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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Benefits Paralyzed Officer

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition took Southern California by storm Oct. 11 when its crew joined forces with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The nationally televised reality-show features families facing arduous circumstances.

Lapdswatveh2 Led by Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T) officers, a crew of some 250 volunteers prepared Oct. 13 to rebuild the home of paralyzed Officer Kristina Ripatti. Extreme Makeover, which airs weekly on ABC, will refurbish Officer Ripatti’s home—at no cost—to accommodate her physical disability.

The home’s transformation will be revealed Oct. 18 to Officer Ripatti and husband Tim Pearce, also an LAPD Officer. The "Ripatti Family" episode is tentatively scheduled to air Sunday, Nov. 26. Extreme Makeover sent the couple and their 19-month-old daughter, Jordan, on a weeklong vacation to Mexico while their home undergoes construction.

The new home will be wheelchair accessible and consist of an additional bedroom for Officer Ripatti’s mother-in-law who will provide home health care. Some 2,000 volunteers—plumbers, tile setters, and drywall and siding installers, among others—are expected to assist with the seven-dayTywithswatteam endeavor. Cornerstone Construction Group of Redondo Beach will spearhead the project.

Extreme Makeover, back-to-back Emmy Award winner for Best Reality Program, features a weekly project that would ordinarily take a minimum of four months to achieve. The show’s crew includes a team of designers, contractors, and several hundred workers who rebuild an entire house and revamp the exterior and landscaping.

Four months ago, an armed robber gunned down Officer Ripatti. Her partner, Southwest Area Officer Joe Meyer, returned fire, killing the assailant on the scene.

Since then, the 33-year-old officer spends most days in physical therapy and rehabilitation, learning how to adjust her life, home, and family to her injury.

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Oh my god,how AWESOME is that! I love that show and they do a pretty good job within a week. I used to be a interior designer so I know.
To say this is part of her good karma comming back to her is a understatement! I laways end up crying as the family goes through the house. This is going to be so exciting for them! The 18th, I won't miss it for the world!

All I have to say is - Yeah!!! The whole family is so deserving. What is funny is that I had seen last weeks episode where they were talking about heros, and I told my husband (who is an officer in Pasadena),wouldn't it be great if they received a home. Later that week we were watching the news, and they announced it. I just cried. I wish them all the luck, and I hope they enjoy their new home. Thank you Officer Ripatti for your dedication. May your family be blessed.

I volunteered my time at Ripatti's house on Sunday. It was great to see the hundreds of volunteers hard at work. The project is behind schedule due to the rain on Friday and Saturday and as of today (Monday) they still need drywallers and tilers. Please help if you can.

I only wish I still lived in Los Angeles, so that I could help. I watch the show regularly, and Officers Ripatti and Pearce deserve this assistance. I'm glad that they were nominated, and that they were chosen. I'm looking forward to the surprises when the show is aired.

Hoping that Officer Ripatti is continuing to improve and that both officers and their family are adjusting.

Thanks to EMHE for the makeover, and thanks to the LAPD for the underappreciated job that they do.

Portland, OR

I've had the opportunity to have contact with both Kristina and Tim through the years in the department. They are the most wonderful people I've ever met. Kristina God Bless You and your family. Stay strong.

Thank God for Miracles!!! This Officer and her family deserve this. When I heard the news I was in tears, I had been hoping they would do it. Kristina God Bless you and your family

I read about this project in the Daily Breeze!!! Way to go!!! Great PR for LAPD as well. Keep up your great work!!!

You have proven that there is no such thing as scarcity. Now it is time to show the wealth of abundance and love to Enrique Chavez and his family. I cannot hear your words, only your actions.If your gifts were truly for Kristina and not offered to make yourself feel good, you will do for Enrique in private what you have done for Kristina in public. I AM loving you always.

What ever weirdo!! Your point is?

Is this not the officer who was careless with his gun? While it is true tragedy, you cannot expect the two officers to be treated the same way. Officer Ripatti was shot in the line of duty, and Officer Chavez was off duty and careless. I am still having a hard time understanding how the glock just went off. They do not just go off. Why the gun was not on his person, or in an area where his son could not reach it, is beyond my understanding. It would be sad for EHME, not that they will,choose this family. It is a show for families that truly deserve it. I am so excited to see the final outcome. We live in Manhattan Beach, and it will be exciting to see the outcome of their new home. Again, to The Ripatti's: Congrats on your new home.

For my last comment: Sorry. I meant to the Pearce/Ripatti family: Congrats on your new home.


I think you are poisoning both events with your insensitive comments. If you don't have anything nice to say.... Don't say anything at all. I am sure you have never done anything wrong or had an ACCIDENT.

It is nice to see that the community and the Extreme Makeover show have come together to support an officer in need. It would be nicer to see other organizations that rally for criminals and their rights, to come out and help officers.

Any help for any LAPD officer that has been injured is all good. I think it is great that this show did this as I am sure they receive many request from deserving people. To select Officer Ripatti was wonderful.

As for both of the officers recently paralyzed, I believe there is a 5k and 10k race coming up in Calabasas on Nov. 11th in which some of the money is to go to both families. I believe it is called the Calabasas Classic. I am not too familiar with it. If anyone knows anymore information about this please post it. That way all of us that would like to help can go do the race and show our support for these officers. Thanks.

