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Police Commission 3/20/07

The Police Commission meets regulary every Tuesday to discuss issues relative to the Department.  Starting this week we thought it would be interesting to provide you an overview of the current status of the Department. 

Notes from the March 20, 2007

Los Angeles Police Commission Weekly Meeting

·         Several Commissioners attended and enjoyed the good-natured political roast of Chief Bratton last Thursday evening at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.  The roast was an annual charity event benefitting the American Diabetes Association.

·         31 Fifth and Hill gang leaders were arrested on drug selling and conspiracy charges, the culmination of a major narcotics investigation.  Nearly a dozen guns, 85 pounds of tar heroin, 5 pounds of cocaine and 3 pounds of methamphetamine were recovered.

·         Seven surveillance cameras are now installed and operational at the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts.

·         PO1 Marcos Granillo, Hollywood Area, passed away this week from a head injury sustained in an off-duty motorcycle accident. UPDATE: Hollywood Area is hosting a B-B-Q fundraiser on Thursday March 22, 2007, 11am to 8pm.  All proceeds will go to Officer Granillo's family. 

·         Last week there were 6 restorations and 25 retirements.  There are currently 398 recruits in the Academy.  The total number of police officers currently deployed is up 2.3% from last year.

·         The National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement has honored the Inspector General’s office with an invitation to deliver 2 presentations at their annual conference in San Jose this year.

·         The Department’s request for modification to the Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Service National Internal Affairs Best Practices Grant was approved by the Police Commission.

·         The Department’s report pertaining to the supplemental agreement to Marilyn Droz’s contract to provide composite artist services was approved by the Police Commission.

·         The Department’s report related to the supplement to the 2006 fourth quarter report was approved by the Police Commission.

·         The Department’s response to City Council’s request regarding the Bandit Taxicab Program Status Report was approved by the Police Commission.

·         The Department’s Activity Report for January 2007 was approved by the Police Commission.

·         The Department’s report related to gang enforcement performance audits was approved.  In 30 days, the plan of action will be presented.

·         The selection of IBM to provide digital in-car video cameras was continued 1 week, pending a hearing with another perspective vendor.


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