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When is the LAPD going to have the mens Recruitment Expo?

Why doesn't the LAPD just focus on getting good candidates regardless of their sex, race, sexual orientation? Am I leaving anything out here? Transexual cops....are you kidding??

It's really pathetic to see how what was once a widely revered police agency has become the butt of jokes because of all the overboard political correctness. No dosrespect to the good coppers on the LAPD, but your Chief is lacking all the right stuff big time.

Chief Bratton, for once in your life, grow a pair and get a clue: Focus on hiring good candidates and stop bowing down to the Mayor and catering to special interests.

Hey Pam, are white, straight males allowed to attend?

They seem to be persona non grata nowadays.

Hey, Ofc. Towner -- or anyone else -- do you know where I can reach Ofc. Pat Guessferd these days? Thanks! She used to be in Recruitment...dunno if she is anymore...

Are Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered, Bisexuals, Autosexuals, Herbasexuals, K9sexuals, and other sexual preferences not listed above, also invited to attend? LAPD needs all sorts of sexual preferences represented to be a better police force. Why? I don't know, but that's what the MANDATE orders. The numbers speak for themselves!

Ummm...let's see, the "men's expo" is EVERYday of the year smart guy, seems to me that 80% male Officers (which our department has!) is a SLIGHT majority dontcha think? White male Officers (or Officer wannabe's) need to stop whining because the rest of the population is sick and tired of the "good ol' boys" club...what are you guys so afraid of?? Relax, diversity isn't a four letter word!!

Oh and the reason our department is now a JOKE isn't because we "allow" gay, female, OR transexual Officers on the department, because I have news for you, all of those types of people exist in the community that you SWORE to protect and serve. This department is now a joke because these same hostile,fearful male Officers can't or won't control their mouths and/or actions around gay, female, or transexual Officers and when crooked Brass turn their heads to it, these Officers are forced to use the legal system, thus resulting in more and more mandates for the department to follow. You want a place to put your blame and frustration, there you go..but I have a funny feeling that doesn't go along with your agenda does it. Sorry to ruin your pity party, but those are the facts.

Get over it,

I find it interesting how on one hand many female officers are quick to vocalize how they want to be treated no differently than the men when that is to their benefit yet on the other hand want the special privileges that go along with being a "protected class" when it is to their benefit.

An example you ask? How about talking with their filthy sewer mouths when yuking it up with the, and I'll use your verbiage, "good 'ol boys", on one day and then crying that your offended by the language or locker room talk on another day (and I can come up with 1000 more scenarios). All in hopes that their sniveling will get them into that specialty assignment that they're not qualified for or getting a few extra bucks in their pockets that they're too lazy to work for. They are the masters at playing the system and from the tone of your blog, I would guess that you are one of the "many".

I've been on the job for 16 yrs now and it continues to get more and more ridiculous as the years go on! And by the way, Get over it, before you get all spun, my wife is a 15 yr sheriff's deputy who I give 100% support to in regards to her career. To paraphrase her, "It's the female officers/deputies like you that give the hard working ones a bad name and rep!"

To all those hard working female officers out there, keep working hard and doing the good job that you do. Take pride in reaping the benefits, specialty assignments and promotions from your hard work and dedication rather than playing the gender card!

Get over it-

50 years ago, society had a way of telling folks they weren't welcome. "Whites only." "No (epithet here) Wanted."

This was wrong and un-American. and thus an end was put to it.

Now, however, "No Whites Allowed" and "Men Not Wanted" seems to be acceptable.

What are we so afraid of? Gee, I dunno, obviously unqualified folks (Nino Durden, Rafael Perez, David Mack) hired because of their skin color while perfectly qualified and capable folks are told to get to the back of the bus because of their skin color.

That wasn't right for Rosa Parks, and it ain't right today.

So why don't YOU get over what ever race or gender worry you have, do away with this affirmative action non-sense and play on a level field.

You think you can do the job as well as any white male? Go at him head on. If he beats you across the finish line, accept the facts. Don't whine to me and demand a 10-yard head start and a ladder for the wall because your Momma didn't know your Daddy's name and teacher smoked crack.

That's a shame. It's terrible. But don't make some innocent citizen pay for your resulting incompetence and inability. If you DON'T HAVE any incompetence or inability - if you're a stand-up individual who beat back tough odds... then you shouldn't need the headstart or the ladder, right?

It's kind of scary if you think about it. Most LA schools are a wreck - especially in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. It ain't right, it needs to be fixed, but it is a fact.

Somehow, though, LA still manages to hire all kinds of folks who escape from those trainwreck schools - and selects them over folks who went to better schools and who had physically healthier up bringings.

