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Chief William J. Bratton's Welcome Message


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the LAPD Blog.  Our online journal is an interactive tool that we use to deliver real-time, unfiltered information.  We invite you to take a look inside the Department to learn more about the men and women in blue who have sworn to protect and to serve you.

By using this Blog, the LAPD hopes to maintain an open dialogue with the communities we serve and those who have an interest in the men and women of this organization.  We encourage you to express your opinions about current events through respectful and insightful discussion.  We reserve the right to refuse to post those comments that contain inappropriate language and/or material.  In the near future, we intend to expand our Blogging capabilities to all 19 Area Stations.

The continuing decline in crime in Los Angeles has positioned the LAPD at the tipping point for change.  Our influence can positively affect the communities we serve and vastly improve levels of public satisfaction.  But it is not enough for the LAPD to just continue to drive down crime.  Through compassionate and constitutional community policing practices, we want to enhance the relationship between the Los Angeles residents and police.

Our ultimate goal is for the role of law enforcement officials to evolve from distance protectors and rapid responders to true partners and conduits for meaningful social change.

Thank you for your support of the Los Angeles Police Department. Please visit our Blog again or visit


Chief Bratton:

Welcome aboard--it's good to have you in the blogosphere. Thanks for being a great part of moving our city government closer to our constituents.

Yeah... it is good to see that the LAPD has finally made it into the information age.

I look forward to the information I will be able to receive here and also be able hoppefully better understand the LAPD.

They used to be so scary to me. I still have respect for them as law enforcement , but I am not as extremely fearful of them as I was when I first arrived in Los Angeles back in 1999.

Now you will be able to hear from us directly especially when we are treated unfairly and even fairly on a personal level

Don Garza
Downtown Los Angeles TOwn crier

and Citizen of Central City East

I have a blog , but am starting my new web magazine soon and the blog will be phased out soon .

There is a biohazard in Venice that’s also a police problem. I covered this on my own blog with video.

To Chief Bratton and all members of the Los Angeles Police Department, congratulations. This blog makes a wonderful addition to your already rich on-line content.

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

I was reading about the new L.A.P.D blog in the LA times this morning at breakfast. I think it's a terrific idea and can be a useful tool to communicate with members of the public who have questons regarding department policy or other concerns. One of the concerns that I have is giving driver's license's to illegal immigrants.As someone who drives professionaly for a living, and has been rear-ended on at least 3 occasion, my concern is that they have liability insurance. The problem as I see it, is there isn't a database for law enforcement to check and see whether a driver's insurance is being maintained. What a lot of people will do, when they need to register there vehicle with DMV,and prove that they have liabilty insurance, is make the first payment, and afterwards quit maintaining there insurance, but they keep the insurance card, in case they get stopped by the police. This results in higher insurance premiuns for all drivers, who are licensed and insured. If possible could someone from LAPD,respond to my concern about this issue.

Thanks for being a taking step closer to the residents of our fine city.

Chief Bratton

Hats off to you for reaching out like this on a blog to your citizens. AWESOME.

One addition would be an anonymous way to submit comments directly to you. You might get some citizen to step up and help to solve crimes or report problems.

Good luck with the work you're doing.

Cheif Bratton ,

The best thing about your blog
is you can post it while at
an airport. That way no one will know you are out of town! :)

Welcome to the blogosphere! This is groundbreaking!

It's great that LAPD has a blog! I think it's a great way to bring the community and the police closer together.

I'm happy to see LAPD join the 21st century.

From Spain (Europe) To see the police blogging is terrific. I don´t know whem we can live that experience here.


Welcome to the blogsphere. This is a great venue and we all applaud your willingness to welcome comments. One suggestion... why moderate? True blogs lay it out there. If someone violates your t&C's you can yank the offending post. Don't be afraid! :)

Good job on the site I can see folks are already chiming in.

Skid row still needs a lot of help!!!

I am quite disapointed at the way some of the social serveces think that keeping the drug dealers free to do what they want in my neighborhood is ok.

Please help us!!!!

What are you going to do to get these people off of the streets?

Great blog, great idea to bring the LAPD and the communities they serve closer together.

Did everyone know that the LA City and County Fire Depts. are having open house and pancake breakfasts tomorrow, on Saturday? It's a great way to meet the firefighters in our local communities. I think the LAPD has 'community nights.' Maybe someone can post more about that.

Hello LAPD,
Greetings from somewhere not in America ! I know about your force mostly from movies. Now I could get to know you more. The blog reflects your transparency which is a good thing. I shall make my comments for any relevant issues. Best wishes.


Great idea. Hats off !

Why did Chief Bratton lie on channel 5 news saying murder was down in LA and then an hour later on cable saying was up in LA?

I wait in anticaption for your response.Thank you.

Greetings to Chief Bratton and the LAPD--

Way to go. I am glad to see LAPD join the 21st century. Best of luck.

Thanks for undertaking direct contact with taxpayers.
Here's my question: why do I have to call LAPD every day to report the same violation of the law when the police squad car routinely passes by (not on call) and observes the same activity I do? Specifically, illegal fruit vendors, at Manning and Queensbury/Earlmar. It's illegal, and it's really dangerous due to traffic on Manning. So why can't it be made a "complaint only" situation?

This is a great tool with which to coomunicate. Thanks!

When homeless persons set up encampments in neighborhoods and create both criminal and unhealthy environments, there needs to be some combined effort to help them and the neighbors. Is a Homeless Strike Force possible to provide information, advice and support to such an entity if one neighborhood wants to be a trailblazer?

Welcome to the blogosphere. Open communication certainly has it's drawbacks but it almost alwasys beats the alternative.


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