Man Points Pistol at Officers
Police Arrest Man for Baseball Bat Murder

Attempted Murder of Police Officers

Los Angeles: Detectives are investigating an attempted murder of police officers that occurred last night in Northeast Area.

On Sunday, June 17, 2007, around 2:15 a.m., police were patrolling a known gang area in the vicinity of Weldon Avenue and Drew Street.  As officers drove west on Weldon approaching Drew, they heard several rounds of semi-automatic gunfire.  Police stopped their marked police car on Weldon and saw the suspects, 3 male Hispanic gang members with shaved heads, in their late teens to early 20s, drive by in a small black 4-door vehicle.  As the suspects drove past, they fired several rounds in the officers' direction.  Police Officer II Richard Priest, 33, five years with the department, returned fire.  The suspects sped away.

A perimeter was immediately established and a search for the suspects and their vehicle conducted.  Neither the suspects nor the vehicle was located.

No officers were injured.  The suspects remain outstanding.  Force Investigation Division personnel responded to the scene and are conducting the OIS investigation.  Robbery Homicide is investigating the attempted murder of police officers.

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I'm curious why the good people of LA don't get up in arms when we get shot at? If Ofcr Priest had connected one his bullets with the suspect the bleeding hearts would have come out of the wood work asking why did this "young man" have to die at the hands of the cops. And I love when they fall back on the old race card. Forget the fact that the little punk shot at the cops first.

Ask the families of fallen Officers why didn't the media and activists stand by their side and condemn the violence that took their loved one away. I know it's part of the territory of being a cop, but it doesn't mean that we deserve to die because some little punk decided it's time to go out for target practice.

And to those who might come lashing out at me for my Blog. Remember I was a civilian like yourselves once and I'm a minority. I've seen both sides and I much more prefer the blue side.

It grieves me that most of you really believe you are unwanted and unloved by the people you serve. There are people out here praying for you, caring for you, watching over you, and just generally loving you. What do you need to hear or see to believe that is true? And by the way, I have told you this in person, P-2 Dog. Think back a few months...

P2Dog: If you have made great sacrifices to live in a way that matters, can you keep on doing it even if no one else cares?

Loves Northeast: we know there are people out there that love and appreciate us, I talk to them all the time. That's what keeps us going! But what we and you need is a command staff that has the intestinal fortitude to put their own career path aside for the good of the people! MOST of these clowns sell their souls to the devil just to make it to the next rank. They wouldn't know a day of Police work if it bit them on the rear! The last guy that did step up was Chief Carter, and look what happened to him. Yet NO ONE from the community stepped up to help this man out! NO ONE! He did a great job and a riot was avoided! Los Angeles just let a man get squeezed out that truly had the safety and security of the city at heart and put his money where his mouth was! Yet, NO outrage as to his demise, NONE. That's just plain UNSAT!!! So Loves northeast, we know that your out there and you and people like you are what keep us doing what we do. We will keep loosing our jobs, getting shot at, berated, demonized and killed until the good people like yourself get a louder voice! We love hearing it from you, but all we ask is you allow us to make you safe, and right now that is not being allowed! So again, as I have asked before, how much of our chalderns blood is enough before this city wakes up? Thanks again for the support Northeast, we like hearing it from you.

Stay Safe Warriors,

Ed O'Shea

Sorry, Ed; management can take care of themselves. There's a few individuals I care about enormously, but you and I would not agree about who they are, and neither would your fellow officers. When it comes to the rank and file, I love your socks. Who you are, how you are, how well you do does not depend on the people above you, but how well you work with your fellows and how well you mentor the new officers. Just my humble opinion, Ed. If I thought the safety of the city hinged on management, I'd eat your gun.

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