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September 29, 2008


I have read on many blogs that the police department and ambulance showed up 32 minutes after the shooting! Why did it take you guys so long to show up? A man was lying on the ground shot to death!


Understand that police don't always know a shooting occured until a call is generated. There is also a delay in getting an ambulance to the scene because they won't enter a crime scene until it has been cleared and they are assured that there is no immediate danger to them. Hopefully that helps your understanding.

I respectfully request that the LAPD share further details about the Venice incident here on the blog. It would be the best way to address the internet chatter (30 minutes for an ambulance, etc. etc.) It may or may not be true, but let's get the truth out there and move forward together. Thanks for all that you do working the streets 24/7.

Having personally responded to this call on Sunday night I can assure you that both the LAPD and the LAFD were at scene within minutes. Officers were dealing with 2 crime scenes both of which contained hostile crowds. As a previous poster said the LAFD will NOT enter a crime scene without the LAPD giving a code 4 or all clear.

As for the 32 minute claim - well, all I can say is that is entirely false and would even venture to add that the claim is irresponsible even for a BLOG

Well if he was dead, then why waste resourses? Gangbangers usually get what they deserve. The ambulance is there to treat and transport people to hospitals, not to respond to dead ones. That's what the coroner is for.

I was the radio operator on Pacific frequency the night of this incident. It did not take 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive... I know this because I was the one who went out over the air and advised the ambulance it was clear for them to enter the scene, and I know it didn't take anywhere near 30 minutes. C'mon people do y'all believe everything you hear? Geez... Let's keep in mind what these officers were dealing with. There had been a huge street fair at this exact location, all day...and the shooting happened while the fair was being closed down. There was still quite a large crowd, lots of traffic, and street closures to deal with, and if you don't think for a minute that crowds don't interfere with the officers doing their job, think again...even when someone is bleeding in the street. These officers did an amazing job, in spite of all the obstacles that were in their way. I'm sorry to be the one to disappoint the police bashers and the baiters, but it didn't happen the way you want the public to believe.

To Rough

You must not have a heart. Your comment is rude, heartless and un-necessary. You or no one else knew if Adam was dead. He could have been going into a comma, etc. That is why the resources were used. You don't know if taking him to the hospital would have saved his life. NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE this way. Sorry if this is what you believe. Adam may have been in a gang this I don't know for sure but I know he had a beautiful wife and an amazing daughter and he was loved by people who knew him. His family is in pain and heartache and you with your stupid comments does not make it any better. Adam will be missed by a lot of people, he did have a heart and if you were in his shoes, he would have never said such a stupid thing about you.

Thank you TacoSurf and Dana. So how long was it before the paramedics reached the victim? You say it was not 32 minutes, yet you simultaneously say they were delayed while LAPD secured the scene. It should be pretty easy to check this out.

Dear Disbelief,

Why is it that every single gang banger that is killed always had such a big heart? He/she was so happy and caring and kind and will be remembered by all that knew him. Why is it that the by line never reads: when push comes to shove he would have done anything for his gang friend? He didn't think twice about selling drugs or running drugs, He was always first in line to volunteer to do a drive by. We never hear stuff like that??? WHY? The whole reason to belong in a gang is criminal activity. How many crimes against people did this person commit? Now I don't know this Adam person, they way he died justified or not is not my call only a higher power can make that final judgement. But if you want people to be supportive, the very least you can do is come out and say the good and the bad. Believe me NOTHING bad happens whey we speak negatively of the dead! Someone said to me recently when all is said and done I can only hope that the work I've done speaks for me. Again, I ask what good did he do? What bad did he do. Put it all out there. Finally would he have said such a stupid thing? Yeah, I think he would have said stupid things, after all he did stupid things.

As a recent former neighbor of Adam's who lived in Culver City, not Venice, I was very troubled to learn of his murder. I think it unfortunate that he was characterized as a gang member because in the year that we lived next to each other, he never behaved in a way that one might associate with a gangbanger - no intimidating posturing, no late nights, no late night or frequent "associates" coming by. He went to work in the morning, picked up his daughter in the afternoon from school. All in all he and his family stayed to themselves. If his car was blocking ours he would graciously move it, without any attitude and would say "hi" (I know what a cliche) or turn down his TV if it was too loud without hesistation. I prefered him to his wife because he was at least polite and civil. She was the one who had a temper (believe me, we could hear), but I don't know of him ever physically harming her.Granted, I don't know if he was or was not still active in his gang, but neither do you. Maybe he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being shot down is no way for a human being to die.

You know what, Anthony, if the time frame is such a big deal to you, why don't you do some research on that? I had my hands a little full that night, trying to assist the officers in coordinating a perimeter, broadcasting suspect information, directing officers and resources to the Command Post, and then putting out a help call for a Sergeant, who had a hostile crowd coming at him while he tried to do his job and get these victims some help. You want to point fingers and place some blame, why don't you start with the pinheads that decided to interfere with the police??? I do know that the ambulance was dispatched by FD at roughly the same time as PD was sent to the scene, but you need to understand that the ambulance will NOT enter this type of a scene until PD gives them the "all clear"'s a little hard for PD to give an all clear when the crowds won't disperse, won't cooperate, won't move, and seem intent on causing more trouble. Myself and the officers there that night had better things to do with our time than keep an exact timeline for people like you - so if you think it should be pretty easy to check out, go ahead and check - you have plenty of resources available to you.

Lt. in charge of the blog - is it possible for some of the times to be published so that people like this can stop bashing the outstanding performance of the officers on scene that night? It's getting old...

