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August 05, 2009


Ed O'Shea for chief.

Chief Bratton,

Benefactors provide benefits, beneficiaries receive them. You could use a better writer.

Good luck in the new gig.

All the best,
Jack Dunphy

Chief Bratton , Your time with us was short ,but successful.Thank you.

The Command Staff you put together,within the LAPD is outstanding! The Assistants & Deputies to your office are the best of our home town Son's. Thanks Chief for showing us the way, and good luck!

R.A Hansen/ San Pedro

Brooklyn Heights is a great place to live in NYC

Let's hope that whomever the new Chief of Police is, he or she strives to bring back respect and dignity to all the men and women of this Department in uniform, who despite all the negatives associated with it, continue to choose to serve and protect on the front-line. Let's not forget that without the Patrol Cop, this Department is all ego and no substance.

Ed O'Shea for chief sounds like a good idea, at least he won't be a weak sauce.

Thank you Dunphy for making us blue suiters look like ungrateful jerks. Please have your phone booth retirement and fade away.

Chief Bratton was the finest leader in the past 20 years I've been here and I appreciate all that he has done with us and for us. I sincerely wish him all the best and much success in his new career.


(bad grammar used for emphasis)

I'm glad he's leaving, now maybe the City of Los Angeles will get someone who cares about this city. Someone to get rid of the gangbangers, the homeless situation and racist police officers. Now all we need is a new Mayor and Governor.

Dear Chief:

Congratulations and happy trails. Thank you for your extraordinary service. May you live long and prosper.

Ehhh, I can take it or leave it. I'm looking for a chief who will tell the media to pound sand and isnt afraid to educate the mayor on safe police tactics when things turn ugly on camera. Im looking for someone who foundly remembers what its like to push a blk & wht around for endless hours but had the brains to promote out of it. Im looking for someone who will show the ACLU where the door is but will promote the best hard hitting tactics and professionalism to keep their heads spinning. Im looking for someone who isnt afraid of admitting there is too much paperwork and too many cops standing around waiting to book their arrestees. Im looking for a Chief who isn't afraid of looking at how the smaller but more efficient LA Co agencies work and take the best from them. Im looking for someone who isnt afraid of offending a group who throws up the card of the week.

I think what im looking for is a Chief that no longer exists. . .

Thank you my friends. I would take the job, but I won't be licking any boots, so I'm afraid that puts me out of the running. But boy, wouldn't that make for some entertaining city counsel meetings. I wouldn't let those johny-come-lately's get away with a thing.
The LAPD Chiefs position needs to be given civil service protection. And taken away from the hack politicians. These Chiefs could make this city far safer with the protection of civil service. I'm sure Bratton wishes he didn't have to kiss the tailpipe of every incompetent city counsel member, to get things done either. The only city counsel member who gave a squat about the people in his district was Dennis Zine. The rest of these malcontents just wanted to mug up for the cameras and spend our money.
I have disagreed with you quite often, but Good luck Chief Bratton, you're leaving us better than when you joined us. I will say that was not a very difficult thing to accomplish, heck Mickey Mouse could have done a better job than Parks. Not that you didn't have a touch road to hoe, but l wanted to apply a little context. And I have my concerns about you and KRULL bleeding the city dry and not being in any major rush to end the CD until the "$$$$$ well" was dry. But, I digress, good luck and enjoy the cold weather back east.
Sheriff Joe Apraio for Chief of the LAPD!

Ed would get the pencil pushers out from behind there desk. Ed would "walk his post from flank to flank and take no flak from any rank".

Anyone but Parks. I can't even get him to help with two cars on my block with no plates. I'v called parking Enf. but it's like they don't care. They only give tickets on street cleaning days. It's like they are blind or just don't care.

Come on Ed at least get his name right. Joe Arpaio, in your dreams but what a wonderful idea. Stay safe Ed and all your LAPD brethren.

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