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Children of Fallen Officer Receive Scholarship Check

Los Angeles:  The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation has awarded education scholarship funds to support the family of an LAPD officer.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2007, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation presented Jessica Selleh and Scott Selleh with scholarships that will pay for their current education expenses to Ventura and Moorpark Colleges.  The foundation will also pay for any future college tuition and expenses.

Jessica and Scott are the children of Mike Selleh, a Los Angeles police detective who passed away on July 29,2007, after a tragic traffic collision. 

The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation was founded in 1995.  Their goal has been to assist and provide funds for the education and development of children with special needs of Marine Corps families and for children of law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty.  To date, the foundation has provided over $27 million in scholarships for 2600 children in need.

We would like to thank the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation for their support and assistance to the Selleh family.

If you have any questions please contact Media Relations Office, at 213-485-3586.

School Security Guard Arrested for Sexual Assault

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles police have arrested a school security guard in connection with the sexual assault of an 11-year-old female student at Gompers Middle School. 

The sexual assault occurred on October 26, 2007, inside the school building.  According to investigators, at about 10:30 a.m., a 42-year-old security guard identified as Donald Johnson, aka“DJ,” saw two female students on their way to class and stopped them.  Johnson told one of the girls to go back to class and he told the other that he was taking her to the attendance office located in a different building.  Instead of taking the girl to the attendance office, Johnson took her outside behind the building.  After looking around to make sure no one was in the area, Johnson covered the girl’s mouth with his hand and began touching her under her clothing.  He then threatened to kill the victim if she told anyone about the incident, authorities said.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released following a sexual assault examination.

On October 29, 2007, police arrested Johnson at Gompers Middle School and booked him for Kidnap for the Purpose of Sexual Assault.  His bail was set at $1 million.

Johnson had been employed as a security guard at the school for four years.  He had previously worked as a janitor there.

“Given the nature of this crime, we believe there may be additional victims out there who may have been assaulted by this suspect, and we are asking that they come forward and report it”, said Detective Oscar Gamino.

A photo of Johnson is available through Media Relations Section.

Anyone who has been a victim of Johnson or have information about this incident is asked to call Southeast Sex Crimes Unit Officer Caterino Perez at 213-972-7856.  After hours and on weekends, please call the 24-hour Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAW-FULL. 529-3855.

Motive for Shooting Death Unclear

Los Angeles:   Detectives are trying to determine the motive for a shooting late Tuesday evening that killed a Los Angeles man.

On October 30, 2007, at around 11:35 p.m., Brian Ramos, 20, was parking his car in the 900 block of South Mariposa Avenue.  A witness reported seeing a man walk up to Ramos and ask, "Where are you from?" 

Before Ramos could respond, the suspect fired multiple shots at him. Several of the rounds hit Ramos critically injuring him. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 12:15 a.m.

Detective John Shafia said, "The motive for this shooting is not completely clear.  Ramos was not a gang member, but we suspect the perpetrator was."

Witnesses described the suspect as a Hispanic man, with very short black hair, 5 ft. 7 in., 170 lbs., in his early 20's.

Wilshire Detectives are asking for anyone with information to call Detectives John Shafia or Mark Holguin at 213-473-0446.  After hours and on weekends, please call the 24-hour Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAW-FULL (529-3855).

Asian and Pacific Islander Language Public Service Announcement Campaign

Today, the Los Angeles Police Commission and Chief  William J. Bratton heralded the launch of LAPD’s partnership with LA 18/KSCI-TV, the leading Asian language television station in the United States, on the first ever Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Language Public Service Announcement Campaign.  The campaign consists of weekly guest appearances by Department personnel on the station’s Chinese (Mandarin) program LA 18 Evening News, and monthly guest appearances on the station’s Filipino (Tagalog) program, Kababayan LA, and Vietnamese program, Global Report News. 

Through the showcasing of LAPD officers on LA 18/KSCI-TV, Commission President Anthony Pacheco stated the campaign hopes to humanize the image of law enforcement in the API community, and familiarize and assimilate the newly immigrated to local laws and protocol when dealing with law enforcement.  Chief Bratton conveyed the Department’s enthusiasm for working with the API community and noted the campaign is also an excellent venue for increasing recruitment among API candidates.

Notes from the October 30, 2007 Police Commission Weekly Meeting

•    Chief Bratton thanked the Police Commission for his reappointment, and for the vote of confidence the Commissioners have given him.

•    Current and new recruit classes at the Academy consist of at least 60 cadets.  Previous classes this year have had a maximum of 50.

•    Chief Bratton asked for the support of the Police Commission in an upcoming overtime presentation to be made before the Budget Finance Committee at City Hall.  He stated the Department is indeed managing overtime, and that overtime is a reality in our Department and in our line of work.

•    Next week Chief Bratton will be in Washington, D.C. for two days.  While he is there he will receive the Governing Magazine Leadership Award.  Only one other Chief of Police has received this award.

•    Commissioner Skobin provided an update on meetings with various City department officials regarding preventative maintenance of existing Astro radios and acquisition of new Astro radios for Department personnel.  This is critical for both officer safety and service to the public.  The acquisition of new Astro radios for all officers is a high priority for the entire Police Commission.

•    The Executive Director announced the contract for in-car video cameras, which is currently being appealed by another vendor, will be on the November 20th Police Commission weekly meeting agenda.  By this time the appeal will have taken place.

•    The Inspector General announced that his office’s analysis of the new protocol used in the
Professional Standards Bureau’s Racial Profiling investigations will be presented at the November 20th Police Commission weekly meeting. 

•    The Police Commission presented certificates of appreciation to April Kuan, Eric Olander, Jannelle So, Tracy Bui, Brian Reed, Peter Mathes, Kelly Che, Alice Lee, Joyce Shimazu and Harry Chang of television station LA 18 to acknowledge the launch the Department’s Asian language Asian-Pacific Island media campaign, the first of its kind in the history of the Department. 

•    The verbal presentation and discussion from the Department, relative to the status of personnel investigations of officers involved in the MacArthur Park incident and given by Deputy Chief Mark Perez, was accepted.  The Commission requested a further update and status report be made in the coming weeks. 

•    The Department’s report and discussion with affected employee organizations, relative to the Hunter-La Lay Consent Decree Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2006/2007 and given by Captain Kevin McClure and Police Administrator Gerald Chaleff, was accepted.

Recruit Address

Monday October 29, 2007

This morning at the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, Chief William J. Bratton addressed two recruit classes: recruit class 10–07, who are two weeks into their academy training, and class 8-07, who began their training in August.

Chief Bratton congratulated the 109 recruit officers for choosing a profession that is dangerous, tough, and unlike any other.  He mentioned the excellent benefits, salary, and rewards that come with a career in law enforcement.  Chief Bratton reminded them that for every recruit officer in the room there were 12 people denied admittance into the Department. 

Chief Bratton shared with the class the experiences he had as a new patrol officer with the Boston Police Department in 1978. He discussed the progression of American policing from the 1970's and onward, and stated that the Department's facilities, technology, and training programs will prepare them for the new challenges police officers face while on patrol and with the threat of terrorism.

Chief Bratton stressed the importance of working as a collective group, looking out for one another during their rigorous training.  "Think of yourselves as a team moving through this.  In everything you do you will have an impact on other people's lives.  In everything you do," he said "strive to be the best."  Chief Bratton closed his address by wishing everyone all the best and looks forward to seeing them again on graduation day.

COMPSTAT Citywide Profile

Crime Statistics October 27, 2007

VIOLENT CRIMES                 2007*            2006*         % Chg

Homicide                               334               395              -15%
Rape                                     692                797              -13%
Robbery                                 11,052           11,797         -6%
Agg Assaults **                       10,747           11,732         -8%
Total Violent Crimes             22,825          24,721        -8%


Burglary                                 16,057          16,527          -3%
Auto Theft                             19,275          20,153          -4%
BTFV                                      24,849         24,538            1%
Personal/Other Theft              21,914         23,509           -7%
Total Property Crimes           82,095       84,727           -3%
Total Part I Crimes              104,920     109,448

** Prior to 2005, Aggravated Assaults included Child/Spousal Simple Assaults

Fight Kills 1, Injures 4

Los Angeles: A fight broke out at a large gathering Saturday night and claimed the life of one teenager, and injured four others.

On October 27, 2007, at around 11:50 p.m., at a residence in the 500 block of 11th Street, Laterian Tasby, 17, was shot and killed after a fight broke out among some of the guests attending a party there.

Tasby was pronounced dead at scene.  The four other injured guests were all young men, 17-years-old.  Two of the injured suffered gunshot wounds and two others suffered stabbing wounds.  They were all transported to local hospitals for treatment.  Only one was admitted, and all are expected to recover from their injuries.

Detectives believe that the violence was gang related though the victim is not purported to be a gang member.   The suspects are described as Hispanic men between the ages of 19 and 24.

Anyone with information is asked to call Harbor Homicide Detectives F. Weber or J. Rodriguez at 310-522-2036.  After hours and on weekends, please call the 24-hour Detective Information Desk at 1-877-LAW-FULL (529-3855).

Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Critically Injured

Los Angeles: A 26-year-old man was killed and another was seriously injured in a shooting. 

On Sunday, October 28, 2007, at around 3:40 a.m., Juan Jose Urbina-Castellon and a friend were driving in the 600 block of West Opp Street in the city of Wilmington.  Unknown suspects fired numerous shots into the vehicle and the victim died at scene.  The friend was transported to a local hospital and is listed in critical condition.   

Detectives Weber and Rodriguez, Harbor Area Homicide, are handling the investigation and may be reached at 310-513-7024. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).

Violent Struggle with Suspect Leads to Suspect's Injury & Arrest

Los Angeles: A suspect and two officers were injured early Sunday morning when the suspect fought with officers as they attempted to arrest him.

On Sunday, October 28, 2007, at 1:35 a.m., 77th Area patrol officers Ernest Sparkman and Stefanie Fryer responded to a radio call in the 5300 block of South 6th Avenue.  When the officers arrived, the suspect was already gone.

The female victim was an acquaintance of the suspect.  She identified him as, Donald Cadel, a nude, Black man.  Sparkman and Fryer searched the area and located a suspect matching that description, on 54th Street, east of 7th Avenue.  As the officers attempted to take Cadel into custody he began fighting with the officers.

Sparkman and Fryer put out an assistance call, on their hand held police radios, and police officers Jonathan Kincaid and Diana Danley responded to the request.  Cadel continued to resist arrest and fought aggressively with the officers.  The officers utilized verbalization, pepper spray, baton strikes, the taser, and finally the bean bag shotgun. 

While Officer Danely fired several beanbag rounds, striking Cadel in the body with little effect, one round inadvertently struck Cadel in the face.  Cadel was then taken into custody without further incident.

Cadel was transported to a local hospital where he was admitted and underwent surgery for an injury to his left eye.  Two of the officers received minor injuries, one required medical treatment, the other refused treatment.  Both officers were returned to full duty.

Cadel was arrested and booked for Attempt Murder-187 PC.  Various other charges are pending, including Battery on a Police Officer.

Force Investigation Division personnel are investigating this incident.