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December 10, 2013


Let me get this straight. You have a job that pays you over 120K + a year, pension, deferred comp and excellent health benefits. Have a take home ride and don't pay gas on your commute. Your boss tells you to DO your job. You don't like it and get 6MM dollars from the city.

OK seems fair.

What happened to the Commanding Officers whose poor decisions and violations of CA law caused a jury to find the LAPD and the city at fault? Promotion, I believe?

Accountability means those who cause the city to pay millions, should be dismissed from their positions of leadership. Or is that "negligent retention"?

I come to work and am proud to put on the uniform, goal to protect and serve people in Los Angeles. I have had a turbulant career as a young P-2 but dug out of that hole and learned. I have since then earned over 100 commendations and 2 major awards that lead to my family watching me walk on stage and getting those medals their faces said it all. I now am a training officer because I told this story I am writing. Leadership is not about how just recap maybe it is part of it. Leadership is about what is in your heart and how you apply it as man or woman in any God given situation, the term Good Faith Effort applies here. I give it my all every day and do what supervisors tell me because it is teamwork. Tommy Lasorda saw talent in Fernando Valenzuela who was an immigrant from a small town in Mexico. He stood only 5'6" tall and did great things. I stand only 5'8" tall and hope to continue to do great things in this Department even when I received those suspension days early in my career but it taught me and my goal to teach those around me alike. My message is not to only focus on things like numbers or recap, but to truly make a difference like standing up for the weak by fighting crime or even doing whatever it takes to save a life like a DUI habitual offender or speed which kills. Very simple have what's called strong work ethic. Be safe out there and God Bless everyone!

So, this has cost the City of Los Angeles $10 million. Who at the WTD is being held accountable? Clearly, the City Attorney concurred with the original jury decision to award millions of dollars.

I think it's great that the LAPD ticket quota system is on the spotlight, but I'm just upset at the 11 officers who took millions of dollars from LA. That money can be well used for bigger and better things in the city. It irritates me to hear about cops suing their own city for the money. I thought cops do their job because they love it, not for the money!

All I have to do is write tickets? Take NO accident collision investigations, don't have to respond to radio calls, and I get to ride my bike home?? I'm in!!! Public safety or revenue for City?

Millions of hard tax payers money thrown away...again! Send these crybabies back to a different assignment! I'm a strong supporter of the police, but when officers don't do their jobs , sue and get money ...I'm outraged!!! Also shame on the command staff that had no clue on how to mange these lazy cops and allowed this incident to spiral out of control!!! They to should be re-assigned too!!!

Semper Fi

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