Young Man Killed By Gang Violence
Woman Sexually Attacked in the Valley

Activation of New Photo Red Light Equipment in South LA

Los Angeles: On September 26, 2007, at 12:00 P.M., the Los Angeles Police Department will activate a Photo Red Light (PRL) system at the intersection of Normandie Avenue and Gage Avenue.  This is the fifth activation within Operations-South Bureau (26th in the City) with a new PRL monitoring system, which records vehicle license plates that run red lights.  In the near future, additional locations will be outfitted with comparable machinery, totaling 32 intersections Citywide.

In June 2005, the City’s PRL contract was not renewed after many years because of the poor quality of photographs.  In November 2005, the City Council approved the contract with a new vendor, Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc.  The new system is an improvement over the former system.

The dual-digital video camera system will record violators as they approach and travel through an intersection, after the light has changed to red.  The license plate will be photographed from the front and rear.  It is with the rear-facing camera that officers anticipate will increase the likelihood of convictions.

The digital video system will record 30 still frames per second for each violation, allowing a greater opportunity to get a clear photograph of the driver.

The new system has added features like the ability to monitor and adjust the equipment remotely via satellite.  It will also provide live photographs from the intersection during a breaking emergency.

A sergeant and four officers will be assigned full time to administer the program.  They will use a laptop computer in court to present the digital evidence during disputed cases.

Media inquiries regarding this system may be referred to Sergeant Matthew MacWillie, Traffic Coordination Section, at 213-847-1705.


I was reading the L.A. Times this mornignand I noticed an article about Office Sean Meade. He resigned or he would go to jail. See the system works it got rid of a brutal Police Officer. He would not have resigned enless he knew he was wrong. Good job IA.

Hey Ron: You have no IDEA what happened, just the Bovine droppings that IA fed your obtuse carcass! Officer Sean Meade is 3 times the man that you could ever dream of being and he was one hell of a Police Officer! The LAPD is demonstrably ready to eat it's own just to appear to be "transparent"! Sean got raked over the coals, and plead too 2 counts of 415 PC! That's because he knew that dolts like you would be in the jury and would be PRAYING yo exact your twisted revenge on an LAPD Officer! So, no your wrong AGAIN Ronnie OLE boy! If you don't believe that, then I submit the Phil Spector trial to you, mistrial??? C'mon! If Sean was Guilty of assault or battery under the color of authority, then do you really think this City would have allowed him to plead out to a couple of misdemeanors? NO WAY! They would have trotted him out to the pig roast and stuffed an apple in his mouth for people like Ron! It's people like you Ron that are stuck in the 1950's and 1960's and DESPERATE to have a red flag to point too so you can justify your warped view of the LAPD! Reality to people like ron, hurts, because here in reality your bothered by those pesky things called FACTS! Unfortunately the majority are to busy living their lives to pay close enough attention! And those that condemned Sean before the facts came out, should be ashamed of themselves! And as for you Ron, your a buffoon, and have proven that every time you put your fingers on the key pad and press enter! But keep your drivel coming, your mindless drivel is mildly entertaining at times, and it shows the rest of the City what kind of malcontents we have running around the city!

Stay Safe Warriors, inside and out!

Since this happened, I have expressed that I would like to meet Sean Meade. Perhaps now that everyone is not sworn to silence, someone will help me? It has taken 18 months for me to locate Ed... some things are best said eye to eye.

Loves LA Leo's in your next post leave your email address and perhaps we can chat. 18 months huh....ssssshhhhhhhhh? ;-)

I just pulled the Times story on Officer Meade. I have to say that agreed with Ed on one thing: I have no idea what happened, if we define "what happened" as the whole story.

LAPD brass seems to have characterized Officer Meade's actions toward this boy as "unprovoked." But we haven't really heard Meade's side of the story. Instead we are told by the Mayor that he is an "insult" to the badge. (Really, Mayor? Well as far as insults are concerned, your actions have been an insult to public officials everywhere, but I guess you're going to weather that storm.)

Let me suggest a hypothesis: Something happened in that room, or en route to it, that set Meade off. Maybe the kid said something. At a time when Meade's patience had worn thin from cleaning the puke out of the back of his unit day after day, or whatever the stress du jour was on that day. I seriously doubt it was "unprovoked." Should Meade have kept his cool? Of course he should have. But I guess he turned out to be human, like the other 9,500 badge-wearers in Los Angeles.

If what I'm suggesting is true, then what happened was a shame. Meade sacrificed his career, and the city lost someone who agreed to do this difficult job and in whom the city invested a lot of effort to train and supervise. And I don't think anyone can deny that in the current political environment, an LA cop caught on tape overreacting to a suspect, or behaving in appropriately really in any way, no matter why, is going to be scapegoated and will lose his job and probably get prosecuted. I guess you all are in a business where you can't afford to make these kinds of mistakes. You moralists can say that burden is appropriate, don't deny that it's a very heavy burden, perhaps heavier than many good people can carry. I'm not sure the end result of Meade's cashiering and of other cops washing out or not re-upping is really a good result.

I ask you Ed, what did this young man learn from this?? Nothing, Nothing at all but be stay out pass curfew, get arrested, be a smart ass get slapped, get a cop fired no doubt he will sue the city. He has learned NOTHING!!!
The whole thing should have been handled in a different manner so the experince would have had a lasting impression so he would not do this stuff again.

Thanks for the laugh. You made my day.

Ed, we cannot post our email addresses, but I am not hard to locate. Otherwise, if you tell me what shift you are working, I will come over there and find you when you are code 7.

From the moment Sean's story first hit the news, and all of you were told by brass to dummy up, I have had the sense that both Sean and the child in question were victims of poorly managed police stress. I am also of the unpopular opinion that unless a few of you warrior heroes do something soon to help each other, like the LEOs in New York did in starting POPPA, Inc, we are only a disaster away from being in the same condition as New Orleans is today. So many of you expect management to do it for you, and they cannot. Civilians cannot. Only you can do it for each other, and it has to be an endeavor by officers for officers which brings together the best forms of help from all modalities available in a safe setting if it is to work. Somewhere out there is a hero who became a police officer to help others, and that person sees what I see: the best and brightest men and women continually subjected to crazy-making situations until they are made to crack, and then when they do, it is blame the victim time; typical herd mentality. Somewhere in the rank and file is a leader who cares to save the lives of the people I love more than they care about anything else, and when I find that officer, I will drop everything to serve that officer with everything I have and with all that I am.

Love's LA LEO's:

I have posted my email address before for the same reason - to get in touch with a poster. And, boy, do I ever regret that, right Ed?

Ed, Would you really want someone as a partner that would HIT a handcuffed suspect??? Would you??? Don't you think that, that is asking for trouble???

Ed just post your bn I can go from there. Parry's right; I don't need the grief and besides, there are 500 cards out there with my em address in the hands of your sisters and brothers...

When a person doesn't know when to shut up, they are inviting a bust in the mouth.

Loves LA LEO's, I'll find you instead it's ok!

Hey Ed, Are you going to answer my question?? Would really want a partner like Sean Meade who hits a handcuff suspect??? Don't you think that he would cause you a lot of trouble?? Huh?????

Ron, I already explained to you in GREAT detail, that the information that you are using to base your argument on is factually incorrect and you are so delusional and filled with contempt for the LAPD that it's palpable!

#1 to answer your question, NO I would not want a partner who hits a handcuffed suspect! However that is not what occurred! Hence the 2 counts of 415 PC Ron! Pay closer attention and try and keep up, it's very important when attempting to debate about a topic your obviously ignorant about! Again you ask what if questions, when we have a certain criteria of facts that indicate the complete opposite of what your attempting to state happened!

Question Ron: When was it that you called into question, loudly, the abuse that we LAPD Officers receive at the hands of Maxine Waters, John Mack, Bernard Parks, The Mayor, our own Chief of Police, the ACLU, the Urban League? My fellow Officers and I go out EVERYDAY and put our lives on the line for this city! EVERYDAY, what do you do Ron, please enlighten us with your contribution?

When you keep your foot on the neck of the Police Officers of this city, we keep fighting and make this city as safe as it can be! But it is NOWHERE as safe as it could be! And who pays for the Consent decree and head up A$% thinking and Policing on the cheap? The Good people Ron that's who pays! So until you extract your head from the sand pile that this City and it's callow leaders have built for you to sink your head in, it's going to be status quo!

I also expect a level of HONESTY from my Police and city leaders and right now Ron that's 75% of the problem! So people like you are filled with contempt because my Chief is too Chicken to come out and tell it like it is! All it takes is a little honesty and integrity, that is what he/you expect from us right?! I hope so! Look at the Mac/park incident! When he has the bully pulpit he needs to grab that Mic and tell the cameras to look into his eyes while he says "did you see the video of what my Officers went through, DID YOU?" People acting like animals throwing bricks, bottles, batteries, cans, rocks, trash cans, etc, etc! Is that proper behavior to you Ron??? This city needs to make some changes, and it starts with the CD going bye bye! 50 to 100 million to pay for more Police Officers and updated equipment like radio's! Kind of important! Los Angeles is about an earthquake away from a New Orleans like disaster, than what will you say Ron, shoulda, coulda, woulda???? Pull your head out before it's too late!

Stay Safe Warriors, inside and out!
Ed O'Shea

What does all this chatter about Sean Meade have to do with the article about photo red light equipment?

Ed, I love the way you put your spin on this. You blame Waters,Mack,parks,the Mayor, and the CD and people like me. Well My fried we will just have to agree that we disagree. I still say Sean Meade got what was coming to him for hitting someone out of policy.

...and what we have to say about you is unprintable, Ron. As for you, Jack, the point is LAPD did NOT POST an article about Sean Meade, so we do what we can wherever we can to underscore the value of every individual officer. Sean's life matters; that is the point. Besides it being wrong to throw away a person because of a stress phenomenon that occurs regularly in officers, it is bad from a fiscal point of view as well. Taxpayers have a 13 year investment in Officer Meade; they should want the consequences for his actions during meltdown to include eventual restoration to duty. As for the stoplight, maybe it is symbolic. Perhaps we all need to do what we learned in kindergarten: stop, look, and listen. "Outside ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a place. I'll meet you there. (Rumi translated by Coleman Barks)"

Hey,LovesLA LEOs, I could care less about what you think of me, and what I think about you is also unprintable !!!!!

We will never know what pushed Offier Meade to cross the line. I know the feeling of being pushed up against the line and having the feeling of just wanting to beat the C&*% out of someone if just one more thing came out of his/her mouth. I know what it feels like to be at teh point where one more word out of some smart ass mouth and I've lost control. Thank goodness I have not lost control but, I know the feeling. Officer Meade thank you for all your years of hard work...I understand the feeling of wanting to slap the Cr*& out of someone and holding back. As a citizen of LA County I'm sorry that this happened to you on a personal level I wish you the best of luck! Again, thank you for so much more then I could ever write down.

I'm not one of you and have never been one of you, but recently I thought I got a small taste of what it must be like. I attended a police board meeting in my town. A group of hooligans was in attendance. One of them kept reacting to every comment that was being made. Everything he muttered and everything he did was aimed as a slap at the cops who sat on the right side of the room. Also he'd sit there with his head resting in his right hand, holding his middle finger across the middle of his face. I wasn't one of the coppers but I wanted to slap him around, something good. I thought about what that must feel like, seeing someone who's being a complete jerk, to the core, who really deserves a good beat-down, and knowing also that the minute you do it, your career is done and you're on the front page of the paper.

Doesn't sound like fun to me. So I'll keep leaving the policing to you guys. After all, someone has to do it.

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