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Los Angeles Police Officers are Mourning the Loss of One of Their Own

 Los Angeles:  An LAPD officer was killed during a traffic investigation in the Los Feliz Area.

On October 22, 2006, at approximately 1:20 a.m., Northeast Area Officer Landon Dorris and his partner, Officer Marc Fujiwara, were investigating a minor traffic collision at Riverside Drive and Hyperion Avenue.  Officer Dorris was in the street, when a car heading west on Riverside Drive struck him.  The force of the impact caused the officer to hit another car that was waiting to turn left onto the Golden State Freeway onramp.

The driver of the car immediately stopped and was very distraught over the incident. The driver was questioned by police officers at the scene, and there was no evidence he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The driver was not arrested or cited; however, the investigation is continuing. 

Officer Dorris was transported to University of Southern California Medical Center in critical condition with major head trauma.  Despite the efforts of the hospital emergency staff, Officer Dorris did not survive his injuries.  “The men and women of the LAPD are deeply saddened by the loss of a fellow officer. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Officer Dorris during this difficult time,” said Chief William Bratton.   

Officer Dorris was 31-years-old and had been with the LAPD for 3 years and 4 months.  Prior to joining the LAPD, Officer Dorris served 6 years with the California Highway Patrol as a motorcycle officer.  He is survived by his mother, two sisters, fiancé and two sons, ages 3 and one-and-a-half.

Chief Bratton and members of the LAPD Command Staff responded to the scene of the accident and to the hospital.  They met with family members and officers who gathered for Officer Dorris.

The last LAPD officer to be killed in the line of duty was 31-year-old Ricardo Lizarraga.  He was shot and killed by a suspect on February 20, 2004.

Questions may be directed to Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.


May God keep his ever loving arms around Officer Dorris and his family.

The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department wish to extend their condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Dorris.

Officer Dorris' line-of-duty death clearly underscores the unpredictable danger associated with protecting this great City, while reminding us all of the courage displayed daily by our friends who stand intrepidly on The Thin Blue Line.


Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

My condolences to the family of Officer Dorris, and to the LAPD Family.

Portland, OR


While we are all saddened by the death of this young officer...it brings to light my personal observations of LAPD officers conducting traffic investigations and DUI checkpoints at night.

At night it is extreamly difficult to see people in the street especially when there are flashing lights and mutiple headlights facing into drivers eyes. I recently observed an officer on Santa Monica trying to slow down cars ahead of an invsestigation by waving his arms. At night this was almost a futile attempt.

In rain or with wet pavement at night the situation is even worse.

I would recommend that the LAPD investigate and implement the use of reflective vests, similiar to those wore by CAL-TRANS and use them in all situations where the officers need to be seen in order to prevent being hit and killed.

Ditto to what Dave Moreno said. LAPD uniforms are completely black and difficult to see at night. Grade-school kids are taught to wear something bright and/or reflective at night. The LAPD should, too.

I saw news footage at the site last night after Mr. Dorris was hit, and there were scores of LAPD on the scene; only one had on a reflective vest. You'd've thought these folks would've learned their lesson being on a scene like that.

May God bless the LAPD family & the family and friends of Officer Dorris, at this very difficult time. We have you all in our prayers.

I have a question. Instead of blaming the police department fo rthis problem could it have been he was just not being responsible? I know it's a sensitive subject but I feel your awareness should be better than this.Just curious

My husband Officer J.P.I Olah and I want to express our greatest heartfelt sympathy to the family of Officer Landon Dorris. Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this sad time. Landon and my husband were great friends and
he will deeply be missed. Deeply.

God Bless,
Marie and "Johnny"

I went to high school with Landon in Fortuna California,seemed like yeterday. I couldn't believe I saw him on the local news like this. I didn't know he lived down here, I didn't get to say hi or bye! He was a great dude!

I have known Landon Dorris ever since he was a little guy coming to our house to ride bikes with my brother. He was a great guy and a person that seemed stretched thin from trying to be there for so many people.

I will miss joking with him and hearing stories about what he and my brother are up to. He was like our adopted brother and we will never forget him.

There is a new vest on the market..It uses L.E.D. Lights on the vest which can be seen for up to a mile..There is also a switch that can shut down the lights and the officer can go into a stealth mode let's say...Good Luck and stay safe...

I don't think Landon Dorris wasn't being responsible. He was a great man, responsible in any matter. Also as a family man. He was my sister's husband and father to my two wonderful nephews. In which they are going to miss alot. I don't think it should be permited to accuse someone of not being responsible when there not longer with us to defend him self. We will miss him. RIP Landon M. Dorris. Please pray for my sister Marisabel and her two sons Landon Jr. and Brandon Dorris. We will all miss him. Please don't say anything negative about him if you didn't know him. He was doing his job. Only two hours were left so he could be with his family. Please pray once again for his family in wich they are heart broken by this incident. Thank you.

Terri said, "Instead of blaming the police department for this problem..."

Terri, I don't think anyone was blaming the police department here. Accidents happen. Tragedies happen. People were wondering how accidents like this might be prevented in the future.

You also said, "could it have been he was just not being responsible?"

The officer was killed trying to assist at the scene of an accident. He wasn't rollerblading in traffic. Yes, maybe he could've done this or that differently, but what's the point of that speculation now? People will always die in accidents. People will die helping at the scene of accidents. But, perhaps, some steps can be taken so it won't happen as often in the future.

I think, however, speculating on the officer's imagined irresponsibility is pointless here. Nothing in news reports suggests he was not following standard-operating procedure. He died in the line of duty while trying to help others. Let's not besmirch his reputation with unfounded speculation.

It doesnt matter if you would have had on a reflective vest, or the air ships light on you. We all have a role in life, and yours was to be on this earth for 31 yrs. the pain that we all feel is the pain of missing you. Because we all know your better off. Keep the seats warm up there for your family, it wont be long till your all reunited. But as long as your family is here, we'll make sure that your boys have a christmas every year, a college fund, plenty of mentors, on the hope that they too become LAPD one day. Relax, and send a shooting star every once in a while towards the skies of NOE, they'll all be watching. take care bro....37029....
From all at The Castle.

Landon was one of my best friends in High School and I will always remember the good times we had. I really wish we could have stayed in touch over the years. If anyone has any contact information for his family please post it or e-mail it

Thank-you Acosta for writing that about Landon I agree with you completely. Landon was a great guy that was very responsible!!! Landons sister Carie is my sister-in-law and I knew Landon as quite the jokester and very helpful especially when he helped get my car out of the ditch in front of his house in Fortuna (sorry again about the ivy and fence Elaine). I will miss him very much. To the entire Dorris family you are in my prayers. I want to thank the LAPD for taking such good care of the Dorris family!!

A Hero is gone and we all stand and cry. Once again angry that another had to die and now there is silence taking over the day, as another great hero is taken away.

My condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Dorris.

Landon was my classmate at the CHP Academy. More than that, we were quad mates. I remember him as a very kind man, and willing to help out. I am so sad to hear of his death. I am grieved deeply for his children who will not have their daddy. I pray that his death will not be for nothing. Let us remeber he is in the presence of our Lord and is filled with joy now.

I worked with Landon before the both of us left the CHP for "greener pastures." Landon was a solid cop and an even better man. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

For those of us in police work and to the families who support us, forget the ignorance of those who do not serve. They will never understand!

Let's honor Landon and take care of business.

God Bless.

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