING NEGATIVE WAS SAID ABOUT THAT! Lighten up! There wasn't one rude inconsiderate comment to the officer for doing what he was trained to do or what his instincs at the time called for him to do.
I guess the department and the liberal activisits really keep the poor hard working officers on the defense even when nobody is even attacking them. Please don't give me a drawn out description of how hard you work or how horrible it would be if you weren't there for me in the face of danger. I already know the town would be a disaster without the courageous LAPD officers of this town and No I'm not being sarcastic. I know you all had to be warned at the academy,this is a thankless job so don't expect tons of gratitude.which makes me think
For all we know this could be a bunch of posers acting like cops just because they like drama and love to come to boards for confrontation. It's really easy to use cop lingo if you visit the boards long enough. Whatever the case lighten up or turn in your badge or I could always say,don't be bitter reconsider.Take your pick.

I totaly hope the officer is healing well and I give him kudos,high fives and tequila shots for his work well done but I also have some compassion for the family with the mentaly ill son,borther ect who made a really stupid choice and as a result was killed. He's still someones child and he was still a human but made unwise choices.Considering his mental illness,maybe he did the best he could. Live and learn.

I'm still able to see both sides. I understand people being put off at the nonchalant attiude of these comments but you also have to remember the B.S they deal with at the slightest use of force.

Ooops sorry! I only read the top part of LA residents comment. I didn't see the last part. My bad.

L.A resident I understand your comments about the man and his family but at the risk of sounding like a broken record on here. What would you do in those circumstances? Thank god for LE otherwise we'd all be screwed. Do you have any appreciation at all for the job they do? You're remarks are just as insensitive to the officers as the ones about the knife wielding man were. It's a two way street here. I give you know respect as a citizen but you better respect me?

You weren't there to make the call as to how threatening it was. He may have felt his life was in danger. It's not that they feel the dead are their adversary,it's the knife wielding mad man that that put thier life in jeapordy.

Sorry for the confusion y'all I only read her first few lines and thought thats what you were reacting too.


"Lighten-up already" and others--yeah, I'd like to see you lighten up if LAPD officers shot and killed one of your family members or someone you loved. The audacity of some people to be so insensitive is just shocking... lacking the ability to sympathize or closing your eyes to justice. I ADMIRE AND RESPECT police officers but NOT all of them deserve to be police officers or join to actually "protect & serve" the community and so they should not have the privilge to carry guns.
There are so many ways to detain a suspect allegedly posing a threat to an officer's life but in Usman's case:
1. The officers ran his id before they shot him; he was shot in the abdomen several times, it was not an immediate death, it was a torturous death!
2. The family was notified 21 days later about Usman's death
3. LAPD failed to get a statement from the officers involved even after 21 days;
4. LAPD allowed the ambulance in after 30 minutes but detectives were knocking on doors within 5 minutes of the shooting--
We do not need people here to DISRESPECT any police officer but we also do not need to disrespect Usman's memory or his Family especially in such time of grief! Lets just be able to put each other in the other's shoes in view of the facts!

Hey Joe, Great job dude. Way to go! We hope your hand is doing better! Much Love my brother.

Your brother from:

Florida Department of Corrections

Ben B.


With all of the specific information you listed, it seems that maybe you were there? If not, I would like to know where you got your information. You sure do SEEM to know a lot about the incident.

As you put it, USMAN does not need to be disrespected. However, I am concerned that your comment lends to his deserving of respect. Let's get it straight - A person who stabs a police officer deserves no respect.

My main concern is that the officer, although injured, is going to be alright. And that the criminal who stabbed him paid with his life. Maybe the next time a criminal considers stabbing an officer, he or she will think twice.

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