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Child Abduction Regional Emergency Alert

Los Angeles: Los Angeles police are asking for the public's help in locating Alloveya Myita Smith, a 2-year-old little girl who was taken by her mother’s boyfriend, the child's father, today shortly before noon.

The suspect, Grover Smith III, 30, a male Black with dark hair and eyes, 5'8", 170 pounds, took the child against her will during a domestic violence incident with her mother. 

Smith is possibly travelling in a 2003 Ford F150 pick up, California license 7A89322.  He was last seen with the child in the area of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Montague Street in Arleta.

Alloveya is Hispanic with a light complexion, 3 feet tall, and weights 40 pounds.   She was last seen wearing a red shirt with “Love” written on the front, and pink, white, and purple striped pants with pink boots.

Detectives are extremely concerned for the child's welfare and are requesting anyone who may have information on the suspect or victim’s whereabouts to please call 911 immediately.


I don't understand this. If I as a parent(male) have argument with the childs mother and decide that I wish to take my child with me, and there are no court orders saying who has custody and I leave and say go over to my parents house with the child how
is this a crime? Someone Please explain this and the law to me.

Let me try to help you, Ron.

If you donated the sperm to make this child but remain the "boyfriend," you do not have custodial rights under the law, unless perhaps you have gone to court to obtain them. Your biological connection to that child doesn't entitle you to take him or her wherever you wish whenever you wish. It's kidnaping. It's a crime.

I also encourage you to think more carefully about what you've suggested ought not to be a crime. You get into an argument with the mom, and part of your response is to leave . . . and take "your" child with you? Why would you do that? To make mom feel powerless, maybe? To strike back at her in some way? To take hold of the one thing most important to her in the world? I hope you can understand why this behabior is criminalized.

Parents who lack custodial rights actually do have choices. You had a choice not to make that baby with someone you didn't or couldn't marry. After you made the baby, you had a choice to step in and be a husband. If for whatever reason your partner prevented you from exercising that option, that is really too bad for you, but consider it an unfortunate consequence of the choice you made to sleep with this person who was ready to sleep with you but not ready for the possible life consequences.

None of your misfortune entitles you to waltz off with that child. Find some other way to tick her off.

Gabe,thanks, another question,
Does the mom automaticly get custodial rights?? What if two people have a child together out of wedlock and live together. They get into an agrument about a third person who the father of the child does not want around the child because of gang ties and the person just got out of prison. He tells the mom he is leaving and takes the child with him over to his parents house and moves in with them with the child. Is this a crime??

What rights do fathers have that are not married to the mother but live with her and the child? Can the father say I am tired living with you me and my child will staying here. Here is the address and phone number you can reach me at. Takes the child and leaves. Is this a crime??


It is the policy of the Los Angeles Police Department to accept all missing and child abduction reports. Keep in mind that the scenario you mention in your post is very different than what is listed in the press release. To give you an understanding of some of the laws we are guided by review the California Penal Code: Legal Definitions, 277 PC; Abduction Without Right of Custody, 278 PC; Abduction by one Parent against the other Parent, 278.5 PC; Prevention of Unlawful Flight and Return of an Abducted Child, 279.6 PC, and; Jurisdictional Issues, 279 PC/784.5 PC.


The person that I am talking about today filled for custody. The child is with him and us at our home the mom is not objecting to the father haveing custody. In fact they have worked out that he keeps the child Momday thru Friday and the mother keeps her on the weekend and the dad picks her up from the sitter on monday night. I put posted another question, if you would be so kind as to answer that one also for me I would be very thankful for your time.


Ideally, it is always best when two adults can come to an admirable agreement regarding child custody issues. However, if they cannot come to an agreement they should seek legal assistance, and have the courts intervene on their behalf.

Thanks Lt. for you advice.

--It is the policy of the Los Angeles Police Department to accept all missing and child abduction reports--

This is exactly what is wrong with the LAPD. They are so whipped that they can and will do anything to appease the public at large. And you know who suffers? The PUBLIC!

Instead of investigating real crimes/problems, we are taking reports that are basically family disputes. If the suspect is arrested, the DA will more than likely reject the case.

Remember this the next time you call 911 and the cops take an hr to get there. You can chalk that up to the above policy.

More than likely there are numerous units stuck in the station filling out bogus reports that we are 'mandated' to accept that will ultimately get laughed at by the DA.

I agree with "Cop" totally. Alot of these types of incidents are simply family disputes. I don't know if there is a domestic violence issues with this case or has the suspect threatened to cause bodily harm to the child. Stuff like this happens everyday and is not even reported to the police.

I would assume there was more to it if the Dets stated they were concerned for the safety of the child. These things happen daily and rarely would be blogged or make the papers if it was just a custody thing

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