Two Men Shot to Death, Pregnant Woman Injured in North Hollywood
Police Sergeant Ambushed, Suspects At Large

Paris Hilton Recent Arrest

On September 7, 2006, at 12:25 am, Los Angeles Police Department officers initiated a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of Ms. Paris Hilton. The subsequent investigation led to Ms. Hilton's arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). A review of the officers actions and the events following Ms. Hilton's arrest indicate that there was no deviation from Department policy.

Ms. Hilton was booked and released as required by law and Department protocol. I concurred with the Hollywood Area Watch Commander’s decision to release her on her own recognizance to a responsible party as permitted by law. In doing so, we were able to ensure that there ws no extended disruption of Hollywood Station operations or public safety.

Commanding Officer
Hollywood Patrol Division


This will surely boost your blog's readership. ;)

Wow, it sounds like the C.O. is circling the wagons to protect the tribe. Damage control for a violation of the department manual perhaps on behalf of the Wath Commander? I never heard of releasing a DUI suspect due to traffic concerns at 1:45 AM on a Thursday in Hollywood. Maybe if Paris was taken and booked at Van Nuys station like every other female DUI suspect, Hollywood traffic wouldn't have been a factor.

So by using the Watch Commander's rationale, if I get locked up for DUI and I have my friends hang out in front of the station with cameras,I will get relased early too? Will my friends be able to pick me up in the back of the station thats off limits to the public? Nah, who am I kidding, I'm no celeb-retard with a reality show.

I'm just another freaking observer.

I'm a friend of Paris Hilton ,well I have known her for six years. We met at a function.I knew her before she was famous. Paris Hilton has not made a big deal about this,like any other "dilitant" she has tried to not make a big deal out of this. The reason for her radio show call in on the Ryan Se creast (sp?,whatever!)show was to prevent rumors and as funny as it sounds she was infact cruising to get a burger. She did not think she was treated unfair or more privledged.The policemen were neutral and unaffected by who she was! They were not favoring her.Paris is not a dilitant(I had to look that up) she works very hard as a matter of fact had a hard day at a video shoot.She wrote a book,has a parfume and a t.v show.
I just wanted to set the record straight. She gets the same treatment as anyone else.


The problem is that DUI is a big deal. Ms Hilton tried to play off her involvement in the situation as though it were insignificant, which leads reasonable people to believe that she did nothing wrong.

It's well-documented that she enjoys the party lifestyle. It's also well-documented that she likes to drive herself home after a long night of partying.

She should be thankful that she did not kill anyone, and that the circumstances of the DUI arrest were not more egregious.

It's unfortunate that she will get herself a hot shot attorney and won't have to fully answer for her actions.

I can only hope that she learns her lesson from this and spends a few of her millions on a limousine ride home next time.


Paris Hilton wrote a book?....LOL I'm sure if she wrote one it would be mostly pictures!

I agree with the above poster Miss Hilton just happen to get caught this time and she could have killed or hurt someone while "cruising" for her burger!

DUI is serious and like everything else she acts like this was something they did to make a statement!

I hope she's treated exactly like every other person charged with a crime,not better or worse. But, I can tell you, if one can afford an experienced lawyer, they're usually treated better by the system than someone with a PD. Oh well, that's life in the city.

I was around Hollywood that evening and did not see anything out of policy. Other DUI suspects, in very similar circumstances, have also been released in similar fashion. I believe the intention of booking and holding DUI suspects is to ensure public safety and not as a form of punishment. And if you don't know Hollywood is jumping at 1:45 on a Thursday, then you haven't been around Hollywood at 1:45 on a Thursday.

The first comment is right. Females arrested in Hollywood are transported to Van Nuys, so Hilton was most certainly given very special treatment, much more so than Mel Gibson. Even for minor charges, women go to Van Nuys where this is a jail for female inmates, even if you are immediately released OR. And they don't wait for a group, the LAPD drives back and forth one by one. How do I know? I've been there.

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