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Vicious Pitbull Attacks Officer

Los Angeles: A vicious Pitbull was shot while officers were searching for a burglar.

On May 28, 2007, at about 12:30 p.m., Southwest Bike Officers Elbin Quintanilla and his partner responded to assist other officers who were in foot pursuit of a burglary suspect.

While searching for the burglary suspect, an LAPD Air Unit directed Officer Quintanilla and his partner to a backyard in the 3000 block of Norton Street. The officers were confronted by a vicious Pitbull who charged Quintanilla's partner and was inches away from biting his leg. Officer Quintanilla fired one round and struck the dog in the shoulder.  The owner of the Pitbull came out of the house and restrained the dog.

A perimeter was set and the K-9 Unit was called out.  The burglary suspect was located near the area and was taken into custody without incident.

The Pitbull was transported to a Veterinarian hospital by the owner and is in stable condition with a through and through gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Officer Quintanilla is 32 years old and has been an officer with the LAPD for 2 years.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Southwest detectives are conducting the investigation.


Vicious Pitbull attacks officer?

So a dog that protects the owner's home is vicious?

If a cop jumps into my backyard to look for a fleeing suspect, I have to worry about my dog getting shot?

I find it very disturbing that a dog that is supposed to protect its property and master, is refered to as vicious when an officer entered that premises.

If this were a German Shephard, Doberman, Rotweiler, or any other breed of dog that protects its land, the same thing would happen.

I look forward to the lawsuit the LAPD loses in this matter.

Lets not further the pit bull hysteria. individuals trespassed late at night in an agitated state. The dog was doing it job just as well as the officers were doing theirs. It's an unfortunate accident, not a "vicious pit bull"

and just to clarify "inches away from biting his leg" sounds an awful lot like "never touched him"

Wait a second. Officers storm into an innocent person's property, their dog defends their property, and it is shot and labelled 'vicious'?! Are you kidding me?

I cannot begin to describe the things wrong with this blog post.

Shame on those officers for brutally attacking an animal who was merely protecting it's owners and their property from unknown intruders.

Is "vicious" an accurate label for a dog that attacked while defending his home? The officer was in this dogs territory. Of course it is going to charge! Any dog would do this, pit bull or chihuahua. Articles like yours are the reason why Americans are terrified of such great pets. LAPD should foot the vet bill and the family should be proud of their protector.

Let me see if I have this straight, the police officers pursue a suspect into a backyard and the dog that lives there gets defensive and you call that "vicious"? Hmm, sounds to me like the dog was doing what dogs do when strange people show up on their home turf. It's poor word choice like this which gives Pitbulls a bad reputation. If it had been a retriever or a collie I doubt your headline would read even mention the breed or use the label "vicious" inappropriately.

Has Officer Quintanilla been arrested for cruelty to an animal, trespassing, and/or damage to personal property? If not, this is simply another case of a cop being above the law. There is NO excuse for the officer shooting the dog. The officer is the one that put himself and the dog in danger, and he should be held accountable like every other citizen.

Hey mental midgets, look up the definition of 'vicious' in the dictionary.

Here, I'll do it for you ungrateful citizens:

vicious [ˈviʃəs] adjective,
evil; cruel; likely to attack or cause harm
Example: Keep back from that dog —it's vicious. even gives an example of the word in the same context used in the press release.

So, once again....vicious equals 'likely to attack or cause harm'.

The pitbull's actions were clearly vicious and thus a threat to the officer; who was in full right to defend himself against physical harm.

Yes, the dog was only doing it's job and since pitbulls are dumb dogs, it did not recognize the person as a police officer.

The officer was in fresh foot pursuit of a felony suspect and per the law, was legally allowed in the yard.

More importantly, a BURGLARY suspect was arrested and taken off the street.

If you people don't want the police to apprehend criminals, call your mother the next time someone steals your car or breaks into your house.


Hey Mac V, You climb over my locked fence shoot my dog you get to talk with my lawyer and Yes, I will make a formal complaint. I might even call PETA. Just to give you a headache.

Who the idiot who asked if the officer has been arrested for cruelty to an animal, trespassing, and/or damage to personal property? Must be a lawyer or something. . .

Chicago: Please tell me that's where you live? If so please stay there, we don't need "your kind" here in Los Angeles, we have enough degenerates to deal with!
Get the facts before you open that soup cooler~! What a tool!

If it's a choice that dog having my leg for dinner or me putting a bullet in it...bang!

How about using a real dictionary:

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French vicios, from Latin vitiosus full of faults, corrupt, from vitium vice
1 : having the nature or quality of vice or immorality : DEPRAVED
4 a : dangerously aggressive : SAVAGE b : marked by violence or ferocity : FIERCE
6 : worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each other

A dog protecting its property is not "vicious". That's what they're bred and trained to do.

Are there dogs that can recognize a police uniform?

It's unfortunate that the dog was shot and the police officers had the right to enter the yard. The only problem I have is the author labeling, the dog "vicious". Vicious connotes malicious or evil intent.

Dear Mac V -

Excellent post!

