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May 06, 2010


I respect the manner in which COP Beck would like to be informed about such incidents. I'm sure COP Beck did not know of this situation, but he should have. Or at least someone should have. I think the assistant chief provided admiral feedback and ultimately resolved the issue as did COP Beck.

But should any official be above the law? How would you have treated me in the same situation.
Would I have had to pay the full amounts with penalties. You're darn right I would! I've seen officials take liberties and it's just not fair.

Due diligence and controls for all city and county employees.

Aren't we getting tired of the waste in our government.

I'll help you if you want it. Just ask.

We are ALL equal, some are just MORE equal than others, I suppose.

They issue tickets for tinted windows, yet they themselves drive cars with tinted windows. Jaywalking, then they themselves jaywalk to court in downtown. The list goes on and on, til the early morn'.

Wait you left out some.... We have the highest divorce rate, we get shot at, we get killed, we get no respect from the public, we get to handle all your problems because you can't, we get to raise and discipline your kids, we get fight the very same criminals your afraid of, we get to neglect our own family and kids, we get to work long hours, so if you want the same perks come sign up and join the LAPD.

Mr. Police,

Not our problem you can't keep the wife happy. No one forced you to be a cop. People get killed every day. Respect is earned. These days government defines what's a problem and what's not, before government we took care of it ourselves--so you're the problem. Whose kids are you raising, unless you're DCFS, you don't get to claim this, you guys just drop them off in Juvee as quickly as possible? By disciplining, you mean beating them up? You guys get 4 days off a week, Mr. Police, if you're still neglecting your family and kids on your 4 days off, then that's your fault, not ours. Yeah, you guys use to work long hours and get paid a lot of money, too much milking off of taxpayers money. With all that complaining, why not leave the LAPD?

Mr. Police you forgot you get a pay check. If you don't like it then QUIT!!

I am sorry Mr. Police, but that is an old lame excuse. Nobody made us take this job. We are not above the law. When we violate the law, it validates public criticism of us. In 35 years, I have received one parking citation and I paid it. When an officer illegally parks and puts his business card over the vin, that is abuse of the badge. We represent the Department even when we are off duty. If you cannot hold yourself to that standard, please find another job. We do not need you, and the public will not want you.

Can you imagine for a minute Bill Bratton posting a letter like this on a web site?

Citizen, I love all the perks I get from being an officer. Those perks are usually from good law abiding people, who really appreciate what we do. Oh, the perks I love, waived at as we drive by,not flipped off by people who dislike us because we had to arrest them for their mistakes, sure blame us. Given a sincere/honest hello and thank you for helping out in their time of need. Not a "well its your job" from someone who thinks they are entitled to it no matter how they treat us. We know its our job, thats why we love what we do. Seeing a smile on the face of a child who still has not been corrupted by a parents hatred towards us for their own mistakes. Those are the perks I love. If you have such disdain for law enforcement maybe you should look at yourself first. Obey the laws, be a responsible human being and teach YOUR children to do the same. Yes respect is earned, but it works both ways.

Mr Police, you should quit like I did. Really, it's not worth it. I never did anything wrong nor treated people with anything but respect when I was a cop. Even a few times after I was locking them up they would thank me for being nice to them. But A LOT of public hated us. More than once I have come out to my PD car after lunch and found green spit on the windshield. I have had people I didn't know or stop curse at me and give me the finger. There was a little boy who wave at my partner and the mom smacked the kid saying, 'don't you ever wave at them after after what they did to your uncle'. Respect is earned, but it only takes one bad cop, once priest, one teacher, to ruin it for their entire profession. I hate bad cops, though in 10 years I never worked with one or personally knew one. I was the good cop who wouldn't jay-walk or tint his windows because he himself cited people for those things. My hat goes off to the good cops, but it isn't worth it. Do what I did, quit and become a firefighter. The difference between LAFD and LAPD is astounding. It's like parade every time we're in truck/engine with people waving and smiling. The neighborhood drops off treats for us and unlike PD, we can can actually eat the treats because we're not hated like the PD so they don't put feces and stuff in the treats. The difference in how the public treats police and firefighters is so great that I feel embarrassed by the positive attention. So Mr Police, if you like excitement and still want to put your life on the line, quit and become a firefighter where you don't have to make split-second shoot/don't shoot decisions. There are no drive by fires after all. But what we don't want is all the 'good' 'smart' cops leaving the force.

Reality Bites: You probably couldn't make it as an officer or your record prevents you from making it.

