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Recognition Day 2006


I find it highly amusing (and disturbing) that the LAPD used already scarce personnel on May 1, 2006 towards "ensuring that the Constitutional Rights of all participants were met". For clarification, constitutional rights apply to the Constitution of the United States of America. The participants on May 1st all but acknowledged (and, in fact, seemed proud of) the fact that they are illegally in this country. Therefore, those people are not entitled to a single protection under the Constitution. My only hope is that an American citizen's call for police protection did not go unanswered while they were wasting time with this sorry spectacle. Given the absolute pandering to illegal immigrants in this city, I have no doubt that the above comments will not be "approved" for posting, although they are neither racist nor profane.

The Constitution restricts the right to vote and to hold certain offices to citizens.

But other rights, including those of the 1st Amendment, are available to anyone residing here, regardless of legal status.

In addition, an illegal alien arrested for a crime would be protected by the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments.

The LAPD did a great job making sure the recent marches stayed peaceful.

>Therefore, those people are not
>entitled to a single protection
>under the Constitution.

Sorry, that's legally incorrect. The Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed for more than 200 years that the Constitition applies to anyone within our borders, not just American citizens.

This event, along with special order 40, shows the LAPD's support for illegal activities. If this department would only minimally cooperate with the other agencies, some of the illegal alien gang members could be taken off the streets of Los Angeles. Not only would this reduce the crime rate, but it would free police resources.
The ongoing reluctance to repeal special order 40 and lack of cooperation with other agencies *appears* to be aiding and abetting illegal aliens and illegal alien gang members.

The LAPD is doing a great job of serving the community. If you have problems with undocumented immigrants, contact the appropriate federal authorities. Frankly, the police have enough on their hands; they shouldn't have to shoulder the job of immigration enforcement.

Furthermore, the LAPD benefits when all members of the community are willing and able to come forward and report crimes, without fear of deportation. Those who wish the LAPD to take on the functions of immigration enforcement would like to see an impaired LAPD.

I concur with the comments regarding special order 40. It is understandable that Chief Bratton didn’t have much to do with creating it, but this problem needs to be dealt with, not ignored.

Special order 40 does no citizen a service, and it’s a play on pandering to pro illegal immigrant interests . The public has been hoodwinked as to the effectiveness of this special order.

Criminals that are in this country illegally know that unless they commit a felony their illegal status will not matter so why not commit crimes in Los Angeles? In fact one could logically conclude that it would embolden these criminals to operate within the city of Los Angeles.

With a large percentage if gang activity perpetrated by illegal immigrants the removal of special order 40 needs a hard look.

I moved from CA because of lack of respect for my 2nd Amendment civil rights.

I now live in NV and I just bought an AR15 and I carry a concealed handgun all the time.

LA should concentrate on helping legal citizens not criminals

"give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses"

I work in Downtown LA 7 days a week. I am fed up with illegals who are gang members and drug dealers and they can march whenever they want and where ever they want and their "constitutional rights" be protected. I would leave this horrible city in a heartbeat if I could, because the city leaders are a bunch of pandering wimps.

This was a horrible day in U.S. History. Everysingle member that participated in these marches across the country should have been rounded up and deported by the national guard. Im not proud of anything officials did regarding this event that day. I expect many people to disagree with me but oh well. Bottom line is these people are Illegal.

Rather than investigate the use of force by LAPD on May 1st, I believe the officers involved should be commended for a job well done. As the hyperactive, instigatory media has zealously reported, no civilians were seriously injured. Even those that were seen by hospitals were released with minor cuts and bruises. Most of these people undoubtedly went to the hospital to document the incident as step one to the inevitable lawsuit they will file against the city that will of course be settled in their favor, once again undermining the long suffering LA area police officers. My understanding is that 15 officers were injured as well, but of course that is a "sidenote". As a sidenote of my own, I believe that the illegal "victims" of the incident should be billed by the city of LA for all the resources used on May 1st. These "undocumented workers" do not participate in our tax system. Therefore they do not pay for police, fire, emergency rooms, medi-cal, medi-care, the schools that lost money while their children ditched to "march", parks & rec and public works who had to clean up the trashed areas of "protest", or anything else that the rest of us continually pay for as legal U.S. citizens, or as I like to call us, "documented workers". And just a tip for future reference: It doesn't matter if you are media, illegals, or citizens, you do not cross a police line! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! You do not have the right to dispute the police when they order you to move. That's called interference and it is an illegal act. And if this "incident" had happened in Mexico, there would have been bodies lining the streets. Only in LA would the powers-that-be apologize for controlling a mob with minimal injury. Shameful.
Even though your bosses will not, I commend LAPD officers for the control and command that they possessed in a hostile, dangerous situation, and the minimal injuries that resulted. Good job, stay safe, and thank you.

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