Maybe I am weird. I didn't stop to ask for her work record before I donated blood and copious amounts of cash to Officer Ripatti's trust. I didn't check the popularity polls before I brought my grandchildren 75 miles to Southeast to leave gifts for Jordan. My point is I would gladly do the same for Officer Chavez or any other Los Angeles law enforcement officer. Before you trash the leftover building materials, and the blueprints, and go home to beers and patting yourself on the back, ask yourself if there is something, or someone, in your family you forgot. It really sounds like Kristina was one tactical error away from dealing with all this by herself. In my world, when someone makes a mistake, we don't leave them twisting in the wind alone. See you all at the Cathedral Sunday.

How can you compare the two? It's not that the comments are insensitive she is just asking how can you compare the two and why would you even poison the the situation to begin with like the first poster did when comenting anonymously. If anyone is poisoning it's them by starting out by posting that on Kritinas site. Tell them their poisoning this positive post in supportive Kristina FIRST! Talk about bringing the vibe down,look what they started,their the instigator!

In my opinion the two situations are totaly not even worth comparing. The other officer shouyld practice better safety procedures when off duty!

Simmer down you two!Unless either one of you two are LEO and know what it's like to walk in our shoes,what it's like to have the media get a hold of a story and blow it out of context,unless either one of you were there that day and witnessed everything unfold cast your judgements at the ladies sewing circle.I don't want hear it! Accidents happen.

Lets move on from this pesimistic banter that is going off the topic of the original post!

Weirdo, in regards to your posts.I just think your missing the point here. It's just amazing Kristina and her family are receiving this benefit. I'm not sure about "Weirdo" maybe just resentful neagtive and bitter.
You won't see me at anything cathedral on Sunday.

Poisining?? Nope! Insensitive?? Nope! If Mr. Citizen/Officer would have read my original post he would see that there was no poison written. Mr. Anonymous did start this, and it was not the place. Other than that, this will be the last post I write on this subject. It is not the place. I am excited to see the outcome of the Pearce/Ripatti home. Again, congrats, and may you enjoy your new home.

Does being married to one, being the daughter and sister of one count? From here on, I'm moving on.

I am glad everyone agrees that this is is a blog for people who are happy to see Officer Ripatti is getting a new house from the Extreme Makeover show. It is very heart warming to see everyone is willing to help and contribute to try to improve the situation.

I will be watching the show when it airs and will tell everyone I know about it.

1st I'd like to say this.
My husband and I both helped out, we where there on Monday.It was amazing to see so many people come together,voluntiered,worked their behinds of and just made this happen.Awesome.

2nd. Weirdo. Who are you to judge or tell anyone what we should do or not,how we should act or not.What do you know about any of us? How do you know that no one here *gave * to Officer Chavez,or not?
I can tell you one thing,the people who worked and voluntiered their time for Officer Ripatti, did not go home and patt themselfs on the back,at least we didn't.We went home and thought about this day,about all the Officer's who are willing to give their lifes for us (including my husband).
There where Officer's on their code 7 helping out, wives of Officer's,neighbours,LEO's, and just people who appreciate our LEO's.

Maybe you just don't know how Extreme Makeover works????

Anyways, weirdo, take care,remember it is not up to you to judge. If you are so concerned with others and want to help,then do so,do not judge others.Reading your posts,it seems to me,that you would like a patt on your back,why else would you go on about your good deed's???

Dear M, In the spirit of this blog, which is to support understanding and communication, I am writing to apologize to all of you for messages that read as critical and judgemental. No, I don't want a "pat on the back", for it is my privilege to care for LEOs, so just no, the answer is no. No, I am not bitter, or resentful. I am not negative, but my experiences give me a different perspective. I lost a mate 20 years ago to PE, 2ndary to paralysis, 2ndary to GSW. I don't need her to be a hero. I need her to be as healthy as possible. I care about who will still be there for her next year, and ten years from now. I was there when Officer Ganz was murdered. I was there, this year, on the streets, with MB officers on the ten year anniversary of his murder. I don't like to get into the business of deciding what people deserve; all I know is no officer deserves to be hurt, maimed, or killed. I wish this sweet, brave, thoughtful, sensitive officer had never been shot. It's kind of hard for me to move from that sadness to the energy that is swirling around Officer Ripatti right now. What is it going to be like when everyone goes home? But since you all are feeling that high energy, I just thought it would be a shame to lose it when there is so much other need for caring and community within the department. Please forgive me for my lack of ability to communicate effectively, and for my bad timing. For that, I am truly sorry.

that is so cool that they are re- doing her house. i cant wait to watch it air on television. im just very interested to watch to see what happens and what changes, i know that house from top to bottom. my great grandma used to live there until she got sick and had to move in my house.

Weird and sad,

Would you get off this already!Please....enough!

I'm so sorry about your loss. I'm not judging you but I think you have some misplaced resentments and feelings that you may be feeling and taking out on this blog like anger for the situations not getting the same attention. I think you can compare it to a child who says "He got more than me" I'm not getting as much sympathy ect.

Thanks for explaining but please do not misplace your feelings and "feel sorry for me too" attitude on this blog for Kristina,bascially thats what your doing subjecting us to "your stuff" You don't need to come back and explain further we all get the jist of it.
I wish you all the best in your healing.
The house looks great and so does the inside,anyone who has been there knows how happy they are,this has been a blessing.

It was neat being able to go to the house and watch the workers build the house. I wish I could have helped, but I didn't know what they were doing until two days before its end. I'm supposed to usher the community showing, its in Torrance. But I still don't know if I'll be able to.

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