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April 16, 2014


Why is SOE Division having such a problem with the in car systems? Could it be that they dont trust it and it will be used against them for minor mistakes and frivolous things? If a cop uses a curse word having a conversation between him and his partner and it is on tape...will they be punished? If they make a tactical mistake and its on tape, will they be punished? etc etc...whay SOE Division

The police commission making itself look like a total joke! Civilian oversight?????? This is nothing but a bunch of back slapping, between them and the command staff. The corruption, and clear double standards at the top of the LAPD is OUT OF CONTROL,. And the trust in them to lead, from both the police officers and the public is GONE for the moment. The department NEEDS a washing from most of the dire failures of leadership. Beck, Moore, Paysinger, Green, MacArthur, and 90% of the captains are incompetent beyond belief. Cathy Marx needs to be heard, and the AXE needs to fall on most of the upper ranks. We need an OUTSIDE Chief again. There is far to much Incompetence to promote command staff from within. I feel for my fellow officers and detectives. The City seems to have given up on us. So, bare minimums to retirement. Great Job Chief Beck, you've KILLED morale in the LAPD. I hope you're proud! We hold no delusions that you'll change coarse. One more day down.

Oppressive Complaint system ?:
I believe that our "Leaders" are acting arrogantly and simply lack (or don't want) the officer's perspective. It's easy for them to give us the company line over and over, after all, these complaints don't go in their personnel package. Our complaint system is oppressive, it's given some in the public a tool to be vindictive against hard working officers, while the officer has no recourse. Field supervisors have been effectively neutered and take obviously bogus or revenge complaints because they "have no choice". We officers have absolutely had our authority in the field undermined, I constantly find myself having my authority or questioned or challenged. To add to the insult, these unresolved findings mean that our word as officers has no weight, yet our word is sometimes enough to send criminals to prison and convict traffic law offenders ?? Now, I'm hearing that our department is digging through videos for any minor deviation from policy to punish the rank and file, (or maybe it's just those few "problem officers" right...) As if our WORK ENVIRONMENT isn't HOSTILE enough ! It's easy to say "we have no choice but to cut paper", but doing the right thing is always hard. Oh well, I've probably just painted a huge target on my back now. 25+ down and many more to go.... not much hope things will improve. Those of you out there braving these elements with me have my deepest respect.

The complainant making the complaint should be advised by a supervisor that making a false complaint is a misdemeanor and punishable by fine and jail. This would be the consequence for the citizen who is only looking to damage an honest officer. Our police union is weak by not arbitrating for us on this issue. Secondly, frivilous and bogus complaints should never be mentioned in an officers TEAMS history it is damaging in many ways. Enough! We sorely need change ... Mayor Garcetti help your officers !

I thought I'd follow up on my earlier comments regarding the complaint system:

If you conducted a study of the entire LAPD, the complaint system would seem reasonable and you would have few complaints. If you studied those officers assigned to field duties, your results would probably be mixed. If you studied those officers that patrol in specifically high crime and poverty stricken neighborhoods, I guarantee you would get a completely different result. Imagine yourself working for an employer for 10,15, 25 years. You've been a solid employee, not perfect or flawless, but hard working. Imagine that your word (in the arena of complaint investigations) no longer means anything to your employer (I take my oath seriously, why doesn't my supervision ?). In my experience, LAPD Chiefs react too quickly and punish officers, they often change policies based on public perception instead of waiting for the facts to play out. It's a knee-jerk reaction to what looks awful on camera. it's especially an issue now with our voyeuristic society that indulge themselves and criticize split-second decisions made in the field. Yet here we go again, suiting up for another day in the meat grinder... Why do we subject ourselves to this environment you ask ? Is it because we have a low self worth ? The roughly 20 percent of LAPD that choose to work patrol, do so because they love working with the public, they love combating crime directly. They get a great sense of fulfillment putting cuffs on those who prey on others.

Now I love a good charred & rare prime steak, but I probably would not enjoy it as much if I paid a visit to the slaughterhouse before I headed to the steakhouse. My point is, police work isn't pretty. If you don't have the heart to suit up and expose yourself the this dynamic and fluid world we work in, how is it that you feel qualified to judge us for doing what we feel is necessary to keep us and you safe ? Just enjoy your peace and safety, don't worry about the process so much, 99.9999% of us are professional people with high morals, and respect for life. Just remember we are human, we don't always get it right. Do you ? There's plenty of LAPD personnel assigned to watch, sting, and ultimately catch that tiny percentage of truly corrupt officers. It's too bad they spend most of their efforts on the complaints of those people that weren't happy with the officer's tone. Those unhappy their arrest or citation or that of a loved one, or on the petty oversights and errors of Patrol Officers. I know I'd be the first to "drop a dime" on someone I suspected of corruption, as would those I work with. We are all saddened when an officer takes the wrong path, and angry when one comes on the job with the intent to be corrupt.

Maybe in your mind you have do nothing wrong. But put yourself in the place of the person who is complaining and how they think. You and your attitude towards the person really ticked them off, and that is why they are complaining. If you say something towards me and I don't like what you said oh well I will complain. Whether you think it's minor or not.

You're absolutely right Citizen, and a lot of times these issues can be resolved with an explanation by the officer. I'm in no way saying that we should discount or be immune to the sincere complaints or concerns of citizens, be it a simple misunderstanding or addressing or an employee with a bad attitude. I think the issue with the complaint system is that it is being utilized by some members of gang infested neighborhoods as a tool to get rid of an officer that is effectively working in that neighborhood. 5-6 complaints, and that officer is reassigned. The next officer assigned to that area is less likely to be as proactive in his/her crime fighting endeavors. These complaints, even if proven to be false stay in our personnel packages, the unresolved ones can create a false impression about the officer's "Pattern of Conduct". I've seen it happen over and over.

Citizen, I don't think you and are coming from the angle that these officers are addressing. I think you'd probably be more in agreement than you think. A complaint from someone who thinks logically, like you, who may genuinely have a complaint is not at question. It's the frivolously generated complaints that are generated by criminals/predators or their facilitators who have been uncovered for the bullies they are. And they have no way to push back against people (Officers) who will not cower to their tactics. So what do they do? The file complaints. I've had suspects explain to me in great detail why they file false complaints. And their is a valid concern with the fact that, people who file knowingly false complaints are not admonished of the illegality of doing so. If an officer is a jerk, that's one thing. But if the complainant is disingenuous and malicious, then he/she should be charged. Just my 2 cents...

Be patient and loving with one another: “Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love..Eph 4:2(NLT)”
Here’s a question for all of us. Is there someone in your life who bugs you? Sometimes you get so frustrated with them you want to just scream! Have you ever stopped to think that you might be that person in someone else’s life? No one is without flaws.

I have said, time and time again. If the complaint is proven to be false it should be removed from the file. If a officer get 5 or 6 complaints, before moving him or her we should a closer look at the history of person complaining. I'd really like to know what is so hard about removing a false complaint ? To me it seems very simple. If in fact the brass wants to do it.

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