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June 29, 2009


why 2 days later?

Once again the LAPD unnecessarily spends big taxpayer dollars to investigate what in actuality, is Michael Jackson's own suicide. Does the LAPD jump threw hoops when some poor soul is found dead down at 6th and Los Angeles Street? Highly unlikely. So much for the LAPD living by their own Mission Statement and Core Values! Wrap it up.

un have michael jackson thats been proven not the father of his children that are for sure been payed for kids, slavery why havent you resued theses kids?
are you allowed to have kids and sell them in you state/

For the above post,MMonique) Michael Jackson did not commit suicide. So many people love Michael Jackson, You should not be putting wrong information out that you do not know. In the future keep your hatred to yourself.


I think Monique just asked why it took two days.

Today, Chief Paysinger stated that on behalf of the Chief, himself and the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Deparment, wished our condolences to the Jackson Family for the loss of a "great man." As a former victim of child abuse and a twenty year veteran of the Department I was ashamed and offended by this insensitive statement. The Department pursued a criminal case against Jackson for the sexual exploitation of children and the prosecution was thwarted by a monetary buy off. Chief Paysinger should have used a more neutral tone and owes the victims an apology.


I agree with Charles 100%. The chief had the spotlight and wanted to be like everyone else and say what he did. We are suppose to keep our feelings and opinions and condolences to ourselves...Unsullied right? These chiefs are "hollywood" when they have the opportunity...Just stay professional, its not the LAPD's job to give condolences to a high profile musician, just because that person is a high profile musician. I wonder if the chief gave his condolences to the soldiers families that have been killed over seas since MJ's death? Hypocrits...

if michael had been just regular joe, what that dr,did or did't do right would have never hit the news it would been covered up written off has something else maybe this will help expose some of these dr. only trying to make money not really for the patients because there are many more out there, don't let this be a cover-up.

is that dr conrad a real cardiologist, i heard a comment that he was not board certified. why was he hired to come to see michael. why was he there that day and what happened before the so called chest pain event. where is the professional responsibilty of the doctor administering iv meds that medicine has some very serious adverse reactions he should have been closely monitored was he and who was it he put his trust with his life in the doctors as we all do when we seek medical care thats where he went wrong there are lots of legal drug addicts out there behind their doctors, some people treat their doctors like their god and believe everything they say and do, and some are just out to get paid.

Michael was a targeted victim of organized crime from way back, was innocent of all charges, and "took a hit" because he "fit the frame" and was isolated then killed because he began to speak out too much about his political views through his music i.e. "they don't really care about us" and I praise him for that. LAPD - please help put an end to organized crime involving DEW's. Latoya, don't give up.

Michael was a target of organized crime.

I wonder if the police are investigating the author of the Michael Jackson book whom "predicted" MJ's death, almost to the very day! It seems just a little TOO COINCIDENTAL to me!!!

Yes the death was toooo coincidental.. as foreseen by a biographer whe is not actually a freind of michael.. I hope justice prevails.. Michal jackson was dearly loved by those whop knew him and who admired his good deeds and he was condem by those who hate him and was jealous of his natural charisma to the world.

Michael didn't molest none of them darned lying children! The boy has admitted it since MJ's death!!! Money hungry bloodsucking parents!


Please don't let the Jackson camp outsmart the LAPD. Nothing adds up to support MJ's death & I'm an RN, not a detective. PLEASE test the blood drawn by the coroner for DNA. Remember, he wore bandaides on his fingertips during the last photos taken of him. Hmmm...Ask Dr Klein if he shaved the skin off to avoid MJ ever being fingerprinted & identified should he be apprehended at his secret hide-a-way. The Jackson family have already made some verbal/visual slip-ups. Not even the BEST ACTOR ALIVE could pull this caper off. I just can't understand why much of the public can see the transparency & idiosity of the details & pics surrounding his death, yet Larry King won't ask a single question to Jermaine Jackson regarding the suspected hoax theme? Oh, I forgot, Larry's wife is going to record a duet with Jermaine in Sept '09 to celebrate MJ's birthday coming up on 8/29. Why not give lie detector tests, question the kids who can only conceal this secret for just so long(unless they are constantly guarded, that is), Nancy Grace, the poignant, outspoken interviewer not raising suspicious details about MJ's sudden death? Come on...Unmarked grave with only 2 Jackson family members present? As much as they've expressed their pain from his loss & all not be present when MJ is lowered in the ground? Listen & look closely at MJ's "THIS IS IT" London Tour Announcement to the reporters/fans...Voice totally changed, much lower, words chosen carefully, pic not him with right side tooth slightly protruding while smiling, MJ would NEVER say, "I really, really love you from the bottom of my heart" & give the power sign with an extended arm...He would say, "I love you more" & would blow a kiss from his heart or give the peace sign. LAPD, I hope you examine this video closely & have the voice analyzed. I'm very confident about the discrepancies I've given. Examine who took the pic & was standing behind the photographer in the yellow shirt who was shooting a pic at MJ through a tinted Paramedic Ambulance? Why didn't one of MJ's guard close the gate while his body was being exposed to the public on the gurney? Surely, the guards would have kept photographers away as protective as the Nation of Islam guards had been since their employment. What's up with the darker pigmented skin of MJ on the gurney, swollen eyelids indicating a much earlier death or the supposedly MJ was placed in a trendelenburg( position in bed (upper part of bed lowered below the lower half of body(head upside down)? I could go on & on...If this was an average family more actions would have been taken than just investigating Dr Murray. I hope MJ's sister who removed the sheets from his home realizes when all is unveiled, she's going to have more charges against her than the rest of her family. I know I will not rest until EVERYONE involved in this ploy is brought to justice. My neighbors & me are going to wait a bit longer & then discuss the possibility of hiring a PI, but I KNOW, THE LAPD WILL PREVAIL & BUST THIS SLOPPY, GREED-INDUCED SCAM & WILL SHOW NOT EVEN THE STARS ARE EXEMPT FROM BEING BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!! I only hope the reports of suicide over MJ's death are not true....If one person has died, please LAPD, make even more haste in arresting all involved on their behalf(senseless loss of life).

Question posed by CNN Larry King Live (August 28, 2009): Do you think any charges should be brought in the death of Michael Jackson?

This blogger's response:


Absolutely positively there should be Murder 2 charges against Conrad Murray. He willfully and knowingly administered those medications.

There should be charges leveled at the recent/longstanding doctors if it is proven they contributed/prescribed medications that continued Michael’s addictions.

There should be charges leveled at the pharmacies who partook in practices that go against the SOP of prescribing medications.

There should be charges leveled at handlers/friends/family/whomever who aided in enabling his addictions.

This does not mean I don’t think that Michael himself wasn’t responsible for his own actions, because he does hold culpability in his addiction.

Then, Propofol/Diprivan and other anesthetics should be controlled substances and closely monistored by the FDA/DEA…. IMMEDIATELY.

There should be a national prescription registry, searchable by the appropriate agencies not only by doctor, but by patient and drug. Also harsher punishments to doctors who prescribe under pseuydonyms/in their own names/etc.

Also, I truly believe the police departments that served search warrants on Michael’s home– namely LAPD in 93 and SB sheriff in 03/5, should be held accountable for turning a blind eye to the OBVIOIUS drug problems found in Michael’s home!

So.. yes. Absolutely charges should be brought!

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