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July 17, 2009


Officer Joseph, I like the selfless things you've done in the past, but you've just entered the class of those who fail to escape mediocrity, in narrowing your call to those who are "passionate African American and Latino speakers", and not anyone, regardless of race. The mention of race does everyone a disservice and it's not necessary. And you cheapen your noble cause by limiting your search, and injecting race as a qualifier. No need for any more segregation, we've come to far. Good luck with your program and I hope the kids at risk find the motivation to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them by our Great Country. A lot of Americans have been injured or died for them, so perhaps you should take these kids to the Veterans hospital for a little field trip.


Passionate white people aren't needed?

Does your captain approve this?

Interesting that Officer Joseph narrows his request by asking for only Black or Hispanic speakers. I guess there are no white or Asian homeless kids on skid row. I would wager that if he was more inclusive he would have plenty of qualified volunteers.

I just wanted to say it's great what you are doing, and hope people get involved. In today's day and age, young kids need mentors now more then before in my opinion.

I understand what people are saying about including any and all speakers. Heck, I'm a hispanic country girl and my greatest mentor was my college professor an Irish male originally from the Boston area. He's the one who took me to Skid Row for the first time and introduced me to all the beauty that can be found in downtown L.A on a 7 mile walking tour. Were it not for him I never would have fallen in love with the city. So, it is true that all kind of people can be a mentors to everyone.

I do understand why the call was made specifically for Hispanics and African Americans. Well, I have been to Skid Row and the majority of the people I've seen were brown like me or African Americans. It is what it is. It is sad but true that when many young people do not see someone who resembles them in successful positions, they can feel defeated or like an outcast. Sometimes it is important to see and hear someone just like you to make you feel like you too can do it. If it is a situation you have never been in, it is a little difficult to understand why young people need to see someone like them but even if you have never been in a situation like these young people, you can still have empathy towards the cause and what Officer Joseph is trying to accomplish.

My guess is and I could be wrong, that the intention was not to insult people by excluding them. There are many great mentors out there of all colors that know what it is like to struggle and become successful. Hopefully, anyone and everyone who is interested will participate.

Good luck to Officer Joseph with this program. Hopefully there will be a good response.

An LAPD cop tries to reach out to help inner city kids and he is critisized for it? This is appauling. What has this world come to when someone tries to meet the needs of minority kids at risk, and he gets slammed by critics. Anyone who can say anything

negative propbably has never dealt with this issue as intimately as this officer has, or the kids he is trying to help. I grew up in South LA, and I wish that I saw more people who resembled me doing positive things. Even to this day when I go visit my mom in LA I see kids as young as five years old trying to immulate their older friends and family, by flashing gang signs and calling each other racial slurs. I think this program is long over due, and I am thankful that there is someone out there other than me with the well being of these kids in mind. Officer Joseph, do not let them get you down. I completely get what you are doing.

It is so needed. Another great post.


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