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July 09, 2009


$54,000 on lunch? I wonder how many lunches realy got ate. This is just a plain rip-off the city offical who approved this needs to be fired. Subway is just as good and cheaper.
This was a complete over reaction by the Police.

AEG should be billed for this $1.1 million. They will be making an enormous profit from selling the "official memorial service" materials, books, videos etc. In light of his recent criminal trial, Jackson's public image has been largely restored because of all this unnecessary public hoopla, and both the Jackson family and the Jackson estate have vastly improved their future income as a result. LA taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for someone else's benefit. AEG is making a huge profit from this so they should pay the costs incurred by the LAPD.

Well, sure. Spend $50k on lunches from a restaurant 80 miles away instead of spending $18k on a local restaurant. Clearly, the brass did a remarkable job of controlling costs.

why are we buying lunch?? Why can't each cop buy his own. A total waste of money.

We would feed fireman at a fire! Why not the LAPD? While the fine men and woman of the LAPD were diligently keeping our families and the community safe and controlling crowds. Just because it turned out to be a peaceful situation do to the LAPD’s proactive approach. GOOD JOB. Of course you deserve lunch!

High expenses like this result when a police department needs to mobilize ASAP. There's no time to comparison shop for food this quickly. The problem here is not the LAPD; they had to move fast, and when under a deadline crunch like this, costs add up quickly because there just is no time to bid out work like this. The problem is with the chuckleheads who decided to hold this memorial service spectacle with almost no advance warning. That is why they should foot the bill for the LAPD's costs, not the city. This was not a memorial service; it was an advertising blitz for Jackson Enterprises. The taxpayers shouldn't be stuck for this, and the LAPD shouldn't be blamed.

The LAPD did an excellent job as always during this fiasco. The rank and file in blue deserve a big round of applause.

Yes, lunch. I'd rather have the officers remain at their fixed posts than find other officers to replace them while they poke around looking for lunches they can buy themselves. I'd rather have them be given food and water so they can focus on their jobs and ensure proper police service at the event. By all appearances, they did that. Spending some overtime money and some incidentals to ensure the safety of an event like this is why you have a police force. If you think food and water for people at fixed posts is a waste, you have no idea of what is involved in running an event like this or in deploying a large number of people to handle it. You're being petty, and you're coming off as cop haters.

His burial service was like a very big concert.

What? We are paying for overtime and lunch? Why? This paying for lunch for people that new that they were going to be on a long term assignment is outragous. My employer NEVER pays for my lunch when I have to work overtime. Everyone of these people/officers knew that they were going to be working and NONE could brown bag it? No I had to foot the bill for a lunch. I certainly hope someones looks into this. I would mind paying for a lunch for someone who had to work over time because of a fire, or such or even a civil unrest but these people all knew that they were going to be working the fluff job of standing around earning what between $50.00 and $100.00 an hour overtime and not one person thought of brown bagging it.

Gabe, you might have a point if the City were absorbing the costs of this event out of the operating budget. Perhaps you are forgetting that water, trash and electricity rates have all be significantly jacked up in the last year to support LAPD's budget.

Great job, LAPD! LA was on stage to the rest of the world and I was so proud that the LAPD handled it in such a professional manner. Quality comes with a price. The lunches were fine....the public needs to focus on something else.

Crazy, it's obvious you don't understand very much about policing.

Police officers are not clerical workers. They can't carry brown bag lunches to a scene like this. They have to be prepared for all contingencies with both hands free. They can't just "clock out" on a scene like this when they get hungry and chase down lunch on the scene.

To suggest police work is a "fluff job" reveals you really know very little about what this job entails. The officers at the scene were prepared for anything and everything. They had no idea what was going down that day. They are being paid for their skills and expertise. They would have been paid the same if they stood around or if a riot broke out. They cannot be faulted or "discounted" because a riot did not occur.

The reality of police work is that a certain amount of "standing around" goes with the job. A police officer "standing around" is vigilant and at the ready.

The LAPD did a fantastic job during this deployment. It was absolutely textbook. They pulled it off brilliantly with very short notice.

No, this was not a last minute assignment, this was something that was planned. Department's don't always get the chance to know ahead of time that something is going to happen but the day before each and everyone of these city employees knew that they were going to have to be at a fixed post! This was not something that was unexpected it wasn't a civil unrest, it wasn't a fire that broke out and grew rapidly, this was an assignment that people were getting paid overtime for. I don't think that the police or CHP or any of the other departments should have closed off freeways to get this family from one spot to another. Forrest Lawn should have paid for security at their facility. Imagine the publicity they got out of this. AEG should have paid for security at their location. AEG pays off duty LAPD officers to work concerts, games and many other events that take place at Staples so why not pay for security for this event? It would have been so easy for AEG to get officers that they needed to work this event...they already have a number of LAPD officers on call to work events there. I understand providing security for whatever reasons...what I do not understand is getting paid and getting food. This was not a natrual disaster...each and every officer that worked this event had the ability to provide their own food that day by taking something to work with them on this particular day. Let's not forget we already pay them (law enforcement) to get dressed in their uniform, we pay them when they sit behind a desk and look busy. We pay the SLO's in each community lots and lots of money to tell us....I'll look into it. Again, if this was a last minute over time obligation and NONE of the staff new that they would be working long hours OK eat on my dime but this was not that kind of situation. Everyone knew that they were going to be working this event and that it was going to be long hours. Was the extra gas used to travel back and forth 80 miles worth the trip and who and how many went to pick up the food? And what amount of gas and man power was used to deliver this food to all those locations? Another thing to keep in mind, those that went to pick up the lunches were on overtime how much overtime was used to make the call to place the order, leave his/her post to drive to go pick up the food and drive all the way back. This was a week day so these people that picked up the food had to leave right away or at least early in their overtime work day in order to travel that distance and pick up the food and then get it back to everyone. And how many personnel got to eat that were at fixed locations inside air conditioned offices? Because everyone knows that there were management personnel working in offices just in case something happend that ended up charging their lunches that day to us the tax payer. But lets not forget either all those people that use a city car to travel back and forth from work? How many of these people did we provied for? So a free meal, a free ride, and let me pay you while your at it. Come to think of it, I want this job, not only did everyone get paid, they got lunch, and they got a ride to work. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

