Activation of New Photo Red Light Equipment in Valley Bureau
Los Angeles Man Dies in Downtown Stabbing

Upcoming Recruitement events

May 14, 2007
San Bernardino Sun Career Fair 2007
Doubletree Inn
222 N. Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA  91764
10:00 to 3:00

May 15, 2007
EDD/Spring Julilee Job Fair 2007
West Hollywood Hyatt Hotel
8401 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, Ca  90069
10:00 to 3:00

Hire a Hero/Hire a Vet
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, Ca 
9:00 to 1:00

May 19, 2007
Long Beach Pride
Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA
10:00 to 4:30

SoCal Tour de Cure
El Dorado Park
Long Beach, VCa
7:00 to 1:30

Police Celebrity Golf Tournament
10460 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca  90064
7:00 to 4:00

L.A. Avengers Football
Staples Center
1111 S. Figueroa
Los Angeles, Ca  90015


Why not recruit at MacArthur Park?

I have been searching for information on the officer involved shooting that took occured on 5/09/07 and it seems there's no mention of it. I find it strange that something of that magnitude didn't even make the local news. It was even stranger that the EPA was in the area after the incident went down. I smell a cover-up.

If these potential recruits are smart they would look elsewhere. You military folks, go to the Feds and carry your military time with you. I should have done that when I ETS.

Santa Ana is a great place from what I heard that has a real Chief who gives a damn !!

Yes..i would not recomend the LAPD. We are not supported by our Chief Of Police or the Mayor. They cave in to politics and the line coppers pay for it.. Go some place where you are supported by your command and not thrown to the wolves when you do the right thing. I was in another state talking to a large Dept. They all said that we did the right thing during the May Day March. They advised that they would be proud to take any LAPD officer as well as many other departments around the area. So if i were looking at LAPD i would go look some place else. If you are new, there are other jerisdiction who are hurting for cops, and will treat and respect you alot more. Chief Bratton wants to hire moire people but he doesnt respect the ones he has now. Its shameful!!! Good luck reaining officers when you throw them to the wolves befor a investigation even begins!!

It is sad but I have told a few well qualified people to apply LASD instead of this department, after the incident in the park I don't see things getting better. I will continue to tell people go to LASD, a department that supports its people.

If you wanna work in L.A. without all the political second guessing, go to Port Police or General Services Police. They get paid the SAME, dont have to chase radio calls until they're EOW. They're trained well, growing by leaps and bounds, work with LAPD but they don't fall under the consent decree or have to carry toy-r-us flashlights.

Hogwash. If you want to be a copper because you want respect, or because you want to be loved by the chief, don't be a copper anywhere. If you want to join because you want the chance to do great things, you couldn't pick a better department or a better place. Talk to any of the medal of valor winners identified in the post below. Ask them whether they regret joining. Ask some of the veterans whether they regret it. Ask Don Bellante whether he regrets putting away an insurance salesman for second-degree murder after he drove drunk and killed a 4-year-old girl in her own living room. Ask the detectives who put away the killer of Tom Williams, gunned down in front of his own son on the orders of a hoodlum against whom Detective Williams was about to testify. Ask the Devonshire detectives who found and put away Roland Norman Comtois, a man who was pure evil, for his rape and murder of an innocent teenage Chatsworth girl. I don't think any of them will tell you they regret joining, not for one minute. They stood between innocence and evil, and they faced down evil. You have a rare opportunity to do that, as a law enforcement officer. And let's face it -- Los Angeles has always had an oversupply of evil. Go where you're needed. Go to the LAPD.

LAPD should hire as much as they possibly can right now, sincethe 60% of current officers will leave after their 5yr. commitment. But for the sake of the department, hire some quality recruits, not the flakes that have been coming to the LAPD lately. I smell a scandal coming very soon, since we have so many low quality people. By the way, does anyone know how many hardcore drug users the LAPD has hired year to date????


Go talk to the MOV recipients? Good idea! Should I drive to Burbank, Santa Ana or the Sheriff's Department? Maybe I can go to Newport Beach and talk to the two guys who got medals from the Governor, but a slap in the face from the LAPD.

At least one, Billy Bratton! The drug, OBLIVION!

Stay Safe Warriors, this ride is about to get very interesting!

I do agree with some of the comments that Gabe made. There are a lot of good officers in the LAPD, and they are doing an outstanding job. However, Those officers have to pay the price when 1 or 2 LAPD officers do something stupid. Look at the Perez scandal for example. And with our hiring standards of recent, I believe that the LAPD will see a lot more scandal come about very soon.

Yes, there are very good officers on thye LAPD. It's the Command Staff, the Chief, the City Counsel, the Mayor, and the Anti-Police Commission who are the ones who make LAPD a place new recruits should avoid. If I were looking to join a police department, I would look at Orange County agencies.....They pay more, have better benefits, and communities and departemental leaders that back them when they are doing thier job. Not second guessing every move they make to further thier own careers or polictical ambitions.

Somewhere I have the speech that Jack Webb gave to Kent McCord on a "Dragnet 1967" episode when McCord said his fiance dumped him because she didn't want to marry a police officer. If I can dig it out, I'll post it at some point here. It's worth reading.

And RCJP, I should have referred more generally to the many MOV winners the department has had over the years. Surely you are not denying that you guys have a lot of brave cops. Maybe you are. What I am suggesting to you, and to others in your camp, is that you stop denying who you are and stop letting others -- John Mack, Chief Bratton, the activists, whoever -- define who you are. From what I have seen of your officers, most of you folks are quite capable of defining yourselves, and with great distinction.

Now stop whining and go out and do it. Or find some other line of work that better suits you.

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