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May 31, 2012


Now that the L.A. County Health Department found that the Skid Row section of Central Area is a health hazard, let the Health Department call the dogooder attorneys of the ACLU to come and clean it up. After all, it was the ACLU that sued the LAPD and the area returned to its filthy ways.

Reap what you sow.

Why do we celebrate LGBTQ month? I understand that I have to be tolerant of their lifestyle, however; that does not mean that I should have to be forced to accept and encourage it.

For the past 30 years numerous studies have been done showing that the gay, lesbian, transgender community only makes up approximately three percent of the entire population of the US. That means that 97% are straight, however; us in the 97% are constantly being forced to put up with what some of us consider as immoral behavior.

I know some gay and lesbian officers and they are outstanding at their jobs, but I still don't want to have their lifestyle choice thrown in my face. I find it a complete disgrace to the LAPD uniform when they are allowed to march in gay/lesbian parades. I guess the Chief believes that those of us with Christian values can not be offended and do not matter. Well Chief, you are wrong. Many of us find it an embarrassment to this department when our fellow officers march in these parade and we are offended.

I wonder how the Chief will feel when I ask to march in an anti-gay marriage parade in uniform. I wonder if he really does believe in equality.

I have 16 years with the LAPD too and from day 1 I never forgot what I came on for. That is to Protect the innocent and save lives in many different ways. My family seen me receive medals from two different COP's and man...what an honor. I never harped on change because I accept things that are out of my control and it's really unhealthy to worry all the time about other persons choices such as being gay. Those in any organization who can't cope with change have trouble communicating positive things and it shows in their behavior, no different than a gay basher etc. Really, let it go and get along.

I have a question for the Department. What does someone's sexual orientation have to do with anything? If an officer/detective does his/her job professionally and ethically, what does it matter who they sleep with? Why do we highlight LGBT lifestyles, when we don't do the same to other sexual preferences? Sexual preferences, now that affirmative action is no longer the law in CA, and that change is reflected in Department policies, should not be emphasized in "special months" or "special events."

Stop the political correctness nonsense, and keep sexual issues OFF the conversation.

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