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Man Shot and Killed in Alley

Mayor and Chief vow to combat gang problem

Los Angeles: On Thursday Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chief Bratton, Sheriff Baca, and FBI Director Robert Muller along with other local leaders, vowed to put the 204th Street gang out of business.

Standing in front of the Del Amo Market, a location where Blacks know not to patronize for fear of straying into Latino gang territory and being shot, Mayor Villaraigosa said, “You heard it here first today, we’re here to put the 204th Street gang out of business. We’re coming with everything we have. No one should have to fear for their life because of the color of their skin. Not in our city, not in our county.”

Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who represents the Harbor Gateway area, announced that the cavalry was here!

Chief Bratton said law enforcement officials will focus efforts on ten to twenty of the most violent gangs in the city. “We’re not messing around this time. Spread the word, we are not coming, we are here. We are more united than ever.”

City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said an injunction to limit activities of gang members will be imposed in the area. He said that it may take some time for a judge’s approval, but said that the City Attorneys office is committed to shut down gang headquarters. He also said that his office will obtain stay away orders to keep gang members from areas outside of Harbor Gateway.

Deputy Chief Charlie Beck said that you will see multi-agency cooperation. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and Torrance police officers working side-by-side with LAPD officers. Los Angeles Unified School District police will share intelligence that they glean from activities in schools. Agents from the FBI, BATF, and the DEA will provide intelligence, electronic and visual surveillance support as well.

Last year, while overall crime was down, gang crime was up 14 percent in the City of Los Angeles.

To hear the Mayor and the Chief of Police news conference, please click here for the podcast.

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I am not from LA but I love the city and have many friends from there and one of the leading conversations we have is that if the city was concerned about gang violence they would drop their sanctuary city status. Why is this not done? This policy only puts the handcuffs on the police and allows gangs, with illegal aliens to laugh at them. I have read reports that 20% of all gang members are illegal aliens.

Time to get serious? How many times over the years have we heard that refrain? There are several contributing factors for the rise of gang violence that the media and the department have failed to reveal. One, the consent decree has gang officers fighting gang crime with one hand behind their back. Unnecessary rules and regulations mandated by the consent decree have hamstrung gang officers. An officer can only work a gang unit for two years. By the time an officer gets the expertise needed to effectively combat gang crime he/she has to leave the unit per the consent decree. If you want to set up an observation post just to watch a gang location you have to due a least a day's worth of administrative work. If you want to write a search warrant, it will take days to serve it because it has to go through so much review up and down the chain of command. Why bother with all the heart ache?

If a gang member makes enough unsubstantiated complaints against you will be grounded. An experienced officer who is proactive will have uses of force, and complaints; it comes with the territory. However, because of the consent decree those hard working officers probably would not qualify to work a gang unit. Consequently, lesser experienced and more likely less aggressive officers are working gang units. I'm not saying current gang officers are not high quality officers; the gang officers in this city are doing a great job considering the excessive amount of rules that burden them.

Another factor, is the mountain of intelligence lost when our former chief and now council member ordered the destruction of thousands of gang "I" cards. Destroying the intelligence was an over reaction to the Perez scandal, just as the consent decree is.

When the city wants to get serious about gang crime, they will hire more officers. (Good luck; Why work for a department that is under so much scrutiny and, for a city that will not support you if you get into a controversial incident. (e.g. Steven Garcia) When they truly get serious, the City will fight to get rid of the stupid rules regulating the gang officers. When the LAPD truly gets serious, Department leaders will not cave when unfounded and false complaints come in against their proactive officers. (e.g.. the officers that worked so hard to clean up a housing project by enforcing a gang injunction only to transferred when gangsters complained. ) Until the department and city truly get serious you can count of gang crime continuing.

I have been reading about the gang violence in L.A. that is said to be on the rise. The city promises to "crack down". As former gang members and other professionals on the matter have said - nothing will change. This is true unless L.A. is willing to show extreme resolve. After all - these gang members want to be extreme. SHOW THEM EXTREME!!! Special law enforcement officers dealing with the issue must be given shoot-to-kill authorization. Meaning, as soon as a person is believed beyond reasonable doubt to be a gang member, that gang member has a target on his forehead and its open season until he voluntarily turns himself in for rehabilitation. I guarantee that when MS-13 members started getting legally assasinated in broad daylight by special officers they would all pack their bags. Do it Los Angeles!