I want ever kid to have every chance. But when I'm the dude behind the counter of the 7-Eleven having a .380 screwed in my face, I really don't want the barely-graduated Garfield High alum was hired because he was gay and Hispanic busting through my door with the shotgun.

I just want the best cop in the world coming my way, regardless of his color. And, these days, chances are that best dude is a white male, 'cause you know he didn;t get any freebies in the hiring process.

Affirmative action is cheating the people of LA. And, if you don't beleive me, let me give you three names:
-Rafael Perez
-Nino Durden
-David Mack

Just ask Javier Ovando.

Get Over It...
I am a heterosexual while male. I also have friends who are gay and lesbian, but my gay and lesbian friends don't want any kind of special treatment simply because they happen to be gay or lesbian. My point simply was why does the City Personnel Department feel it's so necessary to target such demographics? Why isn't the focus on getting the best person for the job, be they gay, straight, black, white purple or from Mars? That's what's such a joke...

The LAPD has gotten so far off the old goal of just hiring people who would make obvious good cops and are now catering to these other groups simply so they can say: We have Homosexuals, Lesbians and even a few who want to be a different sex than they were born to that really going to make the LAPD a better Department...and if so, how?

The next thing the City will be doing is offering to pay for a sex change operation in order to attract more transgenders because as everyone knows, transgenders make great cops!

It's not about being afraid of diversity, it's about being sick and tired of watching groups being targeted and pushed through the process when others who happen to be good old fashioned white males have a hard time and people with lower scores sail through or get promoted ahead of others. Do you honestly think that is fair? This is reverse discrimination and it's wrong.

JeffC, don't forget to mention Larry Powell or the Hollywood Division Burglars, etc in your diatribe against minority Officers and/or Affirmative Action. If I was a "dude" behind the counter of a 7-eleven, I would rather have a street smart, "barely graduated" minority Officer bust through the door to save me, than a college-prep yuppie "Opie Taylor" type. We all remember the "dude" with the typewriter in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'. Put him (or you) on the starting line, I'll give you a head start...JohnP.

Get Over it,

Without insulting the LAPD women of earlier years who had to blaze the trail for you by putting up with hazing, harassment etc., you don't have much room to talk.

Your own statements indicate that LAPD is over 80% male, which means that 20% is female give or take a transgendered person or two.

Not many other municipal police departments can claim the high number of 20% of sworn female officers.

Your rants are indicative of an angry, bitter and disgruntled female officer that LAPD is so well known for.

Maybe it was your failure to research law enforcement careers, which is a predominately male.

Getting burned out with the job? Do what many others do and go hide in some admin job and promote.

Then when the next riot,
earthquake, major shooting or Unusual Occurrence occurs, come out of your crevice and make a jackass out of yourself trying to lead lower ranking officers.

Or better yet, approach one of those lower ranking "good ol boys" and ask them how to accomplish the mission.


I hired on in 1999 after two years of waiting and working through the hiring process. I wont go into the process but any of you that went through it know what I'm talking about. You might wonder why it took two years. I scored 95 on my oral and I'm white and male. My background investigator who is a great guy (male black not that it matters), told me in a candid moment, "Your white and male you need a 98 on your oral." I was disgusted but kept trying and took a new oral every 6 months until I was hired. In the Academy we all talked about our oral scores one day and I was shocked to discover there was an individual who had been hired with a score of 78. He was fired on probation and my other class mates and I are still here. I am not naive enough to think the oral scores were the end all be all but they were a good indicator at the time of what three trained people thought of your potential. I also think that having different standards for people based on factors completely out of their control is wrong. The hiring process, academy, and probationary phases should be what determines who will be the finest of the finest. Race, gender, sexual orientation, religous preference are non factors and should be treated as such throughout our careers.

Wow!! Such anger and hostility!! I would like to thank all of you for proving my point...and unfortunately for your agenda, I happen to be a very competent, "low ranking" Officer myself, with NO intention of promoting, and have worked morning watch in the rain many a night, had spit in my face, engaged in foot pursuits, been bitten by dogs, called the "white devil," and had more UOF than I care to discuss, while doing my job WELL and let me advise you it's been a long, long time since I have had to ask any good ol boy how to do anything (i.e. probation), let alone how to do MY job. You see, as is typical with straight, angry white male Officers (or wannabes), you assume that equality for female Officers means "special treatment." My skin is thicker than sandpaper and let me tell ya'll I can take (and give) a joke with the best of them!

