Man Under the Influence of Narcotics Dies in Custody
47-Year-Old Man Missing

15-Year-Old Teen Fatally Shot in Hollywood

 Los Angeles: Los Angeles police are looking for an unidentified gunman who fatally shot a 15-year-old teen Monday evening in Hollywood.

At 8:00 p.m., a citizen driving near the 5600 block of Santa Monica Boulevard called 911 after hearing several gunshots go off and seeing Diego Cruz collapsing on a sidewalk.

When police got to the scene, they found Cruz suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and was not breathing. 

Cruz was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he later died.

Detectives are in the initial stage of their investigation and have few leads. It is unclear if the shooting was gang-related.

Cruz was a student at Hollywood High School and was a resident of Los Angeles. 

Police have no suspect description and are asking anyone with information regarding this shooting to notify Hollywood Homicide Detectives Larry Cameron or Rolando Rodriguez at 213-972-2901/2910. During off-hours or on weekends call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).


Let me guess, the kid was on his way to being an aspiring GED recipient.

What a shame....

He was 15 years old! How about having compassion for his family and the waste of a life and a promising future. What a callous comment. Are you so desensitized by what you see day in and day out that you don't see the tragedy in a senseless death? Or, let me guess, I just don't get your comment... As a mother I can't imagine the loss of a child. My heart goes out to that family. But most of all my heart goes out to this City that we are losing our youth to guns and violence. There really is no safe place in the City of Angels. If there ever was a misnomer there's one for you.


Don't be too hard on Zombie Hunter. Judging by his posts, I can tell he's a hard-working officer who actually cares and probably uses this board to vent a little bit of the frustration he feels. Haven't you ever heard of black humor or gallows humor? He obviously, based on his experience, stereotyped this victim, and you know what? He may be right.

Your heart SHOULD NOT go out to this city, because a city gets the department it wants, and/or deserves. This city and it's residents have spent far more time complaining, suing, scrutinizing and writing about the police department than putting any effort into helping it reduce the fear and incidence of crime within it's borders.

If you really care about the youth of this city, then you will actively engage in fixing the problems that lead to this violence. Have you written politicians about your opinions? Have you voted? Let the governor know how you feel about his proposal to let 22,000 felons out of prison early. Trim the fact off the state budget and build more prisons. Mentor a kid who has no father, maybe then you can break that cycle. Demand accountability from schools before you throw more money at them.
Get even tougher on career criminals. Institutional racism exists. It's OK for state and city residents in lower income (read: minority) neighborhoods to live in fear every day. These 22K aren't moving into Arnold's neighborhood!

If you don't want to do any of that, just accept it and go on your way....

I knew him and I loved him a lot he was the nicest and the sweetest guy u can possibly meet. I was relly schocked about this news i broke down crying I am still not fully recovered I miss him a lot if I;m feelin this way i cant imagine how hes family is feeling. Diego was so funny and romantic and everything we did together will alwayaz stay in my memories and in my heart I luv him a lot and miss him I just dont understand y him bcuz he was not a gang member n im sure he never even hurt anyone...I feel like its relly a bad dream

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