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At a news conference today, Mayor Villaraigosa and Governor Schwarzenegger voiced their support of Los Angeles’ bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, while Chief Bratton and elected officials from the region looked on in support.

Speakers included the Mayor, the Governor, Southern California Committee for Olympic Games Chairman Barry Sanders, state Assemblyman Fabian Nuñez, and Gold Medal Winner Peter Vidmar.

Mayor Villaraigosa cited LA’s great institutions, various stadium facilities, previous Olympic hosting experience, and, of course, our climate among the reasons LA makes an ideal hosting city for the summer games. Should the bid proceed successfully, residents and olympians alike can rest assured the LAPD is committed to providing a safe experience for these games. 


Chicago will give Los Angeles a run for its money. Soldier Field, crashed spaceship though it may now be, would present a dazzling lakefront venue for opening and closing ceremonies on the shores of Lake Michigan. Temporary seating and the availability and versatility of other nearby venues (U.S. Cellular Field, Ryan Field, and Hawthorne Race Track) will solve the stadium conundrum. Ueberroth already has given his blessing to multiple outdoor venues. Los Angeles already had the Olympics, and recently. Los Angeles lacks a showcase downtown, as well as an efficient transportation infrastructure such as the one firmly in place in Chicago.

Los Angeles reportedly is the early U.S. favorite, and the L.A. bid has the existing stadium infratructure. But as an Olympic city, Los Angeles is old, tired, and not as likely to win favor with the IOC. Chicago has far more to offer the world.

"We've got the beaches, the glitz and the glamour, and now we even have David Beckham," says the LA mayor.

Uh, David Beckham?

We have Brian Urlacher and the Bears. Oak Street Beach. Division Street. Ethnic neighborhoods. Women with real breasts. Italian beef. The best pizza in the world. The best blues scene in the world. The best public art in the world -- and without a drop of spray-painted graffiti on it. We spent a millenium of tax dollars on a downtown park we call Millenium Park, and it's real nice, especially the big metallic bean. Really cool. Right next to the Frank Gehry sculpture that looks like another crashed spaceship.

We make no small plans in this city. So I wouldn't count us out just yet.

I lived in the Valley and worked at 7th and Hope during the 1984 Olympics, and with the cooperation of business using flexible scheduling, earlier and later deliveries, and the great efforts of the LAPD in traffic control, that was the best two weeks of commuting I had in the 8 years I worked downtown. I hope Los Angeles wins the bid and shows the world that they deserve a third summer games. I know the LAPD will do their part.

Stay safe!

Portland, OR

This will keep you all very busy.

We don't have enough officers to field every day radio-calls, let alone a major event like the Olympics.

I'm sure Chicago will get the nod.

I respectfully disagree with the other commenters. Hosting the Olympics is a true honor for a city. I trust that if we are chosen as the host city for the 2016 Olympics, that it will be handled as well as the 1984 Olympics.

I don't even want to think about 2016! All I can visualize is how OLD I am gonna be God willing and the creek don't rise.

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