And JeffC the reason that some female Officers "talk with their filthy sewer mouths when yuking it up with the good ol boys" is that they are trying to fit in and be accepted, even though most of us know we will never be "one of the boys," no matter HOW good we are at what we do! And I guess the fact that police work has been a male dominated profession in the past makes it okay to exclude, alienate, and treat poorly those females who have been brave enough to do what they love despite that fact!!

Let me assure you that if anyone is intolerant of incompetency in Officers, it is ME, and I have seen it for years since I came on this job, and I have seen it from females, AND males, so maybe you all could get off your high horses! You all seem to equate being incompetent with being female and that is simply nothing short of laughable! I have endured working with some male Officers that could hardly spell their own name, let alone put out our location during an assistance call. AND I have endured working under female supervisors that have no business being there and probably can't even run their own household, let alone W3 at a patrol division.

We all know that promotional spots on this department are decided before the interviews, and that is a combo of what is needed and who they know, and it doesn't only benefit females. There are many many white males that have been promoted because they go WAY BACK with the Sgt II on the panel and it is out of loyalty NOT ability, so what is the difference??!

Anyone who will try to dispute that there are still gender inequality issues within our department is either blind, dumb, or committing the acts that contribute to this fact. But the true problem lies in the lowering of standards, which makes all of the people that would have gotten through anyway look like fools, and allows substandard people, not just women, to work next to us as our partners potentially jeopardizing our safety. What we should be fighting as a department is keeping the standards of the department high, because THAT is the threat, not recruiting for female Officers at an expo.

Oh and JeffC to address your wife who is a "15 year Sheriff," tell her she should offer her opinion once she has been a real cop, not hiding inside the jails for 10 years. And to be frank, it is a joke that you even mentioned her and how you "support her career," because I would assume that you would like her to be treated with the same respect at work that you enjoy, and if she gets that while sitting in her warm and cozy chair in the jail, then good for her, but that ain't the LAPD and she sure as heck doesn't know a thing about ME.

And El Tecolote, your blog posts are always a joke, so I won't take your usual negativity and absurd comments to heart don't you worry!! He he!! The bottom line is that our population is 51% female, not 20% female, therefore we have work to do numbers-wise to reflect and better serve the community.

Females (competent ones of course) make better Officers than males anyway! Many studies have been done, and the conclusion is that female Officers are far better at conflict resolution, and do not need to flex their muscles to get a suspect to comply. I have had to undo more damage that my male partners have done by pissing off my suspect than is reasonable, and none of you male Officers complain about having female Officers when it's time for you to dump an "attack investigation" on one of us right?? Right.

I refuse to tolerate the mistreatment of any Officer, gay, straight, male, female, and yes, EVEN transgendered, and any Officer who feels differently should be ashamed of themselves. There is more to police work than testosterone and brawn (and STEROIDS), and if you want to look at our history as a department, THAT is what has gotten our reputation tarnished, not "affirmative action." I sincerely hope you don't work on this deparment with that attitude, and if so, I hope you have the courage (i.e. cojones)to share your racist views with those around you. Do you have that courage? You want to share with all the Hispanic and Black Officers around you that you think they are criminals because they may have had a slight advantage in the hiring process due to something that they cannot control?? I didn't think so, why don't you have a seat.

Now why don't all you angry, disgruntled and bitter guys just get over it!! Geez! :)


Really? All white cops are college prep yuppies?

Who's the prejudiced one here?

Sounds to me like you're a racist.


Looks to me like you are confused with the blog and the author. I believe that you are referring to TruthSayer's blog, which by the way is right on the money!

Oh, and when you are robbed, good luck with the filing of the case (and getting the crook off of the street) when the det's or D.A. set eyes on that report that was written by the "barely graduated" officer that responded.

Get over it, you made excellent points in both your posts. Was what you said about Jeff's wife true and fair? That is the only thing that detracts somewhat from your assertions, in my humble opinion. I know fine female deputies in LASD. Also, IMHO, more of these conversations, especially some held eye to eye would make the department better and stronger. The changes have made things better, they just need to take root in the hearts and minds of all of us. Thank goodness Lt Mora didn't put up my post yesterday. It was a joke about gender,but today it just would have been in poor taste. Thank you for sharing honestly from the heart. It is brave of you, officer. Sincerely,

Get over it,
Where do you get off insulting the LASD? I have news for you, the Sheriff Department is a first rate agency, the Sheriff Academy is much tougher than your poor excuse for an Academy. It's true that Deputies work in the jails for a few years after the what? If you can tell me how the LAPD prepares P-1's better for dealing firsthand with criminals, I'd like to hear it. Just ask your garden variety criminal who they would rather deal with and they will tell you the LAPD any day because they know they can get away with a whole lot more with the LAPD that they wouldn't even think of trying with a Deputy. So keep drinking your cool aid and tell yourself that your departnment is so good, you're only fooling yourself. As the saying goes: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt".

