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September 01, 2011


CTSOB is completely out of control? The captains of those divisions are in over their heads and don't seem to understand the importance of these divisions to this city. It appears that all they care about is doing as little as possible, to make as little waves as possible so they can get promoted. Then if/when we get hit by a terrorist attack, they will be pointing the fingers at the management above them, and ultimately the Chief of Police.
The LAPD's terrorism approach really is sad at the moment. It was, on the right track. But has now become antiquated and ineffectual to those of us who know better. And if/when we get hit, Chief Beck will be vilified, and sorry, but rightfully so, for his failures on the LAPD's counter terrorism efforts. Because he put his trust in the wrong people.
Sir, you need to get involved and make some major changes at CTSOB.....MAJOR CHANGES, especially to Major Crimes. I'm begging you for the safety of this city to get the ship back on the right track. You're a good man, and I hate to see what the people beneath you are doing to that place, in your name. If Chiefs Downing and Moore knew what kind of nonsense was going on, and the lack of resources MCD had under the current Captain, I hope they would want to correct the problems, and fast. But then maybe they're happy to let mediocrity flow under your command, I don't know. I hope you get this message and make the changes. You do have "some" outstanding Officers, Detectives, Sergeants and Lieutenants working at MCD, but they are surrounded by mediocrity.
This city and department are far to important to allow CTSOB to run like it is. It appears that Captains are the disconnect, so perhaps the Chief NEEDS to speak to the Lieutenants to get the true operational necessities. The MCD ship is taking on water, and FAST.

The other day I turned in my Sergeant's application I reflected on my 15 year career. I was trully hopeful but at the same time saddened by the lack of opportunities this Department has yet to offer me. I am in the top nine bands for this list that will die soon. I did everything right and yes constitutional. However I feel the City and the Department is part of it, denied hardworking people a chance to well deserved promotions. Yeah there is the excuse "A Bad Econony", yet captains were promoted Lt II's etc. P-2's and III's are the backbone of this Department, and without us we wouldn't have the great reputation. So when the list's die I believe many will be hurt for having been denied. Good luck in promoting.

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