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Chief William J. Bratton's Welcome Message


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the LAPD Blog.  Our online journal is an interactive tool that we use to deliver real-time, unfiltered information.  We invite you to take a look inside the Department to learn more about the men and women in blue who have sworn to protect and to serve you.

By using this Blog, the LAPD hopes to maintain an open dialogue with the communities we serve and those who have an interest in the men and women of this organization.  We encourage you to express your opinions about current events through respectful and insightful discussion.  We reserve the right to refuse to post those comments that contain inappropriate language and/or material.  In the near future, we intend to expand our Blogging capabilities to all 19 Area Stations.

The continuing decline in crime in Los Angeles has positioned the LAPD at the tipping point for change.  Our influence can positively affect the communities we serve and vastly improve levels of public satisfaction.  But it is not enough for the LAPD to just continue to drive down crime.  Through compassionate and constitutional community policing practices, we want to enhance the relationship between the Los Angeles residents and police.

Our ultimate goal is for the role of law enforcement officials to evolve from distance protectors and rapid responders to true partners and conduits for meaningful social change.

Thank you for your support of the Los Angeles Police Department. Please visit our Blog again or visit


How can I contact Chief Bratton on a subject of a personal nature?

Is there an address where I can contact him privately?

Thank you.

Try addressing your letter to Bratton to 150 North Los Angeles Street, LA 90013, and mark it "Personal." It will probably be screened by his secretary anyway, but that person should then give it to the Chief.

Good luck with your concerns.

I commend you for providing a LAPD blog to allow people to allow to respond to police issues.

But I still do not understand while I do not see more police walking a beat and getting to know the people in the neighborhood they patrol. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas where the police walked in the neighborhood and knew the people who they served. The police in LA need to get out of their cars and know the people they serve.

Gud am Chief Bratton,

I am Remlee Dela Cruz,35 years of age and just arrived here in the USA last Dec. 3, 2006 from the Philippines as an immigrant. I am very interested to join your organization because back in my country, I was a Police Officer assigned with the Quezon City Police District. I was with the Anti-Terrorist Unit,Like the EOD and the Swat team. I had 12 years of experience in the police service. I was one of the lucky person back in the Philippines last 2002 to underwent a foreign schooling at the Louisiana State Police Academy for the Crisis Response Team for six weeks and 2004 for the Anti-terrorist diver's consultation Course at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Philippines for ten days of which all of my instructors are former US Navy seals who were working with A-T Solutions, Inc.,not to mention some of my other police trainings.
I am inquiring sir because my heart is really with the police service. I just received my Greencard and SSN last Dec.13. Is there a chance for me sir to join your elite unit even though I am not yet a US citizen and almost turning 36 this coming January 2007? Thanks a lot sir.....and God bless you!

Sincerely yours,



Take my advice and take a few English lit. classes. Your verbage is very poor and you'll probably not pass the essay and/or oral portion of the test.

You definitely have the skills, but not the ones required in the verbal arena.

Good luck.

PS: Don't get stuck on one dept; shotgun your application to several PD's. LAPD isn't the be all-end all (as evidenced here by Chief Berkow's indescretions).


It is my understanding that police officers are carrying out the wishes of the people of the city.

7 out of 10 cops are generally good and doing their job.
2 out of 10 cops tend to exceed expectations.
1 out of 10 cops are...



While there is plenty of room on both sides of the recent McArthur park issue there is one continuing issue that needs to be resolved.

All police personnel, sworn and un-sworn need to have their names prominently displayed on a visible portion of their uniform or gear at all times.

In the case at hand, I predict that some fault will fall at the foot of the LAPD, not all of it, but enough to cause concern for the people of L.A. However, because, the officers involved are allowed to hide behind unnamed riot gear and shields and helmets, they will not be identified and will thus be allowed to continue on with their badge heavy activities.

Our military is required to show their name on their uniforms and gear while fighting to protect our way of life…Our police department should do no less.

The police commission needs to investigate this loophole as soon as possible.

And you, Chief Bratton, need to implement better training for the line officers to avoid this type of situation.

