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Police Chief Bratton Announces New LAPD Bureau

Los Angeles: On Wednesday, May 30, 2007, Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton announced the creation of the new Critical Incident Management Bureau (CIMB), under the command of Deputy Chief Michael Hillmann.

Deputy Chief Hillmann, assigned most recently as Commanding Officer of Operations West Bureau, will assume his new command effective immediately.  CIMB will coordinate and develop department critical incident management strategies, tactics and training consistent with Los Angeles Police Department policy, the National Response Plan and the Standardized Emergency Management System.  CIMB will provide incident management staff for special, preplanned and/or spontaneous events as directed.

Deputy Chief Hillmann has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department since 1966.  He has held supervisory rank since 1976 and was assigned in the past as a Police Officer and Supervisor at Metropolitan Division, SWAT.

An overview of Deputy Chief Hillmann's background and history with the LAPD may be accessed online at www.lapdonline.org.


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This "new" Bureau is just another needless level of bureacracy (and hypocracy) within the LAPD. Isn't Special Operations Bureau already tasked with doing what this new bureau is being created to do? Why not put Chief Mike Hillmann back at SOB (that's where he was when Chief Bratton transferred him to OWB because George Gascon felt "threatened" by Hillmann's popularity with the troops)& put Chief Roupoli & his incompetent cronies out to pasture?? Please do us city taxpayers & citizens a favor and skip another round of fleecing officers from patrol duties. It'd sure be nice to have enough patrol officers to respond to citizens' service requests (at least within 2 hours to a home invasion robbery!) LAPD's current course is going the way of the Medical establishment; Every officer will be a "specialist" & us citizens better hope that the "specialist" we need is on duty when we're victimized!!

I don't know, Marvin, don't you think it's a rational response to some of the criticism, even here on this blog, about putting Metro guys out there in the park who didn't have the training for that situation? LAPD is one of the most specialized departments in the nation, so this is no different. (Don't you guys still have that art theft squad? I mean, really, you'd think there'd be a squad for stealing steak sandwiches.)

I see this move as a way to get a tighter grip on command and training of who gets deployed into these situations (I'm not sure I'd volunteer for this little stint if I were you, though), and Hillman seems like a pretty good choice given his reputation.

Gabe, your comments are typically balanced and insightful. It is refreshing and encouraging to read fresh and insightful comments from officers out there that are not in the “blue cocoon”. Keep’m coming and stay safe.

Chief Hillman is an excellent choice for this new bureau. Hopefully, someone in the command staff with low self esteem won't feel threaten by having "Iron Mike" in the lime light again. We only have two years before he retires to get this bureau right. Looking at recent promotions, I do not feel there is a Commander or Deputy Chief with as much FIELD time, expertise or charisma that Hillman has that can make the tough decisions once he retires.

During my 30 years with LAPD, I had the privilege of being assigned to Metropolitan Division as a Policeman, Sergeant and Lieutenant. I got to work C platoon and D Platoon (SWAT) as a Policeman. I worked both B and C Platoon as a Sergeant and then B Team as it was called and K-9 as a Lieutenant. I learned from the best and to this day, I am extremely proud of those Metro Officers I worked with in all kinds of details ranging from V.I.P. and Witness Security, Stake outs, Crime Suppression, Crowd Control and SWAT Operations. That's a period extending from January of 1975 to February of 1994. I also worked with Metro Personnel while at Central Patrol, Detective Support Division and Anti-terrorist Division. They were always there ready to take care of business in any situation.
We always trained in Metro, sometimes to the chagrin of some non field oriented Staffers. But that is the Metro way. As Sgt. Grady Dublin once said to Police Commissioner Mike Yamaki in a Metro Supervisor's meeting, "We get paid to answer the bell, no matter what it is, " That statement truly represents what Metro has always been about.
If the information I've heard is true, namely, that Metro hasn't trained in Crowd Control Techniques for over 18 months and there has been no "New Guy" school for incoming Metro Officers, then something is more than "Rotten in Denmark" . Metropolitan Division has always set the standard in this area of police work. If this tradition has been abandoned for the sole deployment of Crime Suppression Arrest Details to temporarily reduce crime statistics while boosting arrest statistics, then that is a symptom of poor leadership, lack of police operational experience and political expediency...things that LAPD has been known NOT to do.
Metropolitan Division was created many decades ago to deal with contingencies and events beyond the means of Patrol Divisions. On-going training was and still is a necessity to maintain perishable skills, increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary liability. The Department has LAPD's great reputation was built on the results of hard working street police officers, not political hacks.

To take a platoon off the streets, relieve commanders and arbitrarily and capriciously pass judgment on an operation without due process is the epitome of a dictatorial regime that has either allowed or directed maintenance training to disappear. It is very convenient to save one's rear while pointing the finger at others that are trying to do a good job.Not all demonstrators are compliant with police directives. The existence of instigators is common knowledge. Go to You Tube or Google and take a look at Counter Police Riot Control Techniques and see how it's done, including the recent McArthur Park incident..
Any alleged leader can support his/her troops when the going is good. It takes a real Leader, not politician, to support the troops when things may not go as planned or someone complains. You are obligated by Integrity and professionalism as well as loyalty to your subordinates to get all the facts and not bow to political pressure. I think I heard at the Police Academy that was also JUSTICE. Give every man his due!
The highly publicized command reasssignment of Deputy Chief Mike Hillman is mind boggling. The Chief had him assigned to Special Operations Bureau which oversees Metropolitan and Air Support Divisions. Mike is well known for his Metro background. He got transferred to West Bureau. Now he is being brought back to a newly created Critical Incident Management Bureau. If he was selected for Special Operations because of his unique expertise, then why would he be sent out to retirement in West Bureau? Now he's reassigned to conduct training for the same things he was basically responsible for at Special Operations. Interesting decision process.
It's time the present Chief of Police studied someone who wasn't afraid to make an honest but hard decision. President Harry S. Truman stated, "The buck stops here" Guess what Chief Bratton, that includes you!
John O'Connell, Captain, LAPD Retired.

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