Well, put Dana K. Kudos, to you and thank you for doing what you do. Thank God for our dispatchers!
My Prayers are with Mr. Pacheco's family during this tough time. And I believe Adam, probably was not a gang member. But, you bet his killer was, which makes Adam another innocent victim. I would venture to say either, Venice 13 or Culver city boyz. How many more lives are you willing to let the gangs take LA? Also, this type of criminal activity is all to regular in South Central and should not be tolerated by the people of Los Angeles anywhere. Apparently it is not that important to the city Government or the people of Los Angeles. Because they keep voting into office, officials that do not have the intestinal fortitude to seriously combat gangs and tell the Feds to back off. There are only a few elected officials and one appointed one that have the guts and record to stand up. The rest should be ashamed of themselves and their silence. But.... If you want send a serious message to the animal gangsters out there? Put a stop to this foolish consent decree and the financial disclosure. We have the Police on the force to put out on the street, but they are doing ridiculous admin jobs that are not needed without this foolish consent decree. Ummmm, aren't we in a financial crisis? So why are we paying Krull millions of dollars? I could beat the proverbial dead horse but it appears that no one really listens until someone like Adam is killed, even then your memories are very short. You think that Mr. Pacheco's murder was bad, wait until you have ZERO qualified CRASH officers left to put these little maggots in check.
We need a "Surge" like we had in Iraq here in Los Angeles, or bring back operation "Hammer" and let's drive'em into the sea.
Again, thank you Dana K. and send our thanks to the rest of your fellow dispatchers. You guys and gals do an outstanding job and we deeply appreciate you.


I totally understand where you are coming from. HOWEVER YOU DID NOT KNOW ADAM. I knew him for a short while, I didnt not know of things he did in the past but from what I know of him now, he is a dedicated father, wants nothing but the best for his 13 year old daughter, he pushed her to be a good person and to do good in school. He may have been in a gang back in his younger years but many young people do foolish things and regardless of what he did it still does not give someone else the right to take his life. He is now resting in peace but his wife, daughter, brother, sister, friends and family will morn him for years to come and will miss him dearly. He was a good guy and he tried his best to make a better life for him and his family. So NO. I dont have any bad stuff to say about him as I ONLY KNEW THE GOOD HE DID.

This is all unbelievable. I can't believe how many ignorant people there are in our country. For those of you who are going to badger law enforcement and the EMS, Next time you need help, Call one of your friends on crack. Allow them to be of assistance to the one's that appreciate them.

Terribly sad. I was 10 feet inside the door of The Other Room when the shots were fired. I'd say It took about a minute for it to register with everyone inside that it was definitely gunfire. I stayed inside for at least 10 minutes. I didn't think to call 911, and in fact only saw one person on their phone in the first 5 minutes. An employee who was in the back of the bar. I'd say the cops were there in 10-15 minutes, the EMTs maybe 20 or more. Everyone there felt like it took too long including me . Who knows. I can tell you this for sure though. I arrived at the bar 10 minutes before the shooting. The festival was OVER, there were no crowds and Abbot Kinney was EMPTY. It was closed off though with those plastic folding baby gate-like things and a few parking enforcement cars. Nothing was hampering emergency vehicles from getting through.

I did hear that responders reached the victim of the stray bullet 3 blocks away first, and thought that was the extent of the shooting.

I'd be curious to hear the 911 calls. I bet that would give a good time record. No?

You guys have a tough job and there's no way I could do it. Thank you.

My prayers to Adam & his family.

Hey Dana,

Relax. Since when is asking for information from public servants "bashing" somebody? Check my remarks and tell me where I am pointing fingers and placing blame. Where??

On the other hand, it sounds like you are quite ready to place blame and point fingers - your conclusion is that the delay is the fault of the citizens.

Nice attitude. Sounds like you've long forgotten who you work for.

My love, words cannot explain how much we are hurting without you. 16 years of my life I spent with you, Jr. High school sweethearts my heart will forever be broken. You where the best daddy any little girl could ever ask for, Thanks to you our daughter Desiree has accomplished so much in the 12 years she got to spend with you. She was School president of her whole elementary school for her 5th year, has always been a straight A student. She made 3 honor scholar classes for middle school, has come out in 2 plays at the actor’s gang theater and multiple other talent shows (She has your confidence) you made sure she accomplished your dream of seeing her play softball at North Venice little league, the way you did when you where a little boy, thanks to you pushing her to do her best she made the All STARS both years. You where a dedicated father and husband you always made sure we were taken care of. It really hurts to know somebody has robbed us of our future together you are my soul mate. You where everything to us, you gave us strength and courage in this world, I do not know how we can go on without you, the pain and hollowness is too much to bare for me. Please give me the strength to wake up in the mornings, I will do my very best to continue making sure Desiree makes it to college the way you always wanted her to. I can still remember your words to her “Education is the key, you have to go to college and get a career honey” “school is very important” she will remember all the encouraging and advise you gave her. She knew you were proud of her every time you would speak to someone about her. We miss you and love you, please be our guardian angel and protect and look after us. Our life will never be the same without you.

Media: it hurts to think that my husband is being categorized as just another gang shooting. Adam was born and raised in Venice and loved this city. He was a Local and a legend to everyone that knew him in Venice. He was a hard working man a fire sprinkler fitter for the Union Local 709. He saved life’s installing these. He did not deserve to be killed in such a cowardly way being in the back; he did not even see it coming. It makes me sick how somebody can do this to another human being, they have taken him from us and we have to live with the pain while they walk around breathing. Please if anybody has any information please call the detectives at.

All there if from u negative yuppies is hate.
Adam was a great guy showed lots of love.not for u haters though

V love!

Ms. Pacheco and Desiree,

My husband and I send our condolences. We're so sorry for your loss. We hope that you find comfort in each other and in your memories of your husband and father. Desiree, keep his dream alive in getting a college education. That would make him so proud.

Your former downstairs Culver City neighbors.

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