When I arrived here four years ago I already knew LAPD's horrible reputation for brutality. Since then, I have since witnessed no fewer than 5 instances of police brutality and have no respect for the force or for Chief Bratton. You are a force to be feared and resisted and the citizens of Los Angeles are tired of being beaten down. All these glowing posts are BS, you're enemies of the people.

Dear Chief Bratton, Every day officers put their lives on the line, kiss their wives and children goodbye, with each side knowing full well that might be the last time we see our spouse. These men give their lives without though., for people who do not appreciate what is done. People never stop to think about their families and what we go through. How we suffer, how our lives are turned upside down. We rarely get holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and school events attended by our husbands, due to them trying to protect people who do not appreciate what they do, who what do pick out the faults without even trying to see the good. They are the first ones they call when trouble comes. Do they ever thank them? What if it was their husband? We wives are proud of our husbands, they are people too, with feelings. Let anyone try one day to live in their shoes. I too was once one who did not see the good. I married one and I saw the whole picture. I only wish all would. I think you are doing such a awesome job. You are a very fine man, seasoned with wit, character, charm and a loads of fairness. May God keep and angel with each of our fine officers.
With Sincere Thanks,
Wife of a Riverside Deputy

Stop looking at the wrong end of the incident involving the latest police brutality in Los Angeles. Look for answers at the top where the Chief of Police sits; he is the origin of all racist acts of that department; he is responsible. His racist sentiment runs down the chain of command all the way to the last officer on the line. I have no doubt that the officers involved felt protected from the top, other wise they would not have committed those crimes in front of national television.

The history of LAPD is a shameful stain in our law enforcement. And as always, the LAPD is conducting an investigation as a vehicle to cover up. What it needs to be done is to remove all uniformed criminals from the force. I believe another terrible mistake is to employ individuals with just high school; LAPD needs individuals with higher education or some kind of college degree so they can understand the magnitudes of our Constitution and laws. Whether a given number of demonstrators are illegal immigrants, they are here within our jurisdictional laws; therefore they are afforded the same amount of protection as they are liable when breaking our laws.

Our finely crafted document states, respects, and points to preserve intact all other rights already reserved by the people, plainly written through our Ninth Amendment. And the fact that demonstrators are protected under the First Amendment makes matters highly complex when we examine those videos of people getting beaten indiscriminately: women, children, reporters. There is no other explanation but to conclude that that criminal behavior starts with the Chief of Police.

We see entire families migrating to different areas of our country, running away from gang activities, because the LAPD does nothing to restrain that sector of the crime world that is taking over school yards, youth centers, and the streets of Los Angeles. Gangs force recruit kids and threat with death if they do not join; meanwhile LAPD is cruising idly while all that is going on, but bursts violently against peaceful demonstrators. It is understood that the LAPD is an active part of all the crimes committed in Los Angeles.

Gilberto Acevedo, MA
Webster University

This is a copy of an e-mail i sent to the mayor of LA......

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Although I am not a citizen of your city, I felt I must write to you as I respect what you represent and the way you handle yourself.

I have just viewed in horror the video where certain LA City policeman beat with their batons, a young boy (KNBC @ 6:00). That young boy was in no way a threat to the police or the public and those police officers should be immediately fired, arrested and prosecuted.

Therefore, as the owner of a small business who purchases millions of dollars of goods from LA city manufacturers -- I am resolving -- until such time as those police officers are fired and prosecuted, to no longer purchase any goods from LA city manufacturers and/or businesses. I will also encourage my friends and other small business owners to boycott LA as well.

Be advised that I am a white male, in my late 40's with a conservative view towards crime and law enforcement. I did not attend the march, and I have a very mixed view on the entire immigration issue. I also don't know the boy or his family.

But in no way, shape or form should that young boy have been struck by the police officers in question. The police officer's actions were plain and simply -- thuggery. Any citizen who would above committed the same atrocity would have been immediately arrested and thrown in jail. But, I guess since the officers were acting under the "color of authority" they will be absolved of their actions, their lack of restraint, discipline and judgment. What a joke! As usual -- it sums up the LA police department. A joke!

Until these -- and all thugs are rooted out of the police force -- the LA city police department will always have a "black eye" in the view of ordinary, law-abiding citizens and it will always be a joke to every other major police department in the country.