Folks, this crud is ugly and the damage you cause is uglier. One comment of true wisdom has been brought up above, and that is the issue of highering standards. It does not matter at which forum the department recruits...for it is recruiting from the public it serves. The different forums allows the department to be accessible to those groups which might otherwise feel unwelcome due to prejudices of the past. Come on...this is common sense. The only issue of concern is recruiting and training. Neither should be compromised. One standard, for all groups, because we all do the same job with the same demands. Anyone who says different is a fool. Any female, minority, or gay out there should want to be held at the same standard, the once premiere Blue Standard! And I would hope that none would want a handout for nothing more than the fact that they can check a box on a form somewhere in any category other than "male - white". That is our problem.
I have worked in the crime ridden areas of all groups, black / white/ name it. One thing holds true, there is no affirmative action in criminals. They take all. To add to that, this nation, and especially this city has grown past the need for affirmative action. Anyone who holds on to that, only holds on to their desire to have something to complain about...a crutch to fall on when they are not promoted or have failed in a position. That goes for everybody. I can tell you flat out, we all face the same s--t once in awhile, all groups, including whites. We all have something to whine about if we chose to do so. Get over it, the playing fields are equal, in opportunity and in suffering. Hurdles must be overcome by all.
All that matters now is establishing this department as the role model for all others, again. Like it once was. That will not be done by lowering standards. It will be done by recruiting the best, training the best and retaining the best (by supporting them).
Now knock off all this disgusting bickering, you are lowering the intelligence of this site!

Get over it,

All I can say in response is, please refer to the last line of Wyatt Earp's blog.

Oh, and by the way, those deputies are stuck in the jail for a long time but nowhere near 15 yrs. It's been a long time since she has been there. You never know, as the saying goes, "She may have more time on Code 7 than you have..." Just full of assumptions aren't you? (As a side note, I'd be interested to see how you would fare working in custody with your abnoxious, big mouth and little can of pepper spray)

Geez, God help us!

Good for you Wyatt Earp!! I've been at the LAPD for almost 20 years and appreciate the fact that LASD has deputies that work the zoo I call county jail. Zoo meaning all the animals in cages.

I have all the respect in the world for our brothers and sisters in the LASD and am embarassed when LAPD officers make stupid comments like that. You're right. All doubt was removed, and everything that was written before or after the jail comment was made moot .

Well, the reason for all the focus on the demographic involving the female gender is because of the title of the Blog (Women's Recruitment Expo) which is why, GetOverit, all the irritation at quite a few useless women on this job was pointed out. I will concede that as a percentage there are more useless slugs of the male persuasion on this job, but that is only due to the higher number or male Officers and even more so because of the inequitable "equal opportunity" hiring practices that discriminate against, yes I will say it again, white males. I would submit that I know quite a bit more than you on what goes on in that interview room, before, during and after a white, male, heterosexual, Veteran completes his interview, so save the unfair male dominated boo hoo hoo's! Because the FACT of the matter is that the hiring of said white males IS unfair and does need to change. I hope you would agree that merit based hiring should be the status quo, correct?! Quite a bit of the rest of your post is better left not responded too, due to the high value of BS in it! Just remember that LASD and any other Law enforcement entity is just as necessary as we are and they bleed blue blood just like you and I do! If you are confused as to which side of the fight our fellow Officers and Sheriffs are on. Check out , and click on the current year there have been 161 Officers killed this year to date! That ought to get your mind right! UNtil then stay safe out there, and ease up on the La Fem Nakita stance, it doesn't become you!
Without slinging more mud, regardless of how true many of the issues brought up are, I will continue on one recurring and factual issue! Standards of hiring for the LAPD are absolutely pathetic and hurtful to the community and to the WORKING Officers that protect her! The standards have got to be brought back up! There are males and females on the LAPD that have NO business being Police Officers! And when these people get on the job, they see how violent it is and hide inside until they're able to promote, in which case they do. Then they proceed to be placed in positions that require them to "lead" Officers, who's shoes they could never wear and have NEVER worn! Once hired, there should be a MANDATORY time spent in PATROL!!!!! 5 years, should be the least time spent in a Patrol capacity and NO LESS! That doesn't mean you spend 5 years in the kit room, or IA, CROW or some lame admin. job that quite frankly we should have a civilian doing. And that's not a slam on our civilian work force, but we have Cops doing jobs that civilians should be doing and those cops should be on the STREETS! In a way it should be like the LASD, you must spend 5 years in patrol, and if you fail to spend five years in a radio car then you are ineligible for promotion, end of conversation! If that or something similar to that were implemented, then we would have the best men and women for the job! But now we have a pathetic track record, and if your a pogue with a minimal complaint package you get promoted, translated, NO WORKING STREET TIME! You play hide and seek for 2 grand a week then you get no complaints and you promote quicker, hence these pogues hide inside and we are left with ineffectual leaders, in most cases! Anyone that has hidden away in a lame inside job has the time and resources to promote, hence our mostly WEAK LEADERSHIP! Anyone who disagrees is to intellectually dishonest to engage in this debate and had better stay seated! Now if we had these mandatory requirements, we and the community would be much better off, and safer! We have something like that in place, but it is NEVER enforced! I know that anyone reading this post that works LAPD couldn't whip a cat around by the tail without hitting someone they work near that fits the above issue like a glove. And if your reading this and it applies to you then seek assistance from the true worker bee's on this department, and be honest enough to admit that you took the easy road! And please no weak comparisons to the rigors of college classes to fighting with and chasing killers and predators around South Central Los Angeles! If your a bean counter, be an honest bean counter and admit that your path traveled is part of the problem with this department! All books and NO practical application! I will now hop down and let the debate continue. I will save some for future posts!

