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LAPD Trick Task Force Operation

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles police officers arrested 13 persons on September 8, 2006, related to prostitution activities near Sepulveda Boulevard and Rayen Street in North Hills. The operation began around 8:00 p.m., and ended at 1:30 a.m., the next morning. Undercover female police officers posed as prostitutes on the street and arrested violators, or "Johns," who stopped and solicited them for sex. Officers also impounded the "John's" cars, using city ordinance 41.70 LAMC that was enacted in 2005. In total nine cars were seized. The City Attorney's Office will determine what fines will be levied against the arrestees to enable them to get their cars back. In some cases, the cars may qualify to be forfeited permanently.

Operations-Valley Bureau vice units conduct periodic prostitution task forces in areas prone to blatant, chronic prostitution and other vice activities. This a full spectrum approach to the problem that seems to be effective at reducing individuals who are prone to soliciting prostitutes in the San Fernando Valley.

The following people were arrested for 647(b) PC- Prostitution.

Name                         Age        City of Residence
Arouchian, Harout        45             North Hills   
Hernandez, Miguel       19              North Hills
Garcia, Efrain              42             North Hills
Gutierrez, Pascual        35             North Hills
Aguilar, Adrian             35             North Hills
Gonzalez, Noe              21             Van Nuys
Thomas, Dennis           50             Canyon Country   
Amador, Marcus           24             Newhall
Aguilar, Fernando         26             North Hills
Castellon, Antonio        18             Panorama City
Roque, Rodrigo            35             Granada Hills
Martinez, Mario            50            North Hollywood
Castaneda, Luis            55            North Hills

Note: The arrest of any person does not imply guilt, nor does it guarantee prosecution for the charge. All arrests are referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office.

Media questions on this release may be referred to Sergeant II Rob Nakamura, Officer in Charge, Mission Area Vice, 818-838-9910.


The only danger in posting names of arrested people is that everyone will assume they're guilty, before being found guilty by a judge or jury. I realize there is a disclaimer there, but none-the-less, even if the charges are dropped, their guilt is assumed. While 99% are probably guilty why not error on the side of caution, and publish names after a plea of guilty or the defendant being found guilty.

Oh well, it's something to think about.

Hmm. I appreciate the info about what kind of work you are doing... But I disagree with publicly shaming these people. It seems a bit cruel. They aren't sex offenders yet, are they? Are these guys going to have to knock on doors in their neighborhood telling people they asked undercover officers for sex?

The arrest of an adult is public record. Prostitution is not a victimless crime; it speads disease, and deteriorates neighborhoods. The publishing of names is intended to deter others from engaging in such activities.

Also, a conviction for solicitation for prostitution does not make one a sex offender. That designation is for rapists and child molesters.

"It speads disease" so does one night stands that people have going to bars,so does cheating on your partner,so does your boyfriend cheating on you.

Peoples names should not be posted until they are found guilty.

Wht don't they post the names of bank robbers ect...

It seems your a little judgemental for a LEO.


I worked vice for two years sweet heart

Your not even on the same page here.
Two adults that meet at a bar and decide to get together is not illegal nor is a affair.Your missing the point.
Men who are involved in this activity and the girls have more sexual activty and parteners than the average person,most men who see working girls do it often.
It not only deteriorates neighborhoods but families and the children who live in these neighborhoods are at a larger risk for danger.
The posting of names has proven to work to discourage this sort of "monkey buisness"
Law girl is not being judgmental only realistic on what officers see everyday.

Holly, the names of bank robbers are released to the public when they are arrested. The names of those arrested for solicitation of prostitution, when arrested, and the names of ANYONE arrested for any crime (except juveniles) are a matter of public interest, and are therefore available to the public.

Nothing judgemental about it. Just following the law. Don't commit crimes, don't get arrested, and your name will remain out of the public light.


1. where did you get the stats for the sexual activity for the "Average" person ?

2.It not only deteriorates neighborhoods but families and the children who live in these neighborhoods are at a larger risk for danger.

Ok, well, why not legalize and regulate it as you would any other business ? Nevada does it why can't we ?

3. The posting of names has proven to work to discourage this sort of "monkey buisness"

let's be realistic here, as long as husbands and wives or boy/girlfriends fight, or a guy just wants a new experience,sailor hits port... prostitution will always be around. No matter what the LAPD does, it will continue. That's why it's called the world's oldest profession.

It seems that you may not be on the same page.

I agree with Marc. However I am WELL AWARE that thier names are available to the public by law. What the LAPD posted (13 names)was legal, but not right by common sense. Our job is to fight crime, put the bad guys away, and make the neighborhood safer. WE ARE NOT A MEDIA AGENCY BY ANY MEANS. Leave publicaly entitled info at the courthouse to be shared to the public at their choosing. The LAPD is owned by the citizens of LA. LAPD is not owned by NBC, ABC, CBS, or the LA times. With this in mind, the LAPD NEEDS to truly only focus on what we are MANDATED to publish publically...which are 13 arrests, NOT 13 NAMES! Leave that to the media.


I didn't give any stats for the sexual activity of the "average person" I stated that men who frequent prostitutes usually do it often or have more than once.
The stats for that would be being arrested for it more than once /several times and thats just the times they get caught.

For your #2- If you argue with that then the coversation is over,sorry! This is a fact and it does deteriorate neighborhoods,bringing in people with a sketchy character and endangering children.People don't want this activty "monkey buisness" in there neighborhoods ect..Would you like to look out your window and see this? Would you like your child having to walk past a car with "monkey buisness" going on?

For your #3, Your asking me why don't *I* legalize it? I don't have that kind of power Gonzo1510!
This is something you should bring to the forfront when you vote. If you think it's going to do any good for society. I personally have seen it do more harm than any good!

The posting of names does/has helped slow it down at times.

Whatever you want to call it besides the "Oldest profession" if it's illegal then you pay the price. What else do you want me to say?I'm not sure what kind of port your sailor wants to hit but your sailor may have to hit something else because if your breaking the law,here comes the long arm!

Ladylaw, Your quote was "Men who are involved in this activity and the girls have more sexual activty and parteners than the average person"

So my question to you is where did you get this stat ?

As for # 2, I have seen this growing up in S/W and Rampart Div.
hate to break it to you, but no amount of laws will slow it down let alone stop it. Last time I checked, Murder was a crime, people still do it....see my point ?

#3. Really ?! did you seriously and honestly think I was addressing you as an individual officer? If so, I hope you're not out on the street. Tell me you're working property div. or with the DAPS.

"The posting of names does/has helped slow it down at times."

Hey, if it helps you sleep at night....


LOL Looks like I hit port!Sailor not finding the proper port?

Nuff said,talk to someone else about your frustrations while I go engage in other posts.

"Tell me your working property div or with the DAPS"

I'm not telling you anything pal,keep quessing!

Best regards

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