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Charging Dog Shot by Officer

Los Angeles: A Los Angeles Police Officer shot a dog after the dog charged him and his partner.

On Thursday, November 15, 2007, at around 6:00 a.m., Rampart Area officers in conjunction with Federal agents were serving a federal arrest warrant in the 500 block of West 57th Street. Officers Justin Stewart and Paul Hendry were assigned to cover the rear of the location.

While guarding the rear of the house, Stewart and Hendry were confronted by the neighbor's two large pit bull dogs.  One of the pit bull dogs charged at the officers, barking and snarling its teeth, causing the officers to believe they were in immediate danger. 

Officer Stewart attempted to climb up on a fence while Officer Hendry began to back away from the charging dog.  The dog continued to charge toward them and an officer involved shooting occurred, killing the dog.

Los Angeles Animal Control Officers responded to the scene and took custody of the dead dog.

Rampart Division detectives are handling the dog shooting investigation.


Who was the Animal control officer?

Gina, how many animal control Officers, that you know of, have High Risk warrant service life insurance in their benefits? Let me help you with that, NONE! Now I feel for the pooch, but I know that I and my fellow Officers take every "logical" precaution to not have to shoot a pooch. But if we have too, it's bye, bye Cojo! Maybe if you would be so inclined as to start a service providing Law Enforcement entities with Animal control Bullet catchers and chew toys, that is a niche not yet covered in the private sector! You could be there during foot pursuits, warrant service, and all around day to day policing, that would be swell! Oblivion knows no boundries!

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