With great sorrow and embarrassment (for you)...

Dear Chief Bratton:
I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement. After serving in the military and Vietnam, I asked my father to drive me down to Parker Center so that I could join "the best law enforcment agency in the world". My Mom and Dad said I had just came back home from a very dangerous tour in Vietnam, and begged me not to sign up with a police department, especially one as large and spread out as LAPD. My dad waited for me downstairs in his vehicle. As I walked down the long hallway that lead to the employment office, a department inspection was taking place in another office space. All sworn personnel were lined up, uniforms pressed, shoes shined, with revolvers forward, cylinders open, and ready for inspection. At seeing this, I thought to myself..."having just left five years of active duty in the military, do I really want to go through this again...or should I pursue another career instead?" So I turned around, went downstairs to my dad waiting in his vehicle and told him I had a change of heart. Happily, my dad drove me back home. Throughout the last 35 or so years I've thought about the decision I made that day so long ago, and sometimes even felt regret that I chose a different path. Since that time, you Chief Bratton, have had many predecessors. Some are thought to have been better than others. Your arrival to Los Angeles was much heralded, and from "one human being to another human being" I think-- on balance-- you are a professional, and have sincerely have been trying to do a good job in running the department. But it appears, especially to those unfamiliar with all the idiosyncracies of law enforcement training and application thereof, that the LAPD is an organization to be feared. LAPD has a very bad reputation of insensitivity toward their citizens. After witnessing on television the MacArthur Park spectacle, I would unfortunately have to agree. Is the LAPD supposed to strike fear in the hearts of their citizens with daunting black uniformed annonimity? The "crack" Metro Divison's overall behavior in MacArthur Park last May 1 was unnecessary and totally disgusting. "To Serve and Protect"? This is not a very proud moment for the Los Angeles Police Department. As in any organization, all it takes is a few to sully its reputation. I wish you the very best of luck in your future attempts in bringing about some positive and enduring change in the Los Angeles Police Department.
Best Regards!

The following was sent to Mayor Villaraigosa:
Kids in Danger and Adults In Danger protest any plans to cancel Police Chief William Bratton’s employment contract. If you fail to renew his contract crime rates will increase again in LA and innocent lives will be lost. Protecting the people requires tough police and tough chiefs and Mayor Bratton has proven his effectiveness again and again.

Crowd Control is one of the biggest challenges any police force world-wide faces and there will always be “incidents.” When they occur the public will always criticize the police force even though the police reaction is almost always provoked. It is highly irresponsible to suggest that Police Bratton should be removed because protesters didn’t like the crowd control provided by the courageous LAPD officers.
Please be sensitive to all of your constituents and not just those who protest emigration laws.
Adrienne Potter, Founder
Kids In Danger (K.I.D.)
Adults In Danger (A.I.D.)

Dear Cheif,
I disagree with your demotions of your higher ups in the Mac Park incident. I wish you would stand behind all your officers. I have watched the tape a bunch of times and see the protestors harassing the police.
If they don't listen, that is their problem.
I am sick and tired of nothing being done about the illegal alien population in this city. It looks that your hands are tired by our Mayor who, in my opinion should be spending more time here than in Mexico.
I will not be voting for either of you in the next election if I do not see some sort of active change in this area.

The drum-beat goes on.

MacArthur Park has never been a beauty queen, but this?

Every once in a while we Valleyites are reminded that there's a war going on.

What is devastating is cops behaving the way they do when cameras are on!!! The idiocy is beyond all belief.

The criminal element already know that they can get away with far more with the LAPD than other police agencies because of the concent decree, John Mack being their friend and the Mayor who claimed last May 1st that there are no illegals.

I was very surprised to see Chief Bratton make such irresponsible remarks about the Metro Division officers who did their jobs.

If the Chief were to have considered the negative ramifications his comments will have on the LAPD for many years to come, perhaps he would have waited until the investigation even began prior to making such statements to the media.

Chief, what happens the next time there is a riot or civil unrest? Do you think that your officers will aggressivly put the situation down, knowing how you throw your own under the bus?

