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Truthsayer, what's wrong? You don't approve when you are stereotyped? My point exactly! Learn from it...The LAPD is not the last bastion of the Aryan Brotherhood! So, deal with it. Truth be told, minimum standards hurt everyone. However, what will you be crying about next? Perhaps you can go after those of us who are under 5'8" or so...

JeffC, report writing is one of the easiest things to do on this job. As an FTO for over 12 years, I have seen graduates from USC, UCLA, Berkley, etc. write poor reports. The fact is, your race, gender, high school and college grades, and/or transcripts do not guarantee your success or failure in law enforcement.

Get Over It:

Every agency is different and has different functions, of which I'm sure you're well aware. The LASD's main mission (like most sheriff's depts) is to administer the county jail. Deputies are officers of the Court, which means they (we) serve civil process, warrants and carry out other administrative duties.

We also patrol.

I don't think PDs and SOs are necessarily better than the other; they're different and have varying functions.

I give credit to anyone who has worked in corrections. Being "inside" is filthy, depressing and a potential timebomb. Being locked up with inmates all day is nothing short of stressful; LASD recruits (and other sheriff dept personnel) are "in the jail with all the criminals." Yes, the streets are tough, but so are the jails.

Let's all remember that while there will always be rivalry between PDs and SOs, we are all in the line of fire. We're all trying to make our neighborhoods safer....

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