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March 10, 2014


Do they understand that without medical marijuana collectives. Crime rate will be 30% more ? Marijuana. Calms people down , well of course LAPD hates that , they want ppl to be involved in some kind of criminal act

Good job LAPD.

This is a waste of time. Just look how much more tax money would be made. It's not going to away so why not help the city with the tax money.

The city took in $8.6 Million Dollars in taxes, and you want to shut this down and raise my taxes.

This is so sad that time is wasted on people smoking grass instead of dealing with real crime. Our society is based on morals of other people. What makes alcohol or cigarettes safer when it comes to related crime, addiction and health... nothing. Those are real killers and pot is a joke in comparison. Same thing with prostitution, it's another man's morals forced upon us and they differ all throughout the US. Although if you can afford lobbyists and sizable political campaign contributions then the rules don't apply to you. Why is there such a difference in our communally desired morals? It's okay to have hookers in Vegas but not LA - but if you're a politician hookers are okay everywhere. It's okay to smoke as much pot as you wish Colorado but here in LA we're shutting down dispensaries. Our government is so disorganized when it comes to these things, it's quite sad. As much as I love this country there's zero trust and belief in our political and government system, including the LAPD who have no choice but to enforce the mockery even though most don't believe in it.

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