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April 09, 2013


So, Chief Beck is going to Chicago, the city with the most restrictive gun control laws in the country, and as expected, the highest homicide rate, to learn what Chicago is doing about gun violence????? From academics at a university????

Save the taxpayer the money and stay home. And let's stop using phony terms. There is no such thing as "gun violence." Inanimate objects and tools are not, and are incapable of being, violent. Only people are violent.

I pray to God that It never happens, but the current state of our country and the terrorists ability to evolve, says we will probably be attacked in LA at some point. I'm disgusted that Chiefs Beck and Moore are allowing the LAPD counter terrorism efforts to be so antiquated! With their gross failure, I hope they wear a pair of diapers when they're called before a congressional hearing to explain the pathetic state (non-existent) of the departments proactive posture, after Chief Bratton left them with all the tools required to spot the types of terrorist per-operational activity that undoubtedly took place in Boston, prior to the bombing. But, I think it's been demonstrated that Moore, Downing and most of the brass associated with CTSOB, are far to unqualified to make the right moves post Boston. We'll see, and we'll be watching very attentively to see if they posses the ability to change coarse and keep our City safe. I'm not holding my breath. And that's very unfortunate for the City's safety and on a minor note, Chief Becks legacy. But, I guess he demonstratively doesn't mind defined by the mediocrity of his command staff. If that's the case, he reaps what he's sewn.

Grape it through the grapevine that more promotions will start soon!

The current Sergeants list has far to many officers on it that are FAR to inexperienced to be effective and responsible leaders. Especially in the current litigious times the department is experiencing. Too mitigate future problems, we need to completely revamp the promotional process, to include mandatory applicable field time and time on the job, before you can be eligible to promote. The status quo isn't cutting it. And our law suits are prima facia evidence of that. Scrap the current list, and start from scratch. Morale will only tank, with inexperienced supervision, and ignorant decision making that would follow suit.

Sergeants need the ability to read and write. Perhaps those on the new list can correctly use the words "to" and "too".

I think Deputy Chief Green has a lot of field time. What's your opinion of him?

Sorry, but Just A P3 is correct.You clearly haven't read many commendations, ratings or sergeants logs lately Mr. Lemansky. As for DC Green, why don't you ask the Metro guys that he taught the MFF baton raking technique toooo, then tossed them under the bus in a closed door meeting at EP just after the May Day fiasco when he saw shinier items for his lapels.
As for your spelling/typo correction of the above P3, I had no idea, reading the majority of your posts over the years, that you are and English Literature professor, and we were in the blogosphere presence of literary greatness. Thank you so much for the grace of your presence.
But I digress, I agree with you "Just a P3", we are in need of a complete overhaul of the promotional process. Though I see quite a few tenured officers on the next band, there are an overwhelming amount of officers with no business being considered for the integral position of sergeant, due in large part to thier lack of substantive expirience as police officers.

Sorry Professor Lemansky, "and" was a typo, I meant "an".***

That Lemansky is lecturing anyone one anything is pathetic, considering he's using the pseudonym of a corrupt cop from a despicable former tv show. The Shield??? Really dude, that's your bag. Pathetic.

Hey guys, if you're not going to post my previous post, which may have been direct, but was certainly measured, and requiring my typo correction? Then why post the correction typed for the benefit of the self appointed resident brainiac?

Yes, I liked "The Shield". I thought it was a good show. Lemonhead had a good heart.

I believe I actually have much in common with Ed and Just a P-3. I'm guessing both have a strong work ethic, a true desire to make people safe and keep the criminals away from the good in our community. But I also can't believe people actually pore over these promotional lists and create dossiers on those that have banded higher than them.

I've bounced around a lot, worked all four bureaus, been promoted a few times and have NEVER worked an "admin" job. For the record, I have substantially more than 10 but less than 20 years on the job. I feel like I know a few people. And I don't recognize many of those names on the list at all, so how can I judge them? More to the point, how can you? Do you know ALL of them? I know a few, and they've done their time in the trenches. Did you waste your shift on the LANS seeing where they work and then assuming if they're "inside" they have no field experience? Just because you work patrol for 10 years does not automatically make you qualified for a promotion. You have no divine right to be promoted because you work Southeast GED and listen to the Dropkick Murphy’s. That's the attitude of self-entitlement and narcissism that is destroying this department.

I mentioned the DC because I knew what the response would be. What about the young captain that everyone (community, officers and apparently command staff) loves? That man has virtually NO field time, but I think most that know him would agree he's what an LAPD captain should be. And what have you done to get promoted? Gone back to school? You know the department values education.

And we all know that if you are of a certain class, your qualifications had better be FAR above your competitors. That's just the way this country works until (if) the Supreme Court settles it.

I'm no brainiac, and I would never use the word "blogosphere". That's reserved for those that spend more time writing than I do. I suspect I am the one who is in the presence of literary greatness. Perhaps Ed is Jack Dunphy? But Ed, I am quite sure I've made a mistake hear or their (I meant those last two, or should I say too).

But my point remains: people make errors, people hit "send" or "post" before they proofread something. It happens. But if you routinely make grammar and spelling errors, imagine what your essay looked like to the members of the board. I'm not saying this to be condescending or a jerk. On the contrary, I'm offering some advice. I've had a little success in my career. You know what the department wants and values. If you have your field time, go inside, learn a new aspect to this job, get a schedule that allows you to go back to school and try again. See if you have more success next time. I bet you will. Then someone who doesn't recognize your name on the next promotional list will be complaining about you. Here endeth the lesson.

Mr Lemansky, you make a lot sense...

Lemansky well said....Just a P-3 face the reality you see people who left you behind in what's called the rank and file. If you don't like what you see in the Department then promote....words by Bernard Parks....yes If he promoted I definitely want to change things so I aspire to promote!

Oh, and I'm not Mr. Dunphy. But thank you for the compliment.

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