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May 03, 2012


Today's L.A. Times (5/16/12) has an article with this heading: "City must pay cop $1 million in retaliation case."

Chief Beck is going to be yet another chief in the past 20 years who has done NOTHING about incompetent, vindictive, and arrogant Captains and above within the LAPD. Those of us who do the hard work and give our lives to keep this city safe; those of us from lieutenants and below who actually make things happen so criminals are identified, caught, and prosecuted, have a computer program (TEAMS II) and divisions with hundreds of employees (Audits and Control, Internal Affairs, Constitutional Policing) monitoring everything we do.

If we leave a box unchecked on a report, you can be sure an audit will result in an avalanche of paper being dumped on the culprit, initiated from above.

Yet, when Captains and above violate the law, Department policy, and the rights of those below them costing the city millions of dollars in payouts from funds the city doesn't have, those people are promoted and transferred to other assignments to continue their self-aggrandizement and enjoyment of their impunity and immunity.

ANY Captain and above, by whose direct action or inaction, cause the city to pay court judgements in the millions to their employees should be FIRED. There is a reason Captains and above were removed from civil service protections by the public in an election.

We are still waiting for the first chief to have the guts to do it and restore integrity and justice to the upper levels of the Department. Captains who cost the city millions of dollars in civil judgements are still working in stations throughout the LAPD. Why?

That was the reason the City went to outside Chiefs of Police. Bratton tried to do it his way and had the flexibility at first. But in the end the politicians were in charge. I feel that if we are to be heard on this issue the League must act promptly. It's concerning because we no longer have faith in our leadership at every level. Everyone is affected because it impacts our Budget which inturn impact's our Contract. Enough said.

Very well put BWop. I agree 100%. We have a couple limp lieutenants remaining on bands 1 and 2, and several spread throughout the other bands, that have already cost the City Of Los Angeles millions, yet the Chief is powerless to bypass these demonstrably incompetent sycophants? There has got to be a way for the City leaders to stop these ill-thought promotions and save the city in future litigation.
I would liken our status quo to addiction. Once you know you have a problem, the responsibility is on YOU to seek help and correct your behavior. Now we've known for years that there is a clear and present problem with the promotional process in promoting incompetent individuals, yet we fail as a department to remove the cancerous behavior and individuals who embrace it. Or at the very least, stop them in their promotional upward trajectory, so they do not have a chance to negatively infect the department and city on a greater scale.
With social media and technology like it is today, it's time to bring back the grading system, in a constructive manner. Not to beat up the managers you disagree with, but true intellectual honesty on how these people lead, or fail to lead. Like it or not, these people are GOING TO BE OUTED, for their failed self-serving ways. These people are so far off from the type of leader Chief Beck is, that it must disgust him that they have attained the status they have. So Chief Beck could be the first one to get this department back on the right track. I know he has the mettle to do it, so lets see if he does. He's got to put the right people in the correct positions, and ASAP, or I fear his legacy will be soured by these less than mediocre, incompetent, self-righteous Johnny-come-lately's that cost our city millions and more importantly, her safety.
To all the good leaders we have on the LAPD, I say thank you (And there are quite a few). To all the ones who have forgotten that you are "Public Servants" not "Self Servants", I say your time abusing the system with no public accountability is limited.
Chief Beck, most of us out here know you have what it takes. Your experience speaks for itself.

I feel the same way BWop, however; once they get up to Captain and above it then turns into the good ole boy network. I learned many years ago that to the department the career of one Captain is worth more then the morale of hundreds of officers. They would rather take the risk of a lawsuit then get rid of upper management. Shame, isn't it?

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