To Mr. Elmer yes my windows are tinted. I did so after I was recognized off duty with my family and had my car vandalized. You dont face the same risks as we do. As for why I'm a police officer, because I believe in protecting the people of this city against real criminals, including people like some of you who do not appreciate our many sacrifices. FYI I have received and paid for parking tickets.

Reality bites, your weak and probably hiding in some little cubicle wondering why you and your salary are expendable. You want to be the quarterback but never made it on the team. As for the fireman / ex-cop. Save it bro, nobody thinks your the man or smarter because your changed teams. I yawned about halfway through your pitch. We have respect for our firemen, lets keep it that way.

Police officers exist so Firemen can have heroes.

How many unpaid citations were issued to the news media for there personal cars? I didn't here that in the report.

the Problem here is that Police see themselves as SheepDogs who are there to protect the Sheep from Wolves. the Paradigm naturally places them on top of the very people they are suppose to Serve. this is Why they feel they can get away with quite a lot.

Sounds like they are upset that they got caught. Oh no they were ambushed. Give me a break they got caught!

Cops don't think they can get away with a lot. That's a myth that some who haven't a clue about police work just assume. Cops are held to a higher standard by their fellow cops and supervisors and are expected to act accordingly at all times, on duty or off. The last thing any cop wants to see is an off duty cop behaving like an idiot because we all get a bum rap for that. When cops do stupid things, they get arrested by other cops and often times fired very quickly. Some of you need to get a life. And for you Mr. Elmer, maybe you should go to medical or law school, since you are so much smarter than the average guy and the teaching thing isn't working out too well for you...

Mr. Ex-Cop, sorry you couldn't hack it. You sound like someone I know. Just don't put out back-ups for "390 man down" sack up and handle the medical emergencies you are paid to handle. As for the rest of you. If you feel you don't need our response, don't call us. There are plenty of good people out there that do really need us, so don't waste my time and tax-payers money. Oh yeah what goes around come around. I will gladly continue to lock up the scumbags and any of their family members who choose to follow in their foot steps. I have spent 9 years of my 15 year career investigating gang crimes and gang members. The stuff of your nightmares. So continue to sleep well at night knowing I am out there fighting what all of you fear. Nighty night. Oh yea, say what you want I don't care. it's easy to hide behind a keyboard.

Wow, I guess 'be polite, be professional' isn't LAPD policy anymore?

We knew what we signed up for, guys (and gals). The website is here for the public, not so much for us. So let's be polite and let's be professional.

Let the public think what it wants to think. We, the troops, don't have to be on here posting rude, defensive comments and play into the very depiction of us these people are trying to describe. We are playing into their little trap.

Let Ms. Mary Grady and her staff do their job and we do ours.

Let us serve and protect you. Thank you.

To Mr. Elmer, Reality Bites, ex-Cop, Colors, etc. thank you for your input. We will do our very best to be better. Please accept our apologies for the many bad apples in the force, as you may already know the increase hire these past few years allowed us to hire quickly, but as you know haste makes waste.

Thank you for the opportunity of serving and protecting you, the proud people of Los Angeles.

Every profession/occupation has its own perks, sacrifices and fellings of fulfillment. I hold a high respect to police officers, firefighters and nurses like me who do not spend a lot of weekends and holidays with families to be able to serve the public.

I work in the corp world. Make very good money but the down side to that is I have not been to one of my son's baseball games this year. My family tapes the games for me and we watch them on Friday nights when we finally have a chance. Not one of my kids has celebrated his or her birthday on the day it falls on in years because I am usually working. My busiest time of the year is May thru October when I work about 90 hours a week. And yes all 3 of my kids were born in those months. So do I get a free pass on my tickets because I too spend a great deal of time away from my family?

I work in Jack-in-the-Box and Taco Bell, yes two jobs just to get by. I parked my car 10 feet away from a fire hydrant (laws says 15 feet away). There was no other place to park on my street. I made sure there was still space away from the fire hydrant in case of emergency. I got a ticket of 65 bucks. I still paid. I'm not complaining about it. What's keeping them from paying theirs?

There sure seems to be lots of misinformed and misguided folks coming out-of-the-woodwork for such a minimal story. In an era where anarchy and liberalism reign supreme, it is not surprising that these people, who are probably too busy sipping their lattes to be more civic-minded, become fervent cop-haters, for whatever the reason. As the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". Let these people think what they want, allow them to vent their hostility in this forum, and let's pretend that we really care about their two-cents, or that it matters any...

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