Man Dies After Release from Custody
A cop in pursuit of trust


The Los Angeles Police Department's COMPSTAT process has identified an increase in "Burglary/Theft from Motor Vehicles" throughout the City of Los Angeles.  Many of these burglaries and thefts were attributed to unsecured vehicles. 

During anytime of the year, but especially the Holiday Season, it is extremely important to be aware of the potential for crime.  Please work with your police department by following some basic safety tips, and together we can prevent crime.

1.Do not leave valuables such as electronic equipment, gifts or packages visible inside the passenger area of your vehicle.  Secure these items in the trunk of your car.

2.Always lock and secure the doors and windows of your vehicle, even if it is left unattended for a short time.

3.Park in a well-lit area or where there is plenty of pedestrian traffic.

4.Install an alarm system.

It has been our experience that most criminals search for easy targets.  Thus, by hardening the target it can either prevent the crime from occurring and/or buy enough time for suspects to be apprehended.  Always be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary steps to protect yourself, family members and valuables.


I'd be interested in hearing how the LAPD thinks this logic, that "criminals search for easy targets" and that people should "take necessary steps to protect themselves, family members and valuables" applies to the current CCW issuance policies in Los Angeles. Couldn't the argument be made that since CCWs are issued frequently in surrounding cities and counties, but rarely within LA that these policies are turning LA Residents into "easy targets" and preventing them from "taking necessary steps to protect themselves, family members and valuables?" Certainly a resident of Los Angeles who a criminal can safely assume does not have a CCW is an easier target than a resident of Orange County who might have one.

Looking across at the "recent posts", one of them relates to my comment. "Man shot to death standing on sidewalk".

Your point that criminals prefer easy targets is very accurate and well worth keeping in mind. One should take the steps you suggest to "harden the target".

The confusion I seem to have is why LA is so reluctant to face facts about violent crime and restrict concealed carrying of handguns for personal defense.

40 states are now "shall issue" and in every case crime is declining faster or increasing more slowly than comparable areas which are not "shall issue". Even in CA, many counties are far more willing to trust citizens and admit to the limits of police forces to control crime.

It is not LAPD's fault that most often it is in a reactive mode in responding to crime. The simple facts are there are not enough cops out there, too many criminals, and they have the initiative.

"Agressive policing" is a step to reduce response times, but that is what it does, mainly. LAPD is still responding, if a call comes in. Obviously, the man on the sidewald didn't have time to call in and wait for officers. If armed, he might be alive today.

With the few permits issued in LA today, there is about a 99% chance that a criminal will not encounter an armed target. Said another way, criminals can be well assured that about anyone they decide to take on is unarmed. Soft, easy targets.

What can the LAPD do about this? Can residents here have the same opportunity to defend themselves as in other counties in CA? Other states?

Most of us don't want the inmates running the asylum. I feel perfectly safe without a weapon, and I don't want my neighbors to have them, either. May I suggest that it may be time for you to go to one of those meccas you describe, and I'll stay here in the 2nd safest city in the country sans weapon.

It is suggested that you "take the necessary steps to protect yourself, family members and valuables." How can you take the steps to protect yourself if you aren't allowed to tools to do so? 40 out of 50 states allow there citizens the means to protect themselves, and have had no problems with CCW license holders. California being a "may issue" state, some counties actually do give out concealed carry permits, but LA does not, or not as easily. When will California as a state give it's citizens the means for which to protect themselves? If the state won't give us the option of protecting our RIGHT to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness, it would be nice to see the cities and counties recognize the fact that there law enforcement can't possibly protect everyone from all crimes.

Come on California, we need to pass a "shall issue" concealed carry law. We are in the minority on this issue, and there have been no problems with any increase in crime or accidental shootings in the states that have given ther citizens the ability to carry a concealed weapon.

"and I'll stay here in the 2nd safest city in the country"

Are you kidding? Because you certainly aren't talking about Los Angeles. I just looked up every "safest city in the US list" I could find for the last 5 years and Los Angeles is not on any of them. Care to back that claim up with a link to where you got the info?

are there any studies that have shown either the efficacy or non of ccw laws? this is a moot argument without real data to reference.

Sean, according to per capita statistics released by the FBI on 9/19/06, Los Angeles was rated 2nd safest of cities of over 100,000 residents. Okay. Second safest big city. I misspoke. Don't shoot me.

When I read the post about the off duty officer being shot at by some idiots who thought they were encountering a defenseless citizen, I had the exact same thougt. If only law abiding citizens could carry concealed weapons legally like in Florida and Texas. I like the way a businessman in TX put it after crime increased with the influx of hurricane victims. He said "We don't carry guns because we have to, we carry guns because we can!

I usually carry my weapon off duty. The only exception is with my 2 year old child. With him near's my wallet, keys, and car.. I don;t want any problems. I am a great witness. When not with me "Tackleberry"! EVERYONE tells me though, with NO exceptions..."You should carry it always, If I could carry one LEGALLY, I would at all times!"

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