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August 08, 2011


Now that we retified our contract lets start promoting once again. We must learn from the Conscent Decree about the need to have adequate supervision in the LAPD at all times. If we don't have sergeants in the field monitoring activities, officers should not have to request an outside supervisor for a refusal to sign a ticket, or a supervisor should not have to crank out 20 SBA's because there arent enough supervisors. Let not repeat the lack of oversight days and the Perez' scandals.

As an officer it makes me proud to see how much crime is down. However, I wonder how much longer officers will go out and be "hard charging" with the Police Commission's latest witch hunt concerning biased policing complaints. Reading the Blue Line and talking to league reps, the Police Commission is hot to burn some officers on these types of complaints.

I currently have two and I received both of them on radio calls!! I did not choose to stop these people but dealt with them on radio calls called in by citizens and the department still takes the complaint. And now the department has ruled that these complaints can not be unfounded but must be ruled not resolved if no misconduct is found. They did this so that the department can show a pattern of conduct.

I have 12 years on the job and have always been a very hard working proactive officer, however; these complaints almost make me just want to work the desk or take an inside job in order to protect my career.

If this witch hunt continues, I can already see our officers becoming "smile and wave" officers like we had when I came on during the Chief Parks era.

I thought no one could tell you,you could not file a complaint. Is my understanding wrong?

As a civilian citizen, have to say that comment about officers becoming "smile & wave" cops is pretty alarming!? In every job I ever had to work, I always gave it my ALL, despite how low I was paid, how my mean boss treated me, how unfair workplace was. Sorry about your bogus complaints, but there are citz ens out there who would never think of doing such a thing (and some like me who give my contact info to cops when I see an arrest happen in my neighborhood - that way, if a suspect tries to say officer roughed him up, I've got LAPD's back as a witness that it went down with no brutality). So if an officer can't handle complaints, they should get another job - the LAST thing L.A. needs are useless "wave and smile" police officers. What a waste of that badge :/

"Citizen" I am not responding to your post to be argumentative, butt the problem with the complaint process, is that the criminals, thugs, gangsters and facilitators have figured out that they can falsely complain about an officer and negatively impact his/her career. Most of us are all for a fair and proper complaint process so the law abiding community members have recourse if unfairly or improperly treated. If an Officer is found clearly in the wrong he/she can be fairly disciplined. But the problem is when these false complaints add up, the Officers hard work doing what you, me, and the rest of the community require of them from promotions or lateral movement in the department. The majority of the Officers on the LAPD are hard working public servants, who become a victim of their success in combating crime, only to watch officers who hide inside, where they're less likely to get complaints, promote and weaken the services we are expected to provide to our community. Because now most of what you get promoting, are Officers that only see the next rank, not the needs and safety of our community. It's a loose/loose.
Weak and ineffectual "leaders" are allowed to rise through the ranks, and developed into cancerous megalomaniacs, and the leaders with a hard and community oriented work ethic are stifled and passed over for promotions. A shame.
If you're going to promote the following should be a start to the discussion of the amount of time answering radio calls and actually serving the community and solving the everyday problems Patrol Officers encounter in the "field".

Sergeant = 7 years on the job, 5 in patrol, working in full uniform a radio car (A-car).

Detective = also 7 years on the job, 5 in patrol, working in full uniform in a radio car or another uniformed specialized unit (ie..GED, SPU, CLEAR, J-car). Case by case exception with respect to Dope, PCD and Vice.

But we need to put forth a structure of promotions that starts promoting team oriented individuals, not the current crop of narcissistic managers.
But the complaint process is a work in progress, and we have a long way to go, in terms of fairness to the Officers and the Community.
Ok, stepping down.

This unfair in so many ways. if no misconduct was found it should be end of story. You mean to tell me that they keep track of all the false complaints and then use that against you. The union should be going nuts. This is unfair.

Duke, I think you misread my comments. I did not say that I have become a smile and wave officer, in fact, I give 100% everyday. However, what I was saying is that with the current climate, I fear that many officers will become smile and wave officers.

I came on during the Bernie Parks era and I saw firsthand officers that refused to do proactive police work because of the burn em mentality of the department. I fear that our current Police Commission is setting that same climate within the department with it's witch hunt for biased policing complaints. As former Chief Bratton once stated, "I have never seen a police department that eats its own like the LAPD".

Duke, as a citizen of LA you deserve a police department that has hard working officers that provide outstanding service. However; the officers of the LAPD need a Police Commission and leaders that SUPPORTS its officers so that they can provide that service.

Duke...... Sir, thank you very much for your support. It's very much appreciated. We don't do this job for the money or the benefits, that I can assure you. I can also assure you that the majority of the LAPD are not smiling and waving. we're out there actively looking for the predators in our community. Though I do share my fellow Officers concerns, in regards to the complaint process. We will continue to work hard for the people out there, we just need a few more like you to be vocal about our efforts. Unfortunately, nowadays, it takes citizens speaking out against the thugs and criminals and also calling and writing commendations to the Captains of the LAPD divisions the reside, about the Officers that are doing good work. It is not something I'm happy to tell you is necessary, but commendations from good, caring citizens like you, help balance out the complaints our Officers get from thugs, thus keeping the officers out in the field protecting our city.
Again, thank you for your support and we'll keep fighting, no matter what the complaint process is. Just really could use more support from the community.

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