why didn't this same person who authorized lunch and drink be provided tell each and every personnel getting lunch that day that the total out of pocket from each would be $10.00? None of the personnel there would have had to leave thier post and they still would have received something to eat and drink. This wasn't a civil unrest that every personnel had to get their lunch paid for. Now if this had been the victory mess after the Laker's game and if those people that worked that needed to eat or drink I say go for it. But this was at least two days prior notice. With the small exception of those officers that were on duty when this first happend and had to be deployed to the various locations on June 25. But aside from that one day...each and every day after that up to and including the memorial was known inadvance. there is no reason what soever that this group of people could not take a lunch with them for this one day.

Has anyone thought to investigate Joe Jackson? The reason I ask is because Joe Jackson beat Michael as a child and a teenager and that commercial that Michael Jackson done the reason that happen to him was because Michael refused to resign his father as his manager.

No, the lunch money did not come from the good people of LA, it came from our union, I.E., it came from us Officers who PAID our union dues. So we paid for our own lunch, thank you very much. But don't be alarmed, we did not see any of those lunches out on the detail anyway. And yes I brown-bagged it, as I always do. My father always taught me the 6 P's Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Also, don't get mad at the Officers for taking the overtime, get mad at the Mayor for allowing the city's dime to be used and the Jackson family for not flipping the bill. As for the overtime, there were not a lot of Officers that were there on an overtime basis, and quite a few Officers were let go early due to the lack of problems. The crowd acted civilized and the Police Officers did a great job in creating a serious deterrent to anyone who might have even thought of acting inappropriately, or worse. As much as I think this whole thing was a waste of funds, at least the folks there, as weird as they may have been, did not act like the savages that acted up at the Laker win and subsequent parade. The flat-foots did a great job.

Think of this, you're assigned to the Staples Center for a 8 to 10 hour shift mostly standing in the sun. You came in a van or 4 people in a radio car. All vehicles are parked 1/4 mile away at a command post - in the sun. . .

Where the hell you gonna keep enough food and keep it cool to sustain you all day long while standing on Fig and Olympic? Don't know about you but I'd have to bring two or three brown bags.

Sometimes, its more efficent to feed officers and firemen. Maybe not cheaper but better all around for the success for the mission.

The question for everyone here is not, why are we paying for lunch, but rather why did LAPD assume these duties without telling AEG know how much it would cost them to hold an event of this magnitude. Since we had to provide a police presence, AEG should have been givine a bill before hand so they could decide whether to continue. If they refused to pay, the City could revoke any permits issued. Open up the streets!

Personally, I wouldnt have deployed any units. I mean really, whats the worst that could have happened? Were we scared of moonwalkers rioting? "Heee - He"

Why is the city and LAPD crying over this? I'm sure they re-cooped their costs from the sales tax the city received from hotels, food etc... from the people attending the concert... I mean funeral.

Im pretty sure most of these officers brought there own lunch, or intended to buy lunch. I think this was somthing out of the blue. most of the time a relief for the officers to buy
lunch is factored in. don't blaim them. nice jesture, cost too much.

I believe that AEG and the Jacksons should pay for this "SHOW". if the Jackson family had the money to rent all those expensive cars to be driven around and have a "private" lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel then they should pay for it. I thought when a member of your family passes away, the family plans, pays for the all of the services that go along with the service.

leave the police dept alone, they react to the events that are put in front of them. the dept did not tell MJ to die or to inject himself.

ED,If this was TRULLY paid for by union dues why is there no mention in the news or anywhere else. All I read and hear is the CITY (TAX PAYER ME) paid for the lunches. But as usually you think you know everything. I also want proof let your precious union put out a statment and prove it. I don't think you know what you are talking about this time.

I think many of you don't know that it wasn't the LAPD that authorized this cost for lunches. This was authorized by Mr. Featherstone of the Emergency Prepardness Dept. that is under the Mayor in city hall. This business in Wrightwood has to know someone in city hall in order to get this much money. Why aren't the reporters telling us who knows the owner of this company?

Mr. O'shea I did alittle more checking and it was the "CITY EMERGENCY SERVICES" that paid for lunch that day. Not your precious union as you want people to believe.

All I had was a couple of power bars, so, you can have the ghost "wish sandwich" that was allegedly bought for me with my tax money. I was told that day, it was the unions dough, and it was not tops on my list of things to vet out.

So they lied to you as well.

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