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July 19, 2013


Chavez was an amazing man! Something is not being reported correctly here! He was a very kind man. He was the security guard where I live. Everyday he made me and many others feel safe. He loved the Lord and often shared his faith and his heart to help others! I don't know what happened because we aren't being told! Who shot first? I'm 100% sure it was not Chavez and he was likely trying to inform the officers that he was carrying a arm because that's part of his job. I"m very sad to learn that Mr. Chavez has been killed and that there are no answers! He brightened my day every time I came home to my building! He would often try to teach me to memorize scripture! This is not right~!!! Something is very wrong in what is being reported. This was a good man!

I can't believe what happened and I can't believe either what they say about him because Chavez was a polite, peaceful man. A responsible person, friend to everyone, and a dedicated father. This is terrible. I hope they get to the bottom of this mess and let justice prevail. Also compensate his family, it's the least "they" could do.
He was one person that tried to make a difference to young one's lives by inspiring them and advising them to study hard.
We will miss him.
Chavez may you rest in peace Sir.

A thorough investigation on the death of Juan Chavez needs to occur. All of the people that knew him personally know that what is being printed isn't accurate. Tha LAPD made a mistake. He was a high ranking former Marine. He was loved by many and respected as well. He respected everyone and all the interactions he came across in dealing with the LAPD was respectful. He would have never pulled a gun on them. He was on their side. He did security work and he was there paying his respects to youth that he was trying to help. Support was what he was trying to show. A thorough investigation needs to occur to clear his name. what they are reflecting in the paper is not who he was.

Are you kidding me? Why would that piece of trash be armed outside his course of employment! It's people like you that undermine the difficulties and dangers our officers go through on a daily basis! How about reserving your idiotic comments until a full investigation and review is conducted! If you think this was a good man, then I can tell the type of person you are!!!

This is outlandish! There definitely is something not being reported correctly. Chavez was an E6 Staff Sargent in the US Marines who served this country proudly, and who continued serving his community as a wonderful security guard.

Chavez was one of the sweetest, most caring, honest, humble man of God I have ever known. And he was diligent about following the law, and had the highest respect for law enforcement. Anytime there were police in my neighborhood, he made sure to properly identify himself as the security guard, and ask if there was anything he could do to be of service! He would never draw a weapon and fire upon police!

He was an honorable man of faith. He reached out to troubled youth. He was attending the funeral to show support and encourage a kid he had been ministering to, giving him books to read and encouraging him to leave the gang life as there were better, more positive outlets for kids.

Chavez lived his life in service and was an angel among us, and was wrongfully killed and we are NOT being told the true story! Where is the truth in reporting? He was like a gentle father to so many.

I agree with Michelle. My daughter also lives in this building. He was a very spiritual person and was nothing like what he being made out to be. This story in no way true. I hope this is thoroughly investigated and the true reported. This names name and reputation should not be sullied.

The shooting of Juan Chavez is a travesty. Mr. Chavez, a professional security guard and war veteran, had the greatest respect for the police. He had a habit of informing them in advance that he had a weapon and had a permit whenever they came around the neighborhood where he worked, and no doubt was just trying to inform them of that fact when they shot and killed him. That would explain why he was looking at them. He wanted to do the right thing and let them know he was armed, if in fact he was. He was a good, good man who only wanted to protect people. He was a positive roll model and mentor to many. I found him to be one of the nicest, most helpful and cheerful men God ever placed on this planet. When I visited at the building he guarded, he always made sure I had a safe place to park along with a big smile. I'm 68 and white. I trusted him as he was always so attentive to the comings and goings of residents and visitors and looked after everyone so diligently. He was a wonderful guard. He also was known to mentor many of the residents including my relative. He was definitely NOT a gang member. He was there to do good. He never ever would have shot at police unless they shot at him FIRST. The police killed one of the good guys who, like them, was just out to protect innocent people. Something is very, very wrong here. The reports have to be false or misreported as there is no way Mr. Chavez did anything to appear dangerous to anyone. He was too smart to do what they claim he did. That was definitely NOT his character and many, many people will vouch for him.

I agree with previous poster. Chavez was the most wonderful man! He was very supporting, caring and protective as a security guard and war veteran. He served his country at war and lived, only to be shot dead by his countrymen. I hope there is an honest, intensive investigation into this shooting. Chavez was not a gang member and he was always very supportive of police. I did not know him well but thought very highly of him and trusted him totally to protect my relative in the building he was hired to protect. This is a sad, sad day for anyone who was blessed by this man.

