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January 14, 2009


Get an injunction against that gang already...

So where is the community outrage over this shooting?

Where are the marches, protests, and calls for change?

Still waiting for the Mayor to put his mug on TV and use his political clout to request the Community team up with the Police to catch these bottom dwellers. This should be unacceptable by the Mayor and community activists! Yet, we hear crickets.

Bring back "Operation Hammer". All these gang members are in need of a little smash mouth football at the hands of the Community and the LAPD.

Let’s enact the "Surge" by kissing the federal consent decree goodbye and put all those Officers absorbed by it, back out on the streets where they belong. If we had all those officers out on the streets playing bumper cars (figure of speech) they predatory gang members would have very little room to conduct the status quo.

My prayers go out to the family of Roberto Lopez Jar during these tough times. Just know that you have Great Officers in Rampart Division ready to hunt these thugs down.

I shake my head in disgust when these things happen, because they might have been avoided. If we had more Cops on the streets helping out the small number of us that are there with our fingers in the dam. Less auditing division Officers and more Patrol Officers are what are needed. Let’s get our minds right at the upper end of this department, put the resources where they belong and stop the bleeding.
If the murder of a 4 year old child isn't enough for you to get your minds right then I don't know what will? I say "Operation Surge" or "Operation Hammer", take your pick and lets get'er done and save the City's children!

Just leave gang cops alone and let them do their job. It can't always be about numbers. Intel is what solves these types of crimes.

If you push them too hard for cites and pull 'em in too many directions; they can't focus on learning who's who in the zoo out there.

Gang Enforcement Detail not an E-car or SPU. GED is Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, remember it. The name changed but the focus shouldn't have.

A captain sitting behind a desk doesn't know how quick a gang cop can solve a crime or even prevent on by actutally knowing his gang in and out. He may have gotten a handful of cites but a day full of ground pounding and that missed "strong" FI could have prevented or solved this murder.

I'm surprised that EDDIE did not blame the command staff. As long as you have officers like Mear,Hatefiled, and the 3 that got caught planting evidence you will always need the consent decree.

Citizen, You can not condemn 9000+ officers for the actions of a few.

You have to be kidding me, citizen? 3 cops doesnt make the department and our weigh what is going on. We have hundred of cops that could be out on nthe street stopping this kind of murder yet they are tied up auditing reports. The city is giving millions of dollars, your tax dollars to the federal dovernment to watch over this department. Those mi9llions of dollars could go to the LAPD nad to good organizations to get gangs off the street. The consent decree wants to have gang officers give up their bank accounts so the city can look at them. Like a cop will put stolen money in his account. The Rampart scandle showed that Perez didnt put stolen money and money he rtecived from drug deals in his bak account. He hid it in a matress and spent it. Looking at cops bank accounts and accounts of his family members wont help the government.What we need is a practive police department and city/community programs that target gangs. Wastelful spending on the federal govenment/big brother taking our money wont. This city and many other cities are in financial crisis. Givingn the fedral government millions of dollars when we need it right here at home does no good. CITIZEN i encourage you to go and do a ridealong with you LAPD Division where you live and try to get a feel for what is going on with your tax money. You will see hrd working cops trying to make your community better. You will see cops putting their lives on the line for you. What you wont see is enough cops on the street. What you will hear is we need more money for this city and that that we are and have been in compliance with the federal government and are wasting lots of money on things we are telling them we dont need. What we dont need is a financial disclosure and we dont need to be wasting more cops auditing reports for missed checked boxes. We need our money and we need our cops out on the street. I hope you undersdtand, and if this murder happened to your son i know you would.

Bandit The reason for the decree is because of the few. How could someone be willing to plant evidence knowing that it will result in this innocent person spending years in jail?? What kind of person does that a low down rat.

citizen....or copwatch or whatever your going by these days. All can see by your consistently pejorative and ignorant rhetoric, it's NO wonder your so callow and obtuse.

Pump your breaks JR., and get your facts straight before you opine! It's Officer Meade, not "Mear". And the little cherub that was the "victim" told the investigating Officers that he LIED about being struck by Officer Meade. All Officer Meade did was plead out to 2 counts of misdemeanor 415 PC, a Nonphysical crime. He plead out because he saw that our department was using him as a political example and ignoring the facts. So Officer Meade took his marbles and moved on, and he's glad now that he did. All this, because he had the gall to yell at the little rabble rouser, something his father should have done a long time ago. Officer Meade was one of the BEST and most compassionate Cops I know. And unlike most, I didn't treat him like a leper, just because he became a political hot potato. Some of us, are you ready for this, waited for all the FACTS, to come out before we passed judgement. Novel concept huh? If he made a mistake in his dealings with that kid, it was caring enough to correct his poor behavior.

But I digress, the issue at hand is that a 4 year old child was murdered by a bottom dweller! And all you can do is blame the Police and wax about nonsense. MEU is all backed up right now, so kindly head back on over to copwatch with the rest of the anti-everything malcontents. Don't go away mad, just go away, if your going to continue to lack any substance in your posts. We Officers are here to protect this city and the only ones who are paying the price of the consent decree are the good citizens of Los Angeles and thier children. We Officers expect to be beaten up by the media and malcontents. That's been the status quo for the last 50 years. Sheep don't like the sheepdog around untill the wolf is at the door.

LAPD vet is right in the 10-ring with all of his points! I second every one! Thank you Sir.

What about Hatefiled and the other 3 evidence planters defend them. Go on Ed put your spin on them.

I'll give you credit at least your not as bad as Inglewood or Torrance. You can a least tell a phone from a gun and your almost not as trigger happy as some like INGLEWOOD KILLER COPS

Citizen, Hatfield never planted any evidence, he used a flash light as an impact device and was hanged because of it, which was not against policy at the time. Also if officers are going to plant evidence, the consent degree is not going to stop them from doing it, the consent decree has absolutely 0 positive impact on officers and how they conduct their police work, what it does is provide MUCH MUCH more paper work meaning officers are on the street less, not to mention the 29 million that gets shell'd out of tax payer money every year, that also does not include the 5-figure income of officers whose sole purpose at the dept is to do consent decree audits, meaning there are even less officers on the streets to conduct these meaningless tasks.

this is desgusting.

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