To Chicago, Sean, and all of the other wizards of hindsight:

If the burglary suspect had entered the house in front of that yard, and had been using the residents of said house as hostages or worse, would your response be the same? I think not.

Unlike the lot of you, who have all of the information when you make your judgment, the police do not. They have to respond and deal with situations based on the worst possible scenario, including a suspect getting into a house and dogs guarding that house.

While the use of the word vicious is lamentable, so is your second-guessing and lack of comprehension of the circumstances as a whole.

Side note - Both as a dog lover and knowing the living conditions of the dogs down in Southwest, the dog was probably trying to get shot.

-Master of the Obvious

Mac V RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON...So many bleeding hearts..

LAPD, Keep up the good work and keep safe protecting me....

I love dogs as much as anyone else, but you raving lunatics need to get a grip.

A large, potentially dangerous dog about to bite an officer enforcing the law, may get shot, regardless of the dogs reasoning (I can't even believe I am saying this!!Since a dog reacts to instinct and training)....and I HOPE that you do not believe that an officer has to PRY to dog off of his leg before he can take action to defend himself.

HE IS NOT A POOR DEFENSLESS DOG!!!! and regardless of WHY he is charging...HE IS STILL CHARGING!!! It's regrettable for sure, and if it were my dog, I would be sad. But for crying out loud certainly didn't see the dog calmly walking up to the officers saying...Mr officer, please get out of my yard or I will be forced to bite you!!!! which is what OFFICERS are required to say!!! IT'S A DOG!!!!

Don't you yahoos recall the Animal controll officer that got maulled by the big dog and the damage that they can do? What would you prefer...the dog shredd that officers arm? worse yet, latch on to his juggular as he slowly bleeds to death? That's exactly what you peple are saying and it's a LOAD of you know what. See how the City would pay for THAT one huh? What's the difference? An Officer being shot by an armed suspect? Or an Officer being shredded by a big dog? There is NONE!!!

As much as it hurts PETA people...DOGS ARE PROPERTY!!!

I would hold the safety and value of a human life over that under those circumstances...even if it were my beloved cherished pet.

Could you replace that officer that easily? Apparently NOT!


Officers don't sweat dog shootings. The complaint will come back exonerated and you'll be out a dog and some cash from your shyster lawyer.

Oh, and the only one who'll probably have a headache is the dog.

Sorry to burst your bubble champ.

"vicious" was poor word choice to describe the circumstances of the event:

vi·cious –adjective

1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate: a vicious life.

2. given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal.

3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception.

4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.

5. unpleasantly severe: a vicious headache.

6. characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.

7. savage; ferocious: They all feared his vicious temper.

8. (of an animal) having bad habits or a cruel or fierce disposition: a vicious bull.

9. Archaic. morbid, foul, or noxious.

some of the posts on here are just idiotic and have chips on their shoulders. my goodness. the cops are legally allowed to do what they did. if the suspect broke into that man's house, don't tell me he's not going to want the cops to come into his property because it was private.

i'd like to see the posters of the first few comments to NOT react or do something to any dog that's about to approach or attack them.

it's unfortunate what happened to the dog but let's get real.

That's fine Ron, and after it is all said and done you will learn that you wasted your time and efforts when it is ruled that the officer acted appropriately and within the confines of the law.

Frivolous law suits are filed everyday. You might as well join the club!

Mac V - Great Post!

To all of the other wizards of hindsight who are demeaning the officer and his actions - shame, shame, shame.

The use of the word vicious is lamentable, but so is your lack of comprehension of the overall circumstances.

The officers in this case had incomplete knowledge of a felony suspect in a certain area. The burglary suspect could have been inside the house the dog was guarding, taking hostages or worse.

Think of what you would want officers to do if the suspect was inside your house. Would you want them to chance it? Or should they instead be afraid of you calling your lawyer and PETA while the suspect held a screwdriver to the neck of someone in your family?

Also, being familiar with the living conditions of dogs (particularly pit bulls) in Southwest, it could be possible that the dog was trying to get shot. (Sarcarsm alert...)

-Master of the Obvious

Let me get this straight. You are chasing someone he runs into my yard where I have a dog sleeping . He jumps up because he there is someone in the yard that is not suppose to be there and he barks ands charges and you shoot
him. Now I am not suppose to get mad and have no reaction?? It's just ok to shoot my dog and oh well?? your dog is dead and it's ok?? To bad??? I don't think so!!

I hope everyone in the city reads theses posts. It will show them just what the cops think about the people and there animals in this city. Me and PETA might just show up at your house with our picket signs. You guys are nothing but a bunch of whineing jerks who think they know better then anyone else.

I can't help but find myself amazed by the comments made by the fine citizens of the city of Los Angeles. If a child were to jump a fence to gather a ball he kicked by mistake over a fence (like you did when you were young). Then a dog (any dog) charges this child, a child sees a shovel, grabs it and strikes the dog...killing the dog. Should the child now be arrested and be reported to PETA??

All scientific studies have proven that if you own a pit bull, you're a complete idiot.
When's the last time anyone heard of a golden retriever charging and mauling someone?
Why not keep a Lion as a pet? morons

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