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Drive- By Shooting Kills One

Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School

Pb170448 Today, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Police Department, parents and students participated in naming an elementary school for the first time after a fallen Los Angeles Police Officer. 

On February 20, 2004, Officer Ricardo Lizarraga, 31 years old, along with partner Joel Ruiz, responded to the aid of a Domestic Violence victim, when they were confronted by Kendrick Johnson, a known gang member and convicted felon. Johnson produced a handgun and fired several rounds at the officers fatally wounding Lizarraga. 

At the naming ceremony, attendees celebrated Lizarraga's life and spirit.  Chief William BrattonPb170447_1 spoke of Lizarraga's gift of "giving" to the community.  Lizarraga's widow, Joyce, expressed her appreciation for honoring her fallen husband and spoke of his motto, "Don't ever give up." Other speakers included, Ms. Veronica Moscoso, Principal, Mr. Marvin Horner, Assistant Principal, Councilwoman Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Council, 9th District, and members of the LA Unified School District, all who elegantly praised Officer Lizarraga. 

Pb170453 As important, if not heart warming where the thoughts expressed by several students in their speeches.  Giovanny Chavez, 5th Grade, expressed how police officers help the community. Ivonne Hipolito, 5th Grade, pointed out the importance of police officers.         

It was a special day that captured Officer Lizarraga's spirit and soul. 


That was so sweet that they named the school after him. :-)

So that no one will ever forget your name. Thanks bro...

I just want to commend the Principal Veronica Moscoso and the Assistant Principal Marvin Horner. Both are true and genuine in there sense of community and the important links between the Police and the students. As a friend of Ricardo's I am sure that he would be very proud to have such an important institution named after him. The idea of the naming of the school was started at the ground level, not City Hall, which is why in my opinion Ricardo would be even more proud. I see much success coming from the Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School, for the children that attend. I hope that other Schools in LAUSD take notice and follow suit in the link between the Schools and the Police Department it is clear by the positive tone that has been set by all involved, that good realationships are being forged .

To all my fellow Warrior cops, Stay Safe

Ed O'Shea

What is hoped to be a fine school named after a DAMMED FINE OFFICER.
We all miss you bro!

And a great last name it is.

The L.A.P.D. sure can't seem to do anything about all the gangs that have held their Harbor Division (The area between Western Ave. & Normandie and between Carson Street & Sepulveda) under seige for years. They call themselves the "East Side Torrance" gang or "EST". There is gang graffitti everywhere. Old sofas are just cast out in the streets, and left there until the little children tear them apart and they are covered with gang graffitti. They sell drugs on the streets. A car drives up, one of the gangsters goes out to their car, they do their business and the car drives off. The L.A.P.D. is nowhere in sight. Drunks drive the streets here daily and nightly unchecked by L.A.P.D. Wild parties filled with known gangsters go on in this neighborhood until 3:00 A.M. and then the gangsters hang out on the property where the parties are held for days, urinating and tossing their beer bottles into the streets. The gangsters drink with their homies from sun-up until late at night and do their illegal drugs but L.A.P.D. is nowhere to be found. Why is this area retained by the city of Los Angeles if the city of Los Angeles doesn't want to maintain it and keep it safe for law abiding citizens?

Anonymous your complaints should be directed to Harbor Division and not on this blog that honors a Fallen police officer. Thank you to SLO Reedy, Carrillo and Angie for putting a bug in the LAUSD's ear. This was a great accomplishment and I am sure Joyce and the Lizarraga family appreciate such a great honor.

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