Glad to hear the police dept is going to combat gang problems..

Got one question....What does the LAPD plan on doing when gang members start making bogus complaints against officers when they do nothing but their job by enforcing the laws.. Are the officers going to be re-assigned like the 2 officers were from Southeast Division? Hmm.. Maybe the complaint system needs some ajusting FIRST to avoid an avalanche of bogus complaints and countless hours of unnecessary hours investigating BOGUS complaints..

Hopefully it has started already. I was very busy this weekend with gang arrest reports from NTN. I say keep them coming, busy is good!

What happpened to J Q Public posts??
He makes me laugh with his funny liberal views.


LACOPWATCH, how much of an idiot can you be??? Do you think out of 10,000 officers a good cop knows what every cop, including the bad ones? You must be out of your mind! If you worked at Washington Mutual, a company that has thousands of employees, do you think I would expect you to know who the bad ones were? Don't be an idiot, be reasonable...

Ok, I'm not a cop, however my father was one for many years. This is what I know of the LAPD. The majority of them are very hard working and good police officers, however, like you said there will be some bad ones. I think in any organization that employs over 9000 people, your bound to have some bad apples... thats just common sense.

Now lets not blame the hard working LAPD officers for hiring these bad seeds. Let's blame the city for hiring these scumb bags. Let's blame the city for lowering the standards to even be a police officer. Let's blame the city for restricting the LAPD so much that qualified candidates would rather go work somewhere thats not so restrictive. And finally, Let's blame the city for falling into political pressure.

I've heard that the city hired gang members into the department. I heard that many of them have slipped through the process, and have made it, however some where indeed caught. Does everyone remember the 2 gang members that were throwing gangs signs at each other in the police academy, and got caught by their instructor? Does anyone remember the asian gangster from the Chinese Mafia that got caught while on probation?

Fortunately, the examples of the scumbags above where actually caught and fired from the LAPD, but believe me COPWATCH, i would bet you money that there are many scumbags that made it through the process. There will be another rodney king, and perez type incident in the future. But that incident will not be by a honest hardworking LAPD officer, it'll be by a scumbag that the city interviewed, conducted a background check on, and eventually hired. So in conclusion LACOPWATCH, dont hate the hard working officers, because they do a hard job that you dont do, because your not good enough!!!

The Mayor, the chief or police, the top sheriff, and an FBI guy finally decide that it's time to get serious on gangs??? Thats really interesting? I think that JB had some really good points of why their master plan will not work.

First of all, everyone knows that the LAPD is the most restricted police department in the state. The 2 gang officers that are now sueing the department are a prime example of why this plan will not work. We have given these gangsters way too much space pre Perez era. I think that if a gangster really wants to get rid of a gang cop, all they have to do is exactly what the gangs in SE did to those 2 officers.

To all the city leaders... If you're really serious about this issue, change the complaint process for one, because it really hurts the department knowing that our process really does stink.


Just let patrol coppers do their job and don't tie their hands. LA Police can handle anything thrown at them, even with shotty equipment. Oh, and the less supervisory hands in the mix, the better. Be safe.

LAPD is false advertising on there vehicles. You cant claim protect and server the public when there is no preventative maintence. Its like saying I protect my car but I never wash it or change the oil. You can connect poverty and discrimination, hopelessness and lack of leadership for the gangs. Gangs could be stopped with gps and camera technology but that would take away the cops, and state prisons best customers. The "drug war related crimes could be elimnated" also but the city,county, and state governments are prospering from the criminalization. Gang problems is not like trying to find a cure for cancer. Everything is statistical and commonsense. The Numbers dont lie. $40,000 per 175 thousand inmates. Waste is rampant. To not give inmates no training, no skills, broken homes, fatherless kids, poverty, single mothers, job loss, scarred by public info data bases. The technology is here and society must demand it because governments want to keep the broken machine running at full throttle as it is. Youth at risk need preventative maintenance!

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