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Man Dies After Assault


The residents, merchants and visitors to the City of Angels, along with the LAPD experienced a major loss on Sunday, perhaps more than any of us can comprehend.  Those of us fortunate to have worked along side Officer Landon Dorris knew him as a dedicated father, committed law enforcement officer, and good friend.

Before transferring to my present assignment, I was assigned to Northeast Area where I had the good fortune to have Landon work for me on the morning watch. For those of you who don't know, it takes a special kind of person to work this watch. The majority of the time you are racing to calls, battling darkness, under sometimes harsh weather conditions, yet you must remain focused on the primary mission, achieving a society free of crime.

As supervisors we are expected to mentor, train and lead those entrusted to our care. However, sometimes we forget that we too can learn from those younger and less experienced. Landon left me with a lasting impression, which I will never forget and hope to pass on to my sons. Landon was a confident man in both his abilities and training. Reserved and quiet like the wind, but who could erupt for the preservation of peace. Many nights and early morning hours, Landon and I shared conversations about our profession, families, and friends. I came to understand that as a watch commander I was very fortunate to have Landon on our team and Northeast Area was all the wealthier.

It was because of Landon's strong work ethic that I chose him to fill many critical assignments; working a patrol car, policing a major public event, or investigating a serious crime. To Landon the nature of the assignment did not matter, all that mattered to him was that duty called. A character trait we can all learn from. God, I'm going to miss you a lot Landon. My intent was always to work with you again in the future.  When you arrive at heaven look down upon us from time to time and remind us of how you with "dignity and pride" lived up to the LAPD motto; "To Protect and To Serve."

Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre


Lt. De La Torre:

Based on your comments, Officer Dorris sounds like he was an excellent officer, and you seem to be an excellent, caring supervisor.

Thanks for you service to the City of Los Angeles.

Stay safe!

Portland, OR

So VERY sorry for you loss.

Prayers for you all.

Sarasota, FL

I just left Officer Dorris' funeral service, which was a somber and moving event. My condolences to the family, friends and brothers and sisters in uniform. It is clear that Landon Dorris is a good person with a big heart, and his presence on earth will be sorely missed.

I never know what to say in these circumstances. My condolences to Landon's family.

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