To call you a weak leader would imply that you have at least some leadership qualities which you have just shown the entire world that you don't. I used to hold you in high regard but that Sir is no longer the case.

Chief Bratton,

I'm a long ways from the LAPD but just read a piece about the "Warrior Culture" of the LAPD. I want to congratulate your Officer's for being "Warriors".

You need "Warriors" to confront evil. And, I believe Warriors are the right people for the job.

Tell them to keep up the Good Work!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Chief Bratton, I certainly will not vote you back in, after the release of Paris Hilton. Don't you feel discrimination lawsuits breathing down your back?

I know if I was to have a DUI, I'd certainly pursue one!

The Hiltons shouldn't be able to purchase the LAPD and City Council.


You're an idiot. The Sheriff's Dept released Hilton not LAPD. Even if it was LAPD you'd better look into jail overcrowding and what is being done with nonviolent offenders before you spout off about a payoff by the Hiltons.

Should I be surprised by the level of ignorance regarding our State, local, and Federal laws shown by many of the posters to this site? (1) Citizens do not vote for Police Chief. The Los Angeles City Charter provides that the Police Commission, in tandem with the Los Angeles City Council, makes all employment decisions regarding the Chief of Police of the City of Los Angeles. (2) Several posters' submissions suggest that the LAPD could unilaterally decide to back out of the Federal Consent Decree; however, the Consent Decree is an ORDER of the Federal District Court, signed by a Federal District Judge, and it is as binding as any other type of order or judgment. Were the LAPD to "back out" of the Consent Decree, they would be in contempt of Federal Court--in fact, if LAPD does not meet all the terms of the Decree, they are *also* in contempt. (3) Special Order 40 was signed in 1979 by then-Chief Darryl Gates, and since then, it has become part of the LAPD Police Manual. If this order were somehow removed from the Manual, LAPD officers would become roving immigration enforcement officers (a job which is already assigned to sworn officers under the jurisdiction of the federal Department of Homeland Security). Consequently, LAPD's ability to respond to, investigate, and otherwise handle violations of local and State criminal laws would be *seriously* compromised. (4) Illegal immigrants do *not* have the *same* Constitutional rights as U.S. citizens; furthermore, no one--neither citizen nor alien--has *absolute* First Amendment rights anywhere, at any time, least of all on public property. (5) As for the Ninth Amendment, its meaning has been debated by legal scholars since the ratification of the Bill of Rights; however, we do know that James Madison introduced it in specific response to the arguments of Alexander Hamilton and others that enactment of a Bill of Rights might dangerously suggest "that those rights which were not singled out, were intended to be assigned into the hands of the General [federal] Government, and were consequently insecure." 1 Annals of Cong. 439 (Gales & Seaton ed. 1834). "The Ninth Amendment therefore *at least* states a rule of construction pointing away from the *reverse incorporation view* that only the interests secured by the Bill of Rights are encompassed within the fourteenth amendment, and *at most* provides a positive source of law for fundamental but unmentioned rights." Laurence H. Tribe, American Constitutional Law (2d ed.) section 11-3, at 774-75.


Do you have any info/advice for the wives of LAPD officers? My husband will be applying soon. Obviously I'm a little nervous, but excited at the same time.

Thank you...


Check out

Hi Jen.

Congratulations on your husband's decision of a law enforcement career. I was married 3 years when I came to the LAPD as a reserve, and have been on the job as a full-time officer for almost 20 years. I don't come home and dump all the day's events at work on my wife, except some funny stories here and there.

When I started my career, I told her not to expect a phone call when I would be home late due to an arrest. It's silly to wake her up and the kids at 3 AM just to tell her I would be late. She knows that no phone calls in the middle of the night is a good thing.

Be interested in your husband's career, be supportive, and be there for any emotional support he might need. But let him share what he feels he needs to share and don't probe him with all the details of a day's work.

You'll both do just fine.

Dan and B&W OP,
Thank you very much for your advice. My husband has just been scheduled for the 3-day expedited interview process in August. I am very excited for him and feel there will be a great support network if our family goes in this direction.

Thanks again,

I think its the bag factor. The bag of good and evil deeds as preceived by the market.

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