Notes from the July 10, 2007 Police Commission Weekly Meeting
Pitbull Escapes and Attacks Officer

Murder Suspect Could Not Elude Long Arms of the Law

Los Angeles: Two murder suspects were arrested leaving only one suspect outstanding of a one year old murder case. One of the arrested suspects was nabbed in Korea as he was serving in the US Army.

On July 15, 2006, Brian Chin, 27, a male Korean, and father of a new born baby, was murdered in Koreatown. Chin had been involved in a fight with a group of young male Koreans inside a local nightclub. The fight spilled into a nearby parking lot, where several suspects surrounded, beat, and stabbed Chin. The suspects fled the area as security guards approached the scene. Chin was transported to USC Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.

The case was assigned to the Asian Gang Unit. Through the investigation, three suspects had been identified as being involved in the murder. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office filed murder charges against all three suspects and arrest warrants were issued.

The arrest warrants were issued for Justin Hong, 18, David Kim, 21, and Ronald Rhee, 20. 

On June 27, 2007, during an investigative stop, LAPD patrol officers arrested Justin Hong in the Rampart Area. He was booked on the murder charge and is currently in custody.

LAPD detectives coordinated with United States Army entities to locate and detain
David Kim, who was on active duty as a Private First Class and stationed in the Republic of Korea. On July 10, 2007, US Army Military Police personnel escorted Kim, from Seoul, Korea to LAX, where he was taken into custody by LAPD detectives.

Bail was set at one million dollars for both Hong and Kim.  Detectives are still looking for Ronald Rhee, also known as "Anfferny Kim," who is believed to have fled the local area just after the murder. His photograph is available through Media Relations Section.

Although the victim had no gang ties, it is believed that the suspects have gang affiliation.   

Anyone with information is asked to contact Asian Gang Unit Detectives at 213-847-1620. After hours or on weekends, phone the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAW-FULL (529-3855).


after he gets done serving his time he's gonna join LAPD.

This "gang" member looks more like a UCLA MBA student.

I wonder if calling him a gang member makes him sound more menacing? You don't need to be a gang member to be involved in a bar fight which gets out of control. Alcohol and testosterone are enough to create havoc.

just for your info "los angeles resident," asian gang members usually dont look like your typical gang member. And just because he looks like a UCLA MBA student, does NOT mean he is not a gang member. Asian gang members usually do not dress down, they actually look exactly like any asian guy. So in the future, be careful of how you stereotype people, because you might be suprise yourself.

Doesn't matter what he's called or what he looks like, this guy is going down. Bar fights are one thing, but using mace and knives in a bar fight where it is 9-15 (armed) people vs. 3 (unarmed) people is a whole different story. Cowards who only fight when they outnumber their foes always get theirs in the end. Nowhere to run to Ronald, nowhere to hide....

Probably told his parents that he was at Border's studying with classmates for his MBA Economics class.

what the sex brother

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