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April 04, 2011


Huge disappointment for both the Dodger organization and LAPD. Chief Beck please hold your command staff accountable, where is the Area and Patrol captains for Northeast on this attack. This attack happened in their area and neither Captain has stepped up to address what they are going to do to prevent this from happening again, “You do have a Media Relations Section, don’t you”? Oh! And please don’t preach the company line about crime is down and the statistics to corroborate it, because one homicide or one attack on a loved one is one too many. I recall when there was a police presence and these types of incidents did not occur at the games and shame on the Dodger organization for not acting with a quick response to ensure protection for the fans. I for one will no longer attend or allow any of my family members to be placed in harm’s way by attending another Dodger game. Oh! And many of us who have knowledge of how the Giants organization has sent well wishes and memorabilia signed by Giants players to Bryan Stow clearly shows to he and his family how much they care yet the only thing the Dodger organization can muster up is they are going to contract services with Ex-LAPD Bratton to review the security in place, and for the Dodger organization to state "You could have 2,000 policemen there, and it's just not going to change that random act of violence,". What the hell are you talking about McCourt, the LAPD is respected, trained and in many situations has stopped tragic incidents from occurring by observing signs that only a trained police officer can anticipate. My prayers go out to Bryan Stow and his family as well as all those who have been victims in the past at Dodger games but it went unreported.

Police chief charlie beck needs to do a self evaluation about protection the very people who harm US citizens.
His allegiance to the illegals shows me his effectiveness against the two suspects who harmed on of us.

Dear Fellow Law Enforcement, I was there at opening day and sat in the reserved section above right field with a former dodger who pitched with Valenzuela. terrible seats but last minute arrangements got us there. I am retired CHP 29 year vet and all for cleaning up criminal activity. My purpose of writing is to advise you that I saw the security personnel closely associating with potentially violent fans in our section. I witnessed at least 3 security persons shake hands and give the friendly body hug. Also, heard the fan make an agreement with the security person. "You got my back I got yours". I thought to myself that if something was to go down, there would be no action from security. I believe this is related to the beating of the Frisco fan. The security personnel are intimated by the "Gang Members" wearing dodger blue. I must say It could be intimidating when you are faced with 20-25 members all being intoxicated and disruptive. We all agreed not to return to that section of the stadium. So for whatever it is worth, clean up security and the fans would be safer. Lastly, I saw a frisco fan get up and leave with his wife and 2 small children after threats of violence and security watched without taking action.

Wasn't Bratton the same guy who wanted to destroy the "culture" at Metropolitan Division?

Isn't he the same guy who lowered the standards and played the affirmative action game with personnel and supervisors there?

Everybody wants to play the blame game in this unfortunate incident. However, it isn't the fault of the Dodgers, Chief Beck, or the LAPD that this attack happened. The sole responsibility for the attack rests on the two suspects that committed it.

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