Anyone who is properly permitted by law enforcement agencies to carry a concealed weapon is allowed to do so. It is their 2nd Amendment right. Chavez was a responsible person with his weapons, having been trained in the military as well as by security guard agencies. It is NOT against the law and some people feel the need to protect themselves as they live and work in over-and-above dangerous communities. As it turns out, he surely DID need a way to do just that, but he failed and that is a travesty. All too often the good die young. The plainclothes police will have to bear the shame of this act of theirs forever. There is no way on earth Chavez meant to do them any harm. And that's a fact!

Something went very, very wrong here. I knew Juan Chavez as a deeply caring man who followed Jesus Christ with intense devotion. He preached often in the church where I pastor. He shared his remarkable life story with our young people. He gave of his time and care to those around him. I cannot imagine him being a danger to policemen. I am stunned and saddened by his death and hope the truth of this terrible tragedy comes to light. I never for a moment doubted Juan's integrity or commitment to our Lord.

Undercover cops drawing their guns before identifying themselves as police? Oh, I see.

I am outraged by the senseless killing of Chavez. He was my building security cfficer and was on of the KINDEST, sweetest men one could ever know and lived his life in service and was a man of God. I had an ex boyfriend who, after I broke up with him began stalking me, threatening my life and tried several times to enter my building drunk beyond belief after the breakup. Chavez dealt with this guy when he showed up drunk, crazy and out of control. Chavez handled the situation with complete professionalism even though the ex kept provoking him and wanting to fight with him. Chavez was instrumental in working with officers Padgett and Gomez of the Rampart division in getting this man arrested for felony stalking. Officers Padget and Gomez were trying to lure this man out while he was hiding out in alleys, bushes and behind apartments. I am a criminal justice major and will be receiving my Bachelor's degree in December. Chavez would cheer me up and console me when I was so stressed during finals time and always speak to me about the Lord. Charlie Beck, you need to to conduct a THOROUGH Internal Affairs investigation on Officers Flores and Aguayo! This was NOT an objectively reasonable use-of- force on the part of the these two officers. I KNOW CHAVEZ and he is NOT the type of person to just draws his weapon on law enforcement. I KNOW he had a CCW permit (Carry a Concealed Weapon)he had that gun in "plain view" and from I know, those officers were wearing their ID's ON them , in PLAIN VIEW. Come on now, let the family know, let US know, what REALLY happened! Our building is deeply saddend and devastated by the loss of a great human being and decorated ex-Marine. R.I.P. Juan Chavez.

Doubt this guy had a concealed-carry permit.

@ Officer Frank Rissi:
This was excessive departmental use-of-force. Officers Flores and Aguayo did not have an "objectively reasonable" use- of-force and you know it. We EXPECT a THOROUGH investigation of this OIS, with Internal Affais as wel..It is my understanding these two officers are still ON DUTY, you should have them on leave, if you REALLY ARE doing an investigation. We, at our apt bldg that he protected with HIF LIFE want ANSWERS.
( I noticed you did not post my last commentary. ) Covering something UP?
Criminal Justice Gradute

@ Officer Rissi:
I noticed I did not get a response to my comment. Nice.
As I stated before, and my commentary was NOT posted. Why? because LAPD is trying SO HARD to clean up their image.
Bias-assed opinion.
AND I'm a Criminal Justice major at well know institution of higer learning. Where is YOUR degree? Plus, what do YOU know Forensic Psychology, or even that, are you part of the cover-up?
PLEASE, give me a break. Your comment almost incited a friggin' RIOT. You know NOTHING about our beloved, late Juan Chavez. County Clock-watcher that you are.
Stupid, you gave away WHO and WHAT you are.
THINK before you post.

I agree 100% with Mr. Ginder's commentary. Funny how my post about Chavez sawing my life from my ex boyfriend stalker was not posted. So friggin' biased.
Chavez was NO GANG BANGER, ok? If he had the 18 St.tattoos on his back it's obvious he was in a gang BEFORE he became a Marine and served his country. I know Chavez did not drink, do drugs, or even smoke a cigarrete. I understand Flores and Agayo are NOT on leave and STILL on active duty. Where the F-- is your IA investigation??
Seriously ,

First of all, I'm not a police officer! I'm a citizen of Los Angeles and tired of every thug that believes they can attack police officers, our last line of defense! I believe in the justice system and believe that the LAPD will conduct a thorough / fair investigation! But the fact that people choose to condemn police officers before a full investigation is conducted is just wrong! Just like everyone else"innocent until proven guilty" ! And for that Criminal Justice major, you haven't learned much if you failed to realized the basic concept I just mentioned! So save your biased comments until the truth comes out!!!

So, how do concerned citizens stay apprised of progress on the investigation of this shooting and find out the results when it is completed?

@ Mr. Ginder. We don't. When there is a cover-up, they do not reveal anything.
@ Mr. Rissi, you refer to my comments as "biased?"
What about YOU referring to Chavez as a "gang banger?" And all YOUR other biased remarks?
May YOU should wait for the outcome of this investigation before you make serious allegations about someone you know NOTHING about.

@blu9ght: Yes, he certainly did possess a CCW. My building manager saw it. He did not notice, however, when the expiration date was or is.
Thank you

@ Mr. Ginder: We DON'T find out of the results if there is a cover-up. Just because Chavez was in a gang in his younger years he is no longer news-worthy and he gets forgotten about because of that.
Only God and Officers Flores and Arguayo know what REALLY happened.

You don't. Since he is an alleged former gang member, it get's "thrown under the bus" and then they think it will just go away and that we will all just forget about it.

@ J. StJohn "Criminal Justice Major": Okay! We get it! Your beloved security guard, which I just found out was a murderer, was a very special friend of yours! But what's with the "Due Process" bashing? Let the investigation take its course and if the officers involved in any way, shape or form did something inappropriate let them answer for it...after the formal investigation concludes! I'm okay with that! Just like you, I want a complete, transparent and detailed investigation into this incident, but my prayers are with the officers! This is America and you choose to live here...the Justice System is not perfect but it works! You should know this, since you claim your'e educated in the subject! By the way, where did you study...The National University of Baghdad in Iraq or perhaps somewhere in Syria? You certainley do not reflect anything near of what you would have learned in the good ole U.S. of A! You may want to switch your major because your'e making yourself look just plain silly! Again, let me remind you, THIS IS AMERICA and DUE PROCESS is a beautiful thing! And until we get the final report of the investigation, which I'm hopeful will be soon, have some faith!!! Semper Fi Ms. St. John!!! Oh, By The Way, I not only fought for this country, but I hold a degree in Criminal Justice from a university somewhere in our beautiful country...America!!! Semepr Fi Ms. St. John!

@ Mr. Rissi You do not have any proof that Chavez was a murderer. So for someone who just wants a formal investigation to play out FIRST before accusations are launched, you are guilty of the very thing you say you are against. Stop bashing the victim. If Chavez committed a crime in his youth, he paid for it in his youth. What one did in one's youth has no bearing on what happened to him years later in this incident, and you would know this as you claim to have a degree in Criminal Justice. Your duplicity escapes no one. Isn't it interesting that those who have weak cases always resort to name calling and making racist remarks (U of Baghdad, etc.) You lost all credibility as a result. I don't know if there is a police cover-up or not. I don't know if it is merely a very tragic misunderstanding all the way around or not. I just hope that in the end, if Chavez was gunned down by overzealous, trigger happy officers that they be brought to their own justice. If not, then I hope (at least) that the REAL Chavez, who was on that day a beautiful person loved by so many, has his name cleared - he was not a gang member - he was not anti-police - he was a good, caring person who meant no one any harm and would never have done anything to deliberately threaten the police.

@Mr Jennings: "Racist Remarks"? Please do yourself a favor and refer to the definition of what racism means in America before you make a serious allegation of others! My comments, although were stated in jest to compare our justice system to less fortunate systems in the world, by no means were racist in nature! "Duplicity"! Interesting choice of word for someone that early on ,in LA Times Blog posted a self portrait of himself and condemned the actions of the officers involved, alleging a "cover -up" from the LAPD,without knowing the facts of the incident! And now you have come to your better judgement admitting you have no idea if a cover-up has taken place...I applaud you! As far as Mr. Chavez is concerned, it has been publicly announced that he was in fact a gang member and served time for murder ( LA Times 08/2013). I do agree that juvenile delinquency should have no bearing on an adult life; however, in Chavez's case it did and it cost him! Sir, your credibility has been lost...Semper Fi!!!

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