Consent Decree Extended

Chief William J. Bratton's Welcome Message


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the LAPD Blog.  Our online journal is an interactive tool that we use to deliver real-time, unfiltered information.  We invite you to take a look inside the Department to learn more about the men and women in blue who have sworn to protect and to serve you.

By using this Blog, the LAPD hopes to maintain an open dialogue with the communities we serve and those who have an interest in the men and women of this organization.  We encourage you to express your opinions about current events through respectful and insightful discussion.  We reserve the right to refuse to post those comments that contain inappropriate language and/or material.  In the near future, we intend to expand our Blogging capabilities to all 19 Area Stations.

The continuing decline in crime in Los Angeles has positioned the LAPD at the tipping point for change.  Our influence can positively affect the communities we serve and vastly improve levels of public satisfaction.  But it is not enough for the LAPD to just continue to drive down crime.  Through compassionate and constitutional community policing practices, we want to enhance the relationship between the Los Angeles residents and police.

Our ultimate goal is for the role of law enforcement officials to evolve from distance protectors and rapid responders to true partners and conduits for meaningful social change.

Thank you for your support of the Los Angeles Police Department. Please visit our Blog again or visit


welcome to blogging! it's fun and addictive! hopefully you don't get much of a backlash from the general public. it's pretty amazing to see a dept as huge as yours having a blog! good luck with it and as always, be safe!

I'm eager to read what's going on in the 19 divisions, plus the traffic & other specilized divisions. This is going to be a great link between the Department and the citizenry. First, the SLOs were reinstated; now, a blog; next, we're going to be in compliance with the Consent Decree and have it lifted. I like the direction that LAPD is headed. Here's to your future online!

hello, LAPD

I think your online blog is a great idea of communicating with the residents of LA.
I stil hope that your example will come to my country, Germany, as well to get more informed about police work.
best regards

{Skid row still needs a lot of help!!!

I am quite disapointed at the way some of the social serveces think that keeping the drug dealers free to do what they want in my neighborhood is ok.}

The City Councel seems to like it the way it is; Zoned for poverty, substance abuse, and helplessness. They have proven this with the recent moratorium on building developement of old rundown hotels in the downtown area.

Congratulations Chief! Great having a place residents can post comments on issues. I look forward to reading what people are thinking around the city from this blog.

The changing face of the LAPD

What a Joke of an article! Hire the best person period! Man, Woman, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic it does not matter. Just the BEST, most qualified "person" for the job, and you will reap what you sow. Rafeal Perez was a product of Chief Parks "Diversity Plan." You have great people on LAPD, but for the most part hiring the best person for the job is what you are not doing. You are discriminating against male whites on a regular basis, just ask the "Service Minded Military men" that you turn away every year! Good job. I guess we don't count. And I am sorry, do you really think that someone who has even tried heroin should carry a gun?????? But God forbid you have a tattoo, not depicting gang life! I personally do not have any tattoos, but I have no problem seeing a Police Officer with non-gang style tattoos. However I have a huge problem giving someone who has dabbled in Heroin, PCP or rock cocaine a gun, and ask them to deal with drugs on a daily basis!

Next issue: Stop being a coward when it comes to backing our Police Officers. You should take a page out of the Chicago Police Chiefs book. The day after an Officer was involved in a shooting with an armed suspect, the preliminary investigation revealed that the Officers actions appeared to be justified. The Chief then stated so at a live press conference. You and our coward of a mayor leave to much unsaid, which creates an unsafe environment for the good people of Los Angeles. Sometimes you have to call it like it is, and remember that the Officer involved deserves your backing. And you as the Chief owe it to him and the people of Los Angelews. You came sprinting out of the gates when you first took over, but WOW have you turned into a complete coward with the "community activists" dictating how you, cough, cough, lead. You are NEVER going to make this great city safer by sticking your wet finger in the air to see which way the Political winds are blowing. And because the public does not see how jacked up you are running things, only means your running on borrowed time. Also you have to many YES MEN around you telling you what you want to hear. Step out of your Office for a 12 hour shift and go down to Newton, 77th, southeast or Rampart and get in a Patrol car with an aggressive P-2 so you can see what it's like being a street cop in today's world. And don't get in the car with a slug who is going to kiss your butt. Stop being such a pansy and let your Officers do their jobs. And the consent decree has to go, irt does NOTHING but suck millions of dollars from the city. We need the money for other things far more relevant.
And to all the real Police Officerrs out there. Saty Safe!

As a consultant in corporate blogging, the most common question I get from corporate types about why they should blog is along the lines of, "How could we possibly be that open?"

Thank you for blogging. Now I can tell them, "Hey, if the LAPD can be blogging and not worried about it, so can you."

I applaud your openness.

Dear Chief Bratton; First, you're doing a far better job than the former chief. Second; as a long time resident of the valley, I have noticed that "tagging" has become increasingly visable...Why did the department get rid of the anti-tagging unit??? We need all the help we can get with this...thanks

It will be interesting to watch your blog take shape.

Please note that the blogosphere has little patience for gloss and salesmanship. For instance, you mention your blog will offer "unfiltered information."

Bloggers have been covering government for a long time, and know the chances that will happen are zero. Your organization is a large bureaucracy within a political environment, and if the LAPD honestly discusses its problems and setbacks on the blog –- or anywhere else –- without the LAPD’s representative being administratively punished and eventually fired I’ll be stunned.

That's not unique to the LAPD -- every other large organization does the same.

If this is just a PR vehicle and communications outlet in blog format, it's not really a blog, just part of a regular corporate-style website people can post remarks to.

If it is a blog, you needn't bother saying "Thank you for your support of the Los Angeles Police Department" -- because supporting isn't what blog commenters do.

Expect visitors to agree when you're right and delivering good results with acceptable speed, and rip into the issues when you're wrong or not succeeding. Your tolerance for that will reveal your intentions. So will the choice of topics. if there are no posts about the challenges and frictions of managing a huge, complex entity like the LAPD and policing in a major metro area, this won't be an interesting site to visit. I doubt people will come here often to learn the LAPD is made up of great people delivering top-quality law enforcement services in pursuit of noble goals.

Chief Bratton, I think you rock!

My husband is an officer of the finest police force in America. We're proud to call you Chief!

Chief Bratton,
just wanted to say thanks for the great work LAPD does in spite of news media which is bent on vilifying the law man and victifying the criminal. Please stay tough on crime, the community supports you.

Congratulations on the blog. Great idea.
I also want to congratulate you on the recent editorial in the L.A. Times.
I am a second generation Angeleno and have lived in Los Angeles for 49 years. I have seen my share of "activity" in L.A. and have watched Police Chiefs come and go. This is the 1st time I have witnessed a Chief of Police actually make good on his word.
The LAPD suffered a major setback with the Rampart scandal. Perhaps I was naive, but I have to admit I was ashamed of the police. I wondered how or if they would ever recover.
However, as with most things, time helped them to heal. Along with appointing a Chief that has intelligence, compassion and integrity.
Citizens of Los Angeles should be proud of the job Chief Bratton has done and support their police department.
A proud citizen

Congratulations on the blog! Great idea.
Also, congratulations of your recent editiorial in the L.A. Times.
I am a second generation Angeleno and I have lived in Los Angeles for 49 years. I have seen my share of "activities" in Los Angeles, and I've watched Police Chiefs come and go. However, this is the first time I have witnessed a Chief of Police that makes good on his word.
The LAPD suffered a terrible setback with the Rampart Scandal. Perhaps I am naive, but I have to admit I was shocked and ashamed. I wondered how the police would ever recover.
As with most things, time helped them to heal. That, and appointing a Chief of Police that has intelliegence, compassion and integrity.
The citizens of Los Angeles ought to be proud of the job Chief Bratton has done and support their police department.
Reaching out to the people is not a dipslay of weakness, but rather an intelligent move. It shows you are not afraid to listen. It gains support.
Good job!
Signed, a proud citizen.

Chief Bratton,
Great job on the police blog. You were always ahead of the curve. Wish you were still leading the NYPD. Ret NYPD SH#644

Welcome to the blog world. Best of luck with your new site.

marc db levin said, "...Skid row still needs a lot of help!...what are you going to do to get these people off of the streets?"

You are posting to the wrong blog. The police have tried over and over to enforce laws and protect the public but have been thwarted at nearly every effort. I suggest you contact the ACLU and ask them to allow the police to do their job.

Hey, great work getting a blog online - more police departments need commitment on the web to reflect their commitments to the community, and this is a major stepping stone towards that goal.

crime is not down but up in los angeles due mainly to the nomad stalkers. the nomad stalkers are in your officers faces eveyday and the lapd is clueless. 99.9% of the crime commited is by the nomad stalkers. wake up and really stop crime. need help contact me directly. i will know you are serious if i see this post on the lapd blog

Chief Bratton,
Welcome to the world of web blogging . Thank you for your effort to better comunicate with the community. So often we hear all of the BAD about LAPD. Im ready to hear what good things LAPD does in our community.

Pete Mitchell, L.A.

Chief Bratton,
Welcome to the world of web blogging . Thank you for your effort to better comunicate with the community. So often we hear all of the BAD about LAPD. Im ready to hear what good things LAPD does in our community.

Pete Mitchell, L.A.

To Chief Bratton,
You guys got a nice blog. Some suggestions, maybe some pictures, and videos. LAPD, being the second largest to NYPD, you guys could use a major image and reputation make over. Also, heres a suggestion, Clean house from top to bottom. The same way our govoner did. Gov Rell of CT Cleaned house and purged all those that were associated to bad reputation, corpution and bringing down the State of CT.

A web blog like this is one of the ways you guys are fighting BAD reputation and BAD public relations. Keep it up and maybe a few years, LAPD will be as great as the good old days of ADAM 12

From New England,

Nick K. Chaleunphone, Firefighter/EMT-Basic
Kensington Volunteer Fire Dept
Kensington, CT

Im sorry to say citzens of Los Angeles. The Chief will not respond to your questions. A LT. who is his assistant may respond and will give you the same old company policy. They probably wont post this and if they do then I will be suprised. LAPD has good officers but they are being held back by LA politics and the upper management including Chief Bratton. You are better then Parks Ill give him that but what has really change......ask your self that as you think how many black and whites do i really see throught my day as I drive around the city of Los Angeles!!!!

Chief Bratton ,
I just want to say you and your police force are doing a great job in the City.The city
of North Hollywood is also 110% better.I would also like you to know the Los Angeles Police Port Authority did a great job yesterday at Port of Call in San Pedro.Again great job!!!

First off, learned about this blog via the Yahoo! Daily Wire, in case you may be taking a survey as to how people may be learning about this.

As well, Sgt. Joe Friday (badge 714) would probably be proud of this endeavour, just as much as his alter ego, Jack Webb, was proud of his radio (and later TV) creation "Dragnet," which served to demonstrate the tireless work of the LAPD in action.

How many others are likely to follow your lead is anybody's guess.

You dont need me to make another comment that this is a great idea. All i'm asking for Mr. Bratton is that you tell your old friends at the NYPD to do the same thing for us over on the east coast! Every police department, whether a city-wide police force, or just a single sherrif in a small town, can and should do this.

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