Any confusion in anything I have written, please, use warm water, rinse,wash and repeat until reality sets in!

Stay Safe,
Ed O'Shea!

Please don't get me wrong, as I too have nothing but respect for the vast majority of my brothers and sisters in Blue. I have friends who work the South-End and they are just as good as the best Deputies I know.

I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge that we also have very good cops on the LASD. Working Compton, Carson, Century or Lennox and even West Hollywood & Universal Citywalk where all the knuckleheads like to come on the weekends to do their capers, is just as dangerous as working 77th or Southeast. Knuckleheads like to travel to do their capers and cops are cops, we all have our share of good and bad, lazy and hard workers but I think the vast majority on any agency are good people. We all take the same risks every time we put on our uniforms and roll 10-8, regardless of our race, sex or sexual orientation. God Bless us all and keep us safe.

Get Over It, you might want to look into some type of therapy to get over your victim complex. Just a suggestion!

For those who may not be aware, the Women's conference can be attended by anyone, not just women. The conference discusses problems that affect pimarily women; however, the topics are wide ranging. For those of you who are interested you may want to consider attending.

Well, gee, let's see here...I will keep it short: I stand firmly by my statements about the wife of JeffC who felt the need to attack me without any knowledge of fact, and who obviously has some serious hostility. And absolutely, at 15 years she has more time on than me, but let's take away the 7 she spent tucked inside, and now I'M the senior Officer on the Watch cool guy. So spare me this nonsense about whether I could survive in the jails with just a can of pepper spray, that is seriously a complete joke and you should know better than to compare a jail where you KNOW that everyone in there is a potential danger, to the street where every aspect of a radio call (which is what I DO) can go sideways at any time. So, when I need a vacation I think I'll go work the jails, because that's what it is compared to working the streets (at least the SouthEnd). And truly, no disrespect is meant to any Deputies, including JeffC's wife, but perhaps she should figure out who she's running her mouth about before she starts hurling insults..not very professional!!

And frankly, WyattEarp the LASD has NEVER had the reputation for being the finest law enforcement agency in the world, and it never will, it IS the LAPD that has held that distinction until a handful of poor Officer decisions, combined with disproportionate media attention and disgusting politics has gotten a hold. And despite all of this, it is STILL the LAPD that the Mounties from Canada and Officers from third world countries come to train with and learn from. And yes we prepare our P-1's just a little bit better than LASD does by shoving them inside..and here's how...we actually put them on the STREET, with the CRIMINALS!!! Imagine that??!! So um, yeah, I have plenty of friends who have gone through LASO academy, and let me tell you, getting screamed at and humiliated daily doesn't make a more effective recruit.

Oh and by the way, I scored a 98 on my oral and was the only female in my class who could do pull-ups (13 to be exact), so not all of us rode in on the affirmative action train.

I hope to see you all at the Women's Expo there is much to be learned!

Get Over It,

You are a very ignorant woman and every time you make a post, you write something even more stupid than your previous post. You go girl!

I could once again pick apart every sentence of your most recent post, but why bother, you wouldn't get it anyway, but everyone who reads your stupidity